Membership packages

Whether you're looking to compete in all competitions, you're just starting out or you're an owner, coach or judge...we have a membership package for you and your horse.

Youth Rider

Full (competing) Membership and Horse Registration

Available from just £15.50 per month

The complete package! Our Full membership combined with a Full horse registration enables you to compete in all British Dressage affiliated competitions and gives you access to all of the membership benefits, including third party public liability and personal accident insurance for all equestrian activities from our official partner KBIS, and access to a legal helpline provided by our partners Rotheras.


Club membership and horse registration

Available from just £50 per year

Perfect for anyone who is a beginner to competing, Club membership and Club horse registration enables you to compete at Prelim Bronze, music classes, Quest, Combined Training plus qualify for the Associated Championships and Petplan Equine Area Festivals at Prelim Bronze.


Full (non-competing) membership

Available from just £5.25 per month

This membership is aimed at owners, judges and officials, you'll receive full membership benefits without the eligibility to compete!


Compare memberships

Still not sure which membership is right for you? Below is an overview of which membership benefits are in each package:

Third party public liability and personal accident insurance for all equestrian activities from our official partner KBIS

Access to a legal helpline provided by our partners Rotheras
Compete in all British Dressage events and shows at Novice or above and qualify for championships    
Compete in grassroots level competitions Quest, Prelim Bronze classes, Music classes and Combined Training  
Discounts to our national and regional training events
British Dressage Magazine  
Engage monthly e-newsletter
Music license

Other membership options

We also have a Trial membership for brand new members, giving you the opportunity to access our full membership benefits for a three month trial period, a Winter membership - perfect for anyone who competes in eventing and competes with us from October - March as well as the Quest Winter League membership which is suitable for those who wish to take part in this series, and a BD Community membership, giving you access to some of our key online resources and the ability to try competing an affiliated competition using a class ticket. 

About our subscription service

When you sign up to our monthly subscription service, the minimum term for membership is 12 months.  At the end of your initial 12 month contract, your membership and / or horse registration will be automatically renewed, meaning you can continue to compete in the relevant competitions associated with your membership, as well as receive all of your membership benefits.

We’ll send you a reminder six weeks before your auto renewal takes place, giving you the opportunity to cancel if you wish or switch to an annual payment.  To cancel your auto renewal, simply provide us with notice of your wish to cancel at least 14 days prior to the end of your contract by email or letter.

Once your initial 12 month contract has come to an end you’ll move on to a rolling membership subscription, which you can cancel at any time by giving us 14 days’ notice in writing by letter or email.

Want to know more?

Visit our membership FAQs, or call us on 0247 669 8832.

Further opportunities to join us

BD Community membership

Never been a member with BD before? Experience affiliated competition on a class ticket before joining us as a paid member. FREE to sign up!

Trial membership

Enjoy a taster of Full membership for a three month trial period, with full access to member benefits. Prices from £35.

Winter membership

Train and compete with us from October - March, with Full member benefits. Prices start from £55.