Middle Tour Festival

Our Middle Tour Championship gives more opportunity for riders competing at the FEI levels of Inter II, Inter A and Inter B.

Carl Hester and En Vogue

Taking place at Keysoe High Profile Show in December 2021, and replacing the Small Tour Championships hosted there in recent years, the Middle Tour Championship will incorporate Intermediate II, Intermediate B and Intermediate A/B Freestyle classes with sections for both Gold and Silver combinations.

Competition format

Day 1: Thursday
Intermediate B – Silver and Gold

Day 2: Friday
Intermediate II – Silver and Gold

Day 3: Saturday
Intermediate A/B Freestyle to Music – Silver and Gold

Winner will be determined from the highest overall combined score from either Thursday & Saturday OR Friday & Saturday, split into Silver and Gold.

How to qualify

  • 3 points to be gained in either the Inter A/B/II - in either the silver or the gold section (not mixed)
  • Scores gained from 1 January – close of entries of Keysoe High Profile show December 2021
  • Scores from qualifier and non-qualifier classes including PYOs can be used


For each class/ section follow the eligibility charts for Inter II Silver / Inter II Gold. Please note there is an additional eligibility rule in that combinations who have competed in the National Championships at the same level or higher in the current year are not eligible. The eligibility charts can be found in the rules section: