Looking after your health and well being

Now more than ever it's important to make time for yourself, and we're here to help you. Below you'll find Yoga, Pilates, and Equipilates videos, plus support for your mental health with our wellbeing series and advice on where to go if you need some extra help.

Equipilates: Improving your sitting trot

Learn your way to the perfect sitting trot from the comfort of your own home! Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, founder of Equipilates, guides you through a variety of techniques to improve your sitting trot using a gym ball:


Improving your performance: Pilates

Whether you're new to Pilates or have practiced before, experienced Yoga & Pilates instructor Deborah Jones, takes you through a 20-minute session covering a variety of exercises to improve your performance in the saddle!

Improving your performance: Yoga

In the second episode of the 'Improving Performance' series, experienced yoga and pilates instructor Deborah Jones guides us through a yoga 30-minute session of easy to follow movements and stretches.


Equipilates Rider Performance Workout 1: Mobility

Join Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, founder of Equipilates, for the first of her Rider Performance Pilates Workouts. In session one 'the perfect circle' Lindsay focuses on mobility - including the hips, pelvis, spine and shoulders.


Equipilates Rider Performance Workout 2: Engaging your Hindquarters

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, of Equipilates, presents the second in the rider performance Pilates series around 'engaging your hindquarters', focusing on strength of the abdominals, glutes and hamstrings.

Equipilates Rider Performance Workout 3: Thinking Laterally

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid of Equipilates is back! The third session of the rider performance workouts three part series focuses on strength and mobility, working the abdominals, hips and spine.


Supporting your mental health

Looking after your mental health is just as important as physical health, below we've got a number of resources to support you with your mental health, as well as our wellbeing series, which covers everything from competition nerves to sleep.


If you need some extra support or advice on any mental health issues, Mind and Riders Minds are two key organisations who have a wealth of information and resources to help anyone who needs it:


Mind provide advice and support to help anyone who is experiencing a mental health problem. They have tips for everyday living, crisis resources, an Infoline you can call for confidential support, plus much more.

Riders Minds

Riders Minds is a bespoke, comprehensive, freely available, online resource dedicated to supporting and improving the mental health of all equestrian people. Riders Minds has both a helpline and text service available, plus lots of online resources:

Wellbeing series

We're all busy people and often put our horses before ourselves. Each article in our wellbeing series is dedicated to a subject where implementing a few changes can make a huge difference to your mental health and physical wellness.

We’ve kept the articles to just two pages so they're a quick and easy read – you can find advice and guidance on a range of topics, including motivation, the importance of sleep, managing your nerves and emotions, as well as nutrition and exercise.

Wellness information

Importance of nutrition

In this blog we’ll discuss how to get your day started effectively in preparation for your training, the importance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and how your nutrition contributes to how you train both on and off the saddle.

Guide to food preparation

This guide has been compiled based on the expertise and experiences of practitioners working with
our GB Olympic and Paralympic programmes, across the Home Country Sports Institutes.


The benefits of working out at home

This blog highlights some of the key benefits of working out at home. The blog discusses both physical and mental health, the idea of freedom, and experiencing less restriction compared to training at the gym!

Warming up before training

In this blog, you'll learn the reasons why warming up is important before you begin your workout, some top tips on how to warm up, and how long warming up should actually take...

Common fitness myths: explained

Whether you've just started your fitness journey, or are experienced in your training, we've stamped out some of the common fitness myths to help you along the way!

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20 minute Pilates

Experienced pilates instructor Deborah Jones, takes you through a 20-minute session covering flexibility, strength and stability.