Combined Training

Two disciplines, one championship! The Ideal Saddles Combined Training series offers a unique opportunity to fine-tune your dressage and showjumping skills.

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With 19 qualifiers taking place in the 2019/2020 series, select your local venue and have a go at picking up your qualification ticket to the 2020 Ideal Saddles Combined Training Championship.

Qualifiers are made up of six classes, with Prelim and Novice options open to combinations who’ve not competed at Medium and above, and Elementary open to any combination at any level/eligibility no matter of their previous competition record. To qualify for the Championship, simply place in the top two in any class at any qualifier.

Tests and showjumping heights

BD test Showjumping maximum height
Prelim 2 (2016) 70cm
Prelim 18 (2002) 80cm
Novice 24 (2010) 90cm
Novice 34 (2009) 100cm
Elementary 42 (2008) 90cm
Elementary 50 100cm

Qualifier dates and entries

To view all Combined Training Qualifiers and to enter, visit our competition schedules and apply the Combined Training filter under 'event type':


We've plotted the 2019/20 qualifiers on a map so you can take a look at which venues are within easy reach for you. Please note that qualifier dates may change so please use the search above for the most up to date information.



For the 2019/20 qualifiers, combinations may hold a minimum of an Associate Membership and Horse Registration and compete on a Class Ticket. Please note that for the Championships, all horses and riders must upgrade to a minimum of a Club Membership and Club Horse Registration.