Regional Championships

Competing at the Summer and Winter Regionals is a great goal and achievement for all level of BD competitor. The gateway to the two major BD Championships, combinations line up across the eight regions to contest Silver and Gold qualification classes from Prelim to Intermediate I.

Regionals Jess Dunn With Alicante Valley

How to qualify

From Prelim Silver and above, you can qualify for a Regional Championship by taking part in regular day to day BD competitions at your local venues. Earn points from qualifier and non-qualifier tests to notch up the total points needed and you’ll be on your way! The number of points required varies per level, take a look at our table below to find out how many points you need to achieve your Regional Championship goals:

Level Total points Qualifier points Minimum score
Prelim Silver 20 20 66.00%
Novice Silver 19 10 67.00%
Novice Gold 20 10 68.00%
Elementary Silver 15 8 65.00%
Elementary Gold 18 9 67.00%
Medium Silver 12 6 64.00%
Medium Gold 16 8 65.00%
Advanced Medium Silver 10 5 64.00%
Advanced Medium Gold 14 7 65.00%
Prix St Georges Gold 6 6 64.00%
Intermediate I Gold 6 6 64.00%

The amount of points you receive per test depends on the score awarded by the judge. Here’s how the points are awarded in relation to your scores:

Score bracket Points awarded
64.00-65.99% 3
66.00-67.99% 4
68.00-69.99% 5
70.00-71.99% 6
72.00-73.99% 7
74.00-75.99% 8
76.00-77.99% 9
78.00-79.99% 10
80.00% and above 11


To qualify and compete at a winter or summer Regional Championship, both rider, owner and horse need to hold Full membership and registrations.


National and Winter Championships

The highly anticipated conclusions to the summer and winter seasons! Qualification for both the National and Winter Championships can be obtained through the Regional Championships.

NAF Five Star Winter Championships

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