Senior Regional Competitions

Learn, experience team competition and have fun with your region at the Senior Inter Regionals and the Senior Home International!

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Senior Inter Regionals

Fly your region colours as the eight regions battle to become the best in the country. Teams are made up of three or four riders, with competition levels for Prelim to Medium. In a close 2019 competition Eastern Greatest Showman took the top accolades followed by Wales Balerion and Wales Faranth.

If you’re interested in trotting up the centreline at the 2020 Senior Inter Regionals, take a look:

BD Senior Regional Selection Policy 2020

Senior Home International

Eastern Senior Inter Regionals

Hosted at Wellington Riding from 18 – 20 October 2019, the Home International sees riders from all corners of Great Britain competing for the team and individual titles, with tests ridden from Novice to Prix St Georges.

If you’re interested in aiming for 2020 team selection get to grips with the criteria in advance!

BD Senior Regional Selection Policy 2020