Venues and organisers

British Dressage venues cater for a wide range of horse and rider abilities, offering an enormous choice of competition opportunities no matter what level you're riding at.

The sport of dressage wouldn't happen in the UK if it wasn't for the 188+ affiliated venues and organisers across the country hosting British Dressage shows week in, week out. While British Dressage is the overall governing body, we couldn’t do it without the hard work of our dedicated organisers who deliver the competitions on our behalf.

Find a venue and competition near you

Our affiliated venues offer an enormous choice of competition opportunities, from Intro (walk and trot tests) right up to Grand Prix level. Visit our schedules page to see the upcoming competitions near you:


Become an affiliated venue

If you're interested in becoming an affiliated BD venue, we'll first put you in touch with our Regional Development Officer (RDO) in your area; they'll then have an initial chat with you to give you an indication of whether your facility meets the basic criteria for becoming an affiliated venue.