Area Festivals

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Do Area Festivals run twice a year now?

Yes - there's now the chance to take part in Petplan Equine Area Festivals biannually! The summer season runs 1 December to 30 June which qualifies for a championship in September while the winter season runs 1 July to 31 December with a championship the following April. Find out more on the Area Festival page. 

Can I use class ticket or HC sheets for Area Festivals?

No, sadly you can't. Sheets can only be used from Bronze and Silver sections when competing as full members on fully registered horses. In Prelim Bronze, sheets can be earned by Quest Club and BD Youth Club members but you'll need to be a full member to go to an Area Festival.

What do I need to qualify?

You need to gain points through scoring at 60% or above. 

Level Points
Prelim Bronze 7
Prelim Silver 9
Novice Bronze 7
Novice Silver 9
Elementary Bronze 7
Elementary Silver 9
Medium Bronze 4
Medium Silver 6
Advanced Medium Bronze 4
Advanced Medium Silver 6
PSG Bronze 2
PSG Silver 4
Inter I Bronze 2
Inter I Silver 4

There revised totals for riders living offshore - see the Members' Handbook. One of your scores must come from a qualifying section - these are marked with a Q in the online schedules so are easy to spot. 

When do I need to get my points for an Area Festival?

Qualification for Summer Area Festivals starts on 01 December until 30 June so you need to have your points before then. The winter qualification period is 1 July to 31 December.

Will I receive a qualification notice?

Yes - you'll receive a qualification via email when the result which gains you the qualification is entered on the system. Please make sure we have an up to date email address for the rider or you may not get your notification (and check your junk folders too).  

I don't have/didn't receive my qualification notice - what can I do?

Check your junk/trash folder in your emails as they have a habit of ending up in there! You can make your entry without it as all the entries are verified by head office.

Can I ride at more than one Area Festival?

You can ride in as many Area Festivals as you qualify for unless you qualify for the Championships at that level/section by finishing in the top two.

I've qualified - what happens if I upgrade?

Once you've qualified, even if you subsequently upgrade you may compete.

Do I need to be registered to compete in Area Festivals?

At Prelim Bronze level, you and your horse can qualify with Club membership but you must become a full member (and fully registered horse) to take part in the Area Festival. At novice or higher, the combination must be fully registered to do the Area Festival.

I've bought a horse which has qualified for an Area Festival - can I take part?

Sadly not, the qualification is for horse and rider combination only. If there's time, you can get out and qualify before the closing date of your chosen Area Festival. 

Can I compete in Area Festivals and Regionals?

You can't do an Area Festival and Regional (including music) at the same level and section in the same season. Your Regional must be at a higher level if you wish to do both.