Para dressage

Para equestrian is one of the fastest growing areas in British Dressage, and it's really easy to get started! 

Tash Ind Silver

Whether you take up the reins for therapy with Riding for Disabled (RDA) or you just want to get started with us directly, there are lots of ways you can get involved. Great Britain has one of the most developed pathways for equestrian disability sport in the world, offering plenty of opportunities from grassroots right up to the world stage.

We’re always on the lookout for new riders who could be standing on a podium somewhere in the future - in fact, the Para Dressage Team GBR is leader on both the World and European stage!

Key things to know about para dressage:

  • As a para dressage rider, you compete at a certain grade, based on your level of impairment. This is determined through the para classification system. Click on this button to access information on this. 


  • We have a range of regional and national level training for you to get involved in
  • Bursaries are available to help those living in remote areas. Contact your local council for further information. 
  • We have close links with Riding for the Disabled Association as well as the Para Dressage Training Trust, which owns horses that are loaned to up-and-coming riders
  • Great Britain won team gold at every Olympic, World and European Championship from when the sport began until 2018, with the London 2012 Paralympic Games being Britain's most successful games ever with fourteen medals: five individual gold, five individual silver, one bronze and team gold

Want to know more about Para equestrian dressage? 


Getting started

Getting started in para equestrian has never been easier! Find out more on how you can join the world of para dressage.


Para competitions

As a para equestrian rider you can not only compete in para equestrian specific competitions which is graded based on level of impairment, but also able bodied competitions too – with many para equestrian riders having great success!


Para training

We have a number of training opportunities available for riders at all levels; whether you're just starting out, you want to be a para coach or judge, or you're aiming for the Paralympics!


Para FAQ's

Please see the link below that will take you straight to the Para FAQ's page.