Area Festivals: Felicity Carter

The £300 rescue pony that made the Petplan Equine Winter Area Festival Championships his fourth ever BD show. Find out how Felicity got the ride on Leo...

Leo, owned by Victoria Blanchard has already had quite the adventure Felicity tells us "Victoria rescued him nine years ago as a three year old from the meat man, he cost her the total of £300 which most of that was the transportation. We've done a total of six competitions with him, so it's been a very proud moment." 

The owner and counsellor for young people and adults at the Mindful Riding coaching programme, Felicity juggles riding, working full-time and three children, "I've been riding since I was 6 years old and although I don't have my own horses at the moment I am lucky enough to ride two horses for great friends." Her other ride, Wilbee a 16hh gelding owned by Rita Rendo Quintana has also had a difficult journey says Felicity, "he has had lots of ups and downs in his journey having qualified for two regionals but not yet been due to injuries; he had ulcers and then a field accident so are aiming for the summer." 

Training with Rupert Garnsey and Leanne Wall Felicity is now working on Novice and Elementary movements with both horses, "we have great training sessions, both horses are quite different. With wilbee we have been focusing on local BD shows and different venues, he can get quite tense and so my goal is to ensure we are working as a team with relaxation."

Talking about Leo and his journey to the Petplan Equine Winter Area Festival Championships, "his third ever competition was the Area Festivals where he came second with 71% and then it was the Petplan Equine Winter Area Festival Championships Hartpury. I was so proud of his achievement!"

The pair were then picked to represent the South and East for the Senior Inter Regional competition at Bishop Burton, "We came individual seventh! Not bad for his sixth show! We had the best time with our team and it was major highlight. I am so proud of everything Leo the lionheart has achieved this year. He has pushed me to say yes and take those opportunities."

He is quite the character at home too, "Leo loves his food! He will chuck his turnout bridle at you when you walk past to ensure you know to get him. He is also super sassy and loves giving a bit of side eye!"

Felicity offers some advice for anyone who wants to give dressage a go, "I want to inspire people to go out and try dressage and achieve their dreams no matter what horse they have and not be put off by the stereotypes within dressage. Its such a wonderful sport so go give it a try and have some fun doing your best." 

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