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Our official legal partner, Rothera Bray, bring to you their expert advice on a number of different topics.

Legal guidance and top tips

As well as offering British Dressage members access to a free legal advice helpline, Rothera Bray share their expertise on some of the top current areas of interest that they're advising clients on:

Meet Rothera Bray specialist equine solicitor 

Caroline Bowler is a partner in our Dispute Resolution team and an equine law specialist. She works from our Lace Market office and has been described as “one of the best equine lawyers” in the Legal 500.


Rothera Bray Equine law service

Rothera Bray Equine Lawyers can help with a range of equestrian legal services. From buying or selling a horse, owner disputes and veterinary or farrier negligence. Visit their website below to find out more:



Equine disputes

Owning and riding a horse comes with its risks. Disputes can still arise. As such, a proper knowledge of equestrian law is vital in understanding your rights and responsibilities.


A guide to agricultural and farming divorce

Horse & rider in large field

If you have a farm and are going through a divorce you may be concerned about how your divorce settlement will deal with the farm and how it could impact your business and livelihood as a whole.


Horse loan agreements

Our Equine Law specialists have a wealth of experience in drawing up horse loan agreements. We can ensure there are no grey areas, and your horse is protected both now and in the future.


Horse riding accident claims

Horse riding is a popular activity in the UK but is not without risks. Accidents while riding or being near horses are common and they can cause minor to life threatening injuries.

If you have been in a horse riding accident, our equine law specialists and personal injury team can help. 


A guide to Pre-nuptial, Post-nuptial, Cohabitation and Separation agreements

Having a legal agreement in place might not sound like the most romantic way of ensuring that your relationship goes the distance. However, it's a practical approach and provides greater certainty of your financial outcomes if the relationship or marriage comes to an end.


Buying and selling horses, top tips and advice

Rothera Bray share their expertise on the legal aspects of buying and selling horses and some of the top areas of interest that they're advising clients on:

Buying a horse at auction

Buying a horse at auction can be a great way of viewing a variety of horses and potentially getting a horse that’s perfect for you at a fraction of the cost of a private sale. However, buying a horse at auction can also be risky and it is important to be prepared and know what you are entering into before making any bids.


Is your horsebox safe

Maintaining a horsebox and checking it is safe to use is vital to not only ensure the wellbeing of your horse whilst you are transporting it, but also the safety of yourself and any other passengers in the vehicle. The floors and walls of horseboxes are most prone to damage, leading to serious accidents which could have devastating consequences.


Member benefits with Rothera Bray

Learn about the benefits you can access with Rothera Bray as a member of BD, including 30 minutes of legal advice for free through their legal helpline.