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Quest Club



Welcome to the Quest Club!
The most fun you'll have doing dressage



In 2014, British Dressage (BD) launched a new competition for riders of all ages and abilities called ‘Team Quest’ (TQ). In 2015, the Kent & Masters Team Quest series has been even bigger and better with over 2000 riders taking part and riding down the centre line for their team.

TQ is looking for riders at Intro, Prelim and Novice to take part in a fun and relaxed dressage competition – even if you’ve never competed before. Teams of three or four riders will ride as individuals across the three test levels (any combination) and the best three scores count towards an overall team total, highest percentage wins the day. There are two age categories for teams; Under 18 teams (18yo and under) and Open (riders of any age).

Meet our Open Team Quest Champions for 2016 - Bicester's Bonkers Birds Return!



My Quest is an exciting initiative for riders competing at Intro - Novice level, a competition league for individuals to be run alongside Team Quest. Relaxed rules and dress, sections for Open and Under 18 riders and competing against riders of a similar ability. My Quest will follow the same regional structure as Team Quest, with regional leaderboards taking the top riders to regional and then a national final.

Riders will earn 'Quest points' according to the percentage they acheive to the same scale as other BD competitions. A rider's five best results and resulting Quest points will then feed into the regional leaderboard for each section (Open and Under 18s) at each level (Intro to Novice). 

Remember you can take part in both Team Quest and My Quest! You can even qualify at multiple levels for My Quest.

Take a look at our Quest checklist to get you started!


Quest Rules

*NEW* Quest Club Rules 2017

*My Quest Rule ammendment to rule 101i) this rule now reads: 'Combinations that were placed in the top three at the My Quest National Final may not compete at the same level in future years and must ride at a higher level in qualifying competitons. 

Still got some questions? Take a look at our Quest FAQs as they may have been asked before!  Still unsure - ask QCHQ via 

Rule reminders:
Please ensure your horse is registered with British Dressage before you compete. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure a combination is eligible for the level they compete at, if you're not you run the risk of your score being discounted. If you're unsure of your grading please give us a call in the office or drop us a message on FB and we will be happy to help!

All horses attending affiliated competitions - which includes Quest competitions - are to wear their competition number at all times when being ridden. Bridle numbers are available to purchase from the BD online shop.

Please put your horse's registered BD name on your entry forms and clearly state which test you wish to ride at the competition - this makes life a bit easier for organisers and ensures results are accurately inputted.

Competed to a high level in British Eventing? Please ensure you have declared this on registration. If we are made aware at a later date it may be that you lose previous results you've achieved if you're found to not be eligible.


Club Membership

We require everyone taking part in Quest competitions to be registered with British Dressage - this is to enable us to keep track of results, teams and make sure our leaderboards are as accurate as possible. All Quest riders must have a minimum of a Club membership (or any other paid category of BD membership).

In 2017, the Quest Club membership and BYRDS Club membership have merged into one Club membership category. Club membership allows you to ride in Team Quest and My Quest comps, music qualifier classes, attend British Dressage regional training and have a go at Prelim classes in the Bronze and Gold sections at all BD affiliated competitions! You also get a membership card and a goodie-filled membership pack when you first join - all this for only £30! The form for joining as a Club member is available here to download (tick the Club category box on the form) or you can now join online

Full BD members are also welcome to take part in Quest competitions as long as they are eligible for the Bronze section at Intro to Novice.



The Club membership packs are filled with goodies!


All horses must have a minimum of a Club Horse Registration – simply complete the horse registration form, ticking the Club Horse category box and post into British Dressage along with a copy of the page in the horse's passport that proves it's name. If your horse is imported we will also require proof of the horse's entry into the UK. Alternatively you can email or phone the BD Membership team.


Kent & Masters Team Quest Team Registration

Got your friends together? Check.

Team colours at the ready? Check.

Invented the perfect name? Check 

Time to get your team registered with TQHQ!

Simply fill in the Team Quest team registration form and send it back to us ensuring that all membership and registration numbers are included. Sending in your membership/horse registration forms in at the same time? No worries, we'll fill in your numbers once they've been processed - but let us know that they are on their way.

Please note, that only 3 reserve riders and horses are allowed as we are asking all TQ riders to become paid British Dressage members, it doesn't seem fair to have too many of you on the sub bench. Got too many reserve riders? Make another team!

Already registered last year? No need to send in the team regisration form in again, if there are any minor changes to your team composition just email them over to 

Don't forget to put forward your team's region, this is the regional leaderboard your points and ranking will be allocated to. Not sure which region you reside in? Take a look at our map of the BD regions.

Please return all Team Registration forms to: Team Quest, British Dressage, Building 2020, Copse Drive, Meriden, West Midlands. CV5 9RG or email them to Quest HQ. 

Once we've got your registration form and all your BD numbers, your team captain will receive an email from TQHQ to confirm that your team is registered and ready to go!

 Want to check that your team name hasn't already been taken? Email us at Quest HQ.


Quest Competition Dates

Quest Club Dates for 21st July onwards.

Please note, Quest competition dates will be added throughout the year so keep checking back to see if any new dates in your region have been added.

Schedules for every Quest competition can be found on the British Dressage schedules page. Search for  Quest competitions by looking for those beginning with 'Quest Club @ VENUE NAME'. 

View our interactive Quest Venue map to find your local venue.

To enter any Quest competition you are required to send a completed entry form directly to the venue with payment. Some venues take online entries, check their website for availability.

Don't forget you can enter both My Quest and Team Quest on the same day and work towards qualfying for both regional championships!

Team Quest entry form

My Quest entry form

Combined Quest entry form - for those of you giving them both a go!

All results from Quest Club competitions now go onto the BD website!  Find them under the Results tab.


Kent & Masters Quester Of The Month 

QCHQ love to hear all your stories and adventures when out competing at Quest competitions, weather it's fun times you have had being part of a team competing at Team Quest or the experiences you have shared with your noble steed at My Quest. We would love to hear what you enjoy most about Quest and stories about the friendships and partnerships you have made along they way, both horse and human!

Each month QCHQ will choose a story to be Quester of the Month and will receive a great selection of prizes from Quest's generous sponsors Kent & Masters.

January's Quester of the Month goes to Holly Russell and her horse Maesmynach Romance - Read their story here

February's Quester of the Month goes to Kristel Norris and her horse Jacob VI - Read their story here

March's Quester of the Month goes to Jessie Warner and her horse JT - Read their story here

April's Quester of the Month goes to Claire Stephen and her horse Ivy - Read their story here

May's Quester of the Month goes to Talitha Jordan and her pony Scooby Doo II - Read their story here

June's Quester of the Month goes to Adrian and June Wells - Read their story here

July's Quester of the Month goes to Daisy Burgess and her pony Twiglet - Read their story here

 Want to be Quester of the month for July? Drop an email to, we cant wait to hear from you!


Kent & Masters Team Quest Regional Leaderboards 2017

Teams can compete at Team Quest competitions in any region, but their placing points will always be allocated to the leaderboard of their chosen region. The regional rankings are based on points acheived at Team Quest qualifier competitions and will only take into account the 5 best placings for each team.

For further clarification as to how the regional rankings work check out this document which has been worded to make the rules a bit simpler! There are also examples of scenarios within an example leaderboard to show how the rankings work visually.

These boards now include Open and Under 18 all in one - scroll down for Under 18 rankings!

Updated 08/09/17

Central Regional Leaderboard 

Eastern Regional Leaderboard

North West Regional Leaderboard

Northern Regional Leaderboard

Scotland Regional Leaderboard

South West Regional Leaderboard

Wales Regional Leaderboard

Southern Regional Leaderboard

My Quest Regional Leaderboards 2017

Points are allocated by the percentage you achieved on the day as per the scale below:

If you believe a result is missing from up to the date listed then please contact In each region, there's the leaderboards for Under 18s and Open at each level so open them up to find your results.

Don't forget only your five best results count towards your points total! so once you've been out more than five times your total won't include the points gained from your lowest percentage. 

Updated 08/09/17

Central Regional Leaderboard 

Eastern Regional Leaderboard

Northern Regional Leaderboard

North West Regional Leaderboard

Scotland Regional Leaderboard

South West Regional Leaderboard

Southern Regional Leaderboard

Wales Regional Leaderboard

Quest Regional Finals and Championships 

Regional Final venues for 2017

Epworth Equestrian 23/09/2017 - 24/09/2017 South Yorkshire Northern
Warren Farm 30/09/2017 - 01/10/2017 Merseyside North West
Easton & Otley College 30/09/2017  - 01/10/2017 Norfolk Eastern
Chester Hall 30/09/2017 - 01/10/2017 Kent Southern
Beacons 30/09/2017 - 01/10/2017 Carmarthenshire Wales
Wellington 07/10/2017 - 08/10/2017 Hampshire Central
Highfield at Howe 07/10/2017 - 08/10/2017 Fife Scotland
Summerhouse 07/10/2017 - 08/10/2017 Gloucestershire South West

Kent & Masters Team Quest Qualification 
Each of the eight BD regions will have its own TQ leader board, at the end of the qualifying period (1st Dec 2016 - 31st August 2017) a Regional Final will be held in each region in September/October for the top 15 combinations in BYRDS & Open sections. The regional rankings are based on points and will only take the 5 best placings for each team into account. The top three teams of each section (BYRDS & Open) from each of the eight regional finals will qualify for our very special TQ Championships.

My Quest Qualification 

A top 20 place on the regional leaderboard will qualify riders for the regional finals, where fantastic prizes and, for the top 4 combinations in each section, a coveted place at the national final is on offer. 

Quest Championships

We’re excited to announce that, after another fantastic Team Quest championships, the Quest championships 2017 will again be held at the brilliant venue, Bury Farm, Buckinghamshire, on 27 - 29 October 2017! Bury Farm did an excellent job of welcoming all our teams and embracing the unique Team Quest atmosphere and we cannot wait to invite our top teams of 2017 and top Quest riders from around the country to another amazing championship experience next year! The Kent & Masters Team Quest championships will take place on the weekend of 27 - 29 October. 


Information for Venues

To download the TQ guide to classification and scoring, click here.

Click here to download and print the TQ results form.


We're ready, are you?

The point of contact for all Team Quest queries is:

Kelsey Smith


Team Quest, British Dressage, Meriden Business Park, Copse Drive, Meriden, West Midlands, CV5 9RG

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