Looking after your health and well being

Now more than ever it's important to make time for yourself, and we're here to help you. Below you'll find Yoga, Pilates, Equipilates and mindfulness videos, for 20 to 30  minutes of 'you' time:

Equipilates: Improving your sitting trot

Learn your way to the perfect sitting trot from the comfort of your own home! Lindsay guides you through a variety of techniques to improve your sitting trot using a gym ball:

This workout begins with a quick warm-up, followed by a variety of exercises focusing on technique. Lindsay then concludes with a stretch to finish.

Improving your performance: Yoga

In the second episode of the 'Improving Performance' series, experienced yoga and pilates instructor Deborah Jones guides us through a yoga 30-minute session.

Deborah begins with a quick warm-up, followed by a variety of easy to follow movements and stretches focusing on strength, flexibility and breathing. The session concludes with a warm down and relaxation.

Mindfulness during lockdown:
Mental well-being and meditation practice

For this exciting feature, we're joined by Adam Dacey, an experienced mindfulness coach to talk about all things mental well-being and meditation:

Adam shares his top tips for during lockdown and how meditation practice can act as a remedy for unhealthy habits. Adam then provides a two-minute breathing technique used to help with stress, anxiety, and falling to sleep!

Improving your performance:

This Pilates session focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and stability from the comfort of your own home...

Whether you're new to Pilates or have practiced before, experienced Yoga & Pilates instructor Deborah Jones, takes you through a 20-minute session covering a variety of exercises to improve your performance in the saddle!

Equipilates Rider Performance Workout 1:

Join Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, founder of Equipilates, for the first of her Rider Performance Pilates Workouts. In session one 'the perfect circle' Lindsay focuses on mobility - including the hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders.

Equipilates Rider Performance Workout 2: Engaging your Hindquarters

Join Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, founder of Equipilates, as she presents the second in the rider performance Pilates series around 'engaging your hindquarters', focusing on strength of the abdominals, glutes and hamstrings.

Equipilates Rider Performance Workout 3: Thinking Laterally

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid of Equipilates is back! The third session of the Rider Performance Workouts focuses on strength and mobility, working the abdominals, hips and spine.

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