Members' Handbook

The Members' Handbook for 2022 is now online!

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This year we have produced the Members' Handbook digitally for our members to support our commitment to cut down on paper use, transport miles, and to help with our green credentials.

All of our judges, stewards and officials will receive a printed copy automatically.

2022 handbook & rule changes synopsis

See below documents for the 2022 handbook and a synopsis of the 2022 rule changes:


Printed rulebooks

We have printed a very small number of additional rulebooks for those Full members who really do need to access a printed version. If you fall into this category please contact the team below. Your request will then be verified by our team, prior to a printed copy being posted out in the new year.


Approved tack and equipment

Alongside the Members' Handbook, there's an Approved Tack and Equipment Guide for British Dressage competitions to provide you with a pictorial guide for clarification on permitted tack and equipment: