Saracen Horse Feeds Quest

Quest, sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds, is the perfect starting point for riders new to British Dressage. With three levels and two exciting Championships to aim for, take part in a fun and relaxed competition where team spirit and personal progress are the most important factors.

Quest DSC 7968

Depending on your goals, choose to compete in Team Quest, My Quest or both. Before competing, make sure you refer to the current Members' Handbook for eligibility and rules of the Saracen Horse Feeds Quest Championships and Regionals:


New sponsor for 2021

We're excited to announce that Saracen Horse Feeds will take title sponsorship of a new era for our ever-popular Quest series for the next three years. Saracen Horse Feeds will be bringing their expert knowledge to our Quest riders to help you get the best out of your horse as you look to qualify in 2021:


Team Quest

Get together with a group of three of four friends or fellow riders and have a go at Team Quest. The key points to know about Team Quest are:

  • There are three levels (Intro, Prelim and Novice) and two age categories for teams – Under 21 (for riders up to the end of the year of their 21st birthday) and Open (all ages)
  • In Team Quest competitions each team member rides their test as an individual with the best three scores contributing to the overall team total
  • Each team may be made up of either three or four combinations
  • You can register a maximum of seven riders to your team with an unlimited number of reserve horses. Do you have too many reserve riders? Why not create another Quest team!
  • The highest team total wins the competition which adds valuable points to team rankings on the Team Quest Regional leader boards
  • The top 25 teams in each region do battle at a Regional Final before earning a place at the Team Quest National Championships!

My Quest

Go solo in My Quest to have a shot at the prestigious My Quest Championship titles. Following the same format as Team Quest and with qualifiers taking place at the same BD Quest shows, choose the Open or Under 21 section and start qualifying at Intro, Prelim or Novice level! The key points to know about My Quest are:

  • My Quest points are earned in line with the percentage achieved at each show
  • Your five best My Quest scores count towards a place on the regional leader boards, with the top 30 ranked riders going on to the Regional Finals
  • The top four from each Regional Final will then progress to the My Quest National Championships
  • If you’ve competed in more than five qualifier shows, your five best scores will count and your lowest results will be dropped
  • You can compete at 2 consecutive levels in My Quest and aim for more than one Championship each year

Please refer to the rule book for eligibility and rules of Quest Championships and Regional Finals. 

Quest Regional Finals and National Championships 2021

To qualify for the Quest Regional Finals the season will run between 29 March - 31 August 2021. Those within a qualifying position will then be invited to their Quest Regional Final by email. The Quest season will end with the Quest National Championships.

Please see the major dates for all Regional Final and Quest National Championship venues and dates:


Quest venues

Interested in taking part in our Quest competitions? Take a look at our Quest venue map to see which venues are near you in your region:


Quest rules

Take a look at the complete Quest rules in our Members' Handbook:



Riders and horses must hold a minimum of Club membership to take part in Quest competitions. There’s no need to upgrade for the Quest Championships if you’re successful in your journey, so you can enjoy the complete Quest experience for just £45!


With this membership you can also have a go at qualifying for the Petplan Equine Area Festivals at Prelim Bronze level, try Combined Training or Dressage to Music classes and attend our regional training.

Team Quest Registration

With over 2000 competitors, it’s important for our Quest Team to know about your team. If you’ve found your team members, got your team colours at the ready and invented the perfect team name it’s time to register. 

Fill in the team registration form and submit to

Team Registration Form

If you’re sending membership and team quest registration forms at the same time, we’ll complete your numbers once they’ve been processed. Your Quest team captain will receive a confirmation email once your team is fully registered and ready to go! Don't forget, if you have any amendments to the team you need to email before the competition day!

Quest Leaderboards

Team and individual riders can compete in any region, but Team Quest and My Quest points are allocated to the regional leader board selected on registration. Teams or individual riders can change region within two months of first competing in the current Quest season by emailing



Team Quest FAQs

Find out more about getting started in Team Quest!

My Quest FAQs

Not sure what to expect from a My Quest competition? Find out more here!

Quest checklist

Complete a few simple steps and you’re ready to have a go at Quest competitions!