Associated Championships

The Cavago Associated Championships are a showcase of the vast variety of horses training and competing with BD, with title opportunities for all breeds, sizes and types from Connemaras to Cleveland Bays.

Want to compete with similar breeds at the Cavago Associated Championships? There are a number of championships available for a variety of different horses and levels available take a look below to see what you can compete in. It is no longer compulsory to join an associated society. However, we advise that you join these to take advantage of their benefits.

Associated Championship Levels Partner Association
Arab Horse Intro to Medium Arab Horse Society
British Native Pony Intro to Prix St Georges Open to full and part bred British Native horse and ponies
Draught Horse Intro to Medium Open to full and part bred Draught horses including Irish Draughts, Shires, Clydesdales, Suffolk Punches, Cleveland Bays, Haflingers, Percherons etc
GB PRE Prelim to Prix St Georges GB PRE
Lusitano  Prelim to Prix St Georges Lusitano Breed Society of Great Britain
TGCA Intro to Medium TGCA
Coloured Horse and Pony Intro to Medium CHAPS
RoR Intro to Advanced Medium RoR
Thoroughbred Intro to Advanced Medium Weatherbys or other
Veteran Horse  Intro to Prix St Georges Veteran Horse Society
Veteran Rider Intro to Prix St Georges Riders over 55
Forces Equine Intro to Medium Forces Equine
Side Saddle Intro to Medium Qualifying tests must be ridden side saddle


  • The qualification period for the Cavago Associated Championships is 1 January 2024 to 31 August 2024.
  • To qualify for the Cavago Associated Championships, all you need to achieve is three scores over 60% (Prix St Georges - only two scores over 60% required) within the level you wish to qualify for in accordance with the BD rules which can be found in the Members' Handbook. 
  • Scores can come from regular BD competition or Team or My Quest competitions. (You cannot use Area Festivals, Combined Training, Freestyle to Music, Regionals, Under 25 Championship, Winter or National Championship scores.)

Registration Form

If you wish to take part, you need to register your intention to qualify for the Cavago Associated Championships in 2024, please follow the link below to register:


Submit your scores

Once you have your three scores you need to submit them using the form below.


Associated Championships

Onley Grounds Equestrian, 22 – 26 October 2024.

For the first time all the associations will be under one roof at Onley’s first-class facilities allowing the opportunity for all 13 Associated Championship categories to compete in the same week, over a five-day festival. Read more about the new home below.



To qualify for all championships, riders and horses may hold Club, Full or Trial memberships, or compete as BD Community Members with a class ticket. To compete at the Championship, all riders and horses Prelim and above must hold Full (competing) membership and registration. Combinations at Intro can compete on a Club membership. Joining relevant associations is no longer compulsory. However, we advise that you join these to take advantage of their benefits. 



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