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Careers in Dressage

As well as offering competitive and social opportunities, dressage also provides a number of career paths to those dedicated to the sport. British Dressage aims to support those seeking to work within dressage through training and development.

Only by ensuring the very best standard of education and training for professionals throughout the sport, can dressage be assured of continued healthy growth and a bright future. British Dressage aims to help people achieve their potential in a number of roles, from the up-and-coming riders to the grooms and trainers that support them.

From here you can find out more about the British Dressage Apprenticeship Scheme, the Young Professionals Programme and the UK Coaching Certificate.

In addition, British Dressage is pleased to support the launch of the Equine Employers Handbook, compiled by the British Grooms Association. The book answers many common questions frequently asked by equine employers and by making their position clearer it is hoped it will benefit both employer and employee. Visit to order your copy.