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Hear from NAF on clean sport and how this applies to everyone competing with BD, Charles Owen show us behind the scenes testing, ways to save on your horse
insurance with KBIS and Dr Jane Nixon on the Equine Influenza Vaccination.

Ask the expert with Charles Owen 

What goes into making sure your helmet is as safe as it can be to protect you when training, competing and handling your horse? Charles Owen show us behind the scenes testing at their innovation lab and state-of-the-art factory in North Wales where their team build every helmet by hand.

Ask the expert
with NAF

Hear from Head Nutritionist for NAF Kate Hore as we discuss what Clean Sport for equine athletes is, how it affects all members and BD competitors, no matter your level, and how you can bring best practice into your everyday routines at home.

Ways to save on your horse

As uncertain times continue, it’s becoming increasingly important for everyone to make sure they are getting a value for money when it comes to spending. KBIS have put together this helpful guide for re-evaluating your horse insurance policies to find where you can save. 

Ask the expert with Rothera Bray

As official legal partner of British Dressage, Rothera Bray are able to support our members with legal advice on any of life's key milestones. Hear from Rothera Bray on some of the key current matters that they are advising on, with their blogs and advice.



Understanding arthritis: Signs, prevention and suffering

Arthritis can be a career affecting condition in not only horses, but humans as well. As part of our BD at Home: Ask the Expert series, Petplan give us a greater understanding of Osteoarthritis in horses. 

What type of energy does the dressage horse need?

Dressage requires a controlled, focused and athletic performance. Have you ever wondered how the amount and type of energy you feed might affect your horse's health and performance? We ask SPILLERS to find out!

Ask the expert with Dr Jane Nixon

Hear Dr Jane Nixon MA VETMB BSC MRCVS tell us about Equine Influenza Vaccination and answer our member questions:

Jump to specific sections using the timings below:

First minute - welcome and introductions
1.55 - Scene setting - the 2019 epidemic in summary
10.45 - The vaccination process - how and why
20.15 - Explanation of the rule revision
23.00 - Q1 Where is the evidence that vaccinating horses every six months has been tested sufficiently to say that it will have a positive effect and achieve the desired result?
28.45 - Q2 My vaccine says it lasts at least 12 months, why should I do six months?
29.05 - Q3 Should we be looking at titre testing so that only horses that need vaccines are being vaccinated? 
30.50 - Q4 What can owners do to try to prevent or minimise a reaction to the vaccination?
35.20 - Q5 I understand there is a dispensation process for horses who have extreme reactions to their flu vaccination, what does this involve? Read the news item for more detail.
38.35 - Q6 Why aren’t DEFRA, governing bodies and vets doing more to get the unvaccinated horses vaccinated? 
43.28 - Q7 Making the rule work for you
44.45 - Jane's final comment

Ask the expert with BD CEO Jason Brautigam

On 11 March 2020, we hosted a live ask the expert session with British Dressage Chief Executive on Twitter. Jason answered questions on a range of topics from members. 




We had one question submitted ahead of the evening which we ran out of time to answer:

Q: There is currently a stewards exam in place. Are there any plans to provide something similar for scorers and writers as I feel sometimes these people can be overlooked at events. I currently volunteer as a scorer and writer, to have the correct qualities for this task is important. Stewards get recognition, we don't.

A: JB; “As part of our project plan to review the education systems for our officials the priority will be to address the training and development of our judges and stewards in the first phase, but we will certainly be incorporating writers and scorers in our future plans.  Support and recognition for our volunteers is a key component of our new strategy.”

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