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Judge updates

This page is a dedicated space for information only available to listed and trainee judges. Watch this space for downloads, pdfs and all other information available for judges only. 

Newsletter Archive

2019 Dressage Tests

The new dressage tests for 2019 are now available from the Britsh Dressage Shop. Changes include: the new Elementary 55 (including shoulder-in), new Advanced 101, Novice Freestyle (some medium canter strides are now compulsory), and Elementary Freestyle (with permitted shoulder-in).

In order to receive complimentary copies of the new 2019 dressage tests, current Judges may send a stamped, addressed envelope to the BD Office: Hannah James, British Dressage, Building 2020, Copse Drive, Meriden Business Park, Meriden, West Midlands CV5 9RG.

Welfare Report Form

In cases of concern regarding welfare, please refer to the new Welfare Report Form for officials. Upon completion of the report form, please return this to the Sports Operations Manager for consideration.

Help Sheet for Judges on Payment and Tax - click here

Tack Rule Amendment Clarification - click here

How to book onto a Judge Seminar - click here

udging at Horse Trials

For those who judge British Eventing there are aspects of judging that are slightly different. Please click on the link for some guidelines provided by British Eventing.

Guidance on British Eventing (BE) rules for dressage judges and stewards 
Good Judging practice for eventing competitions


Paying Judges Update Notification Dec 2011

From 1 December 2012 it was confirmed by the Board that judges will be paid the following amounts;

  • Intro to Advanced - £1 per horse/per judge/per class
  • PSG to GP - £2 per horse/per judge/per class

The above judging fee is to be paid in addition to the mileage expenses which organisers still have the responsibility of paying at 0.45p per mile.

For those judges that do not wish to be paid and do not want to take the payment, there is still the option for them to remain judging as a volunteer.


The Q & A document should answer some of your immediate questions. If this does not answer your specific question please don’t hesitate to contact us in the office and we will be glad to help.


If you are a judge and would like to update your details simply scroll to the top left of the page, log in and click on your name.