Senior Regional Competitions

Learn, experience team competition and have fun with your region at the Senior Inter Regionals and the Senior Home International!

Senior Inter Regionals

18 - 19 May 2024 at Pickering Grange, Leicestershire

Fly your region colours as the regions battle to become the best in the country. Teams are made up of with three or four riders, with competition levels for Prelim to Medium in Bronze and Silver sections. For the team competition the top three percentages per team will count on each day. You can compete as in individual - the combined individual percentages across both team days will determine the winner.

If you’re interested in trotting up the centreline at the 2024 Senior Inter Regionals, contact your Development Officer for more information and to register your interest to be considered for selection.


Senior Home Nations

30 August – 1 September 2024 at Addington Equestrian, Buckinghamshire

The Home Nations pitches riders from all corners of Great Britain against one another for the team and individual titles, with tests ridden from Novice to Prix St Georges, open to riders in Bronze, Silver and Gold sections. 


To be considered for selection a combination is required to:

  • Attend three BD training events in the 12-month period preceding the final selection date. (Residential camps counted as two BD Regional Training events. One non-ridden educational session can be considered as well as a demonstration rider at an official BD event or a flexi training session.)
  • Provide competition results and details of their training criteria via an online application.

Selection policy

If you’re interested in aiming for team selection take a look at the full selection requirements below. Please contact your Development Officer or Regional Senior Rep if you have any questions or wish to be considered for selection.