Regional Sponsors

We're proud to work with our regional sponsors, whose support helps us deliver all of our activities and events for our members in BD North & West.

Our Sponsors


Testt® founder and Chartered Physiotherapist Andy Thomas has held the roles of High Performance Human Science and Sports Medicine Advisor to the USA (2015 - 2022) and GB Equestrian Teams (2005 - 2015). Andy has a wealth of experience second to none including attending four Olympic Games, four World Championships and twelve European Championships.

Forming the link between asymmetry and rider-horse performance, Andy set about extensively researching and developing a system that would allow riders, coaches and therapists to monitor, discuss and remedy asymmetry in athletes across all equestrian disciplines. And so Testt® was established.


Saddles Direct

Here at Saddles Direct we understand that buying, selling or having a saddle fitted isn’t easy. Put simply, saddles aren’t simple! With so many saddles on the market readily available and so many questions about each one, where do you go for the answers? As riders ourselves, we’ve arrived at the same hurdles.

It’s why Saddles Direct was born in 2004. That’s almost 20 years of helping riders and their horses all over the world! Whether it’s having your current saddle fitted, buying a new saddle or selling your old one, we’re the people to help you feel confident with your saddle. With over 600 new and used saddles available to purchase (including all the leading brands), over 90% of our riders taking advantage of the Saddles Direct Trial Service, international shipping, and a team of Saddle Fitters covering most of the UK, we’re The Saddle People you can trust. We want to save you time and hassle searching for your perfect fit. Because we know, like us, you’d rather be riding.


Become a Sponsor

Reach a brand new audience and become a sponsor within the British Dressage North & West Region. Our sponsorship packages will allow you access to our membership through a number of different marketing platforms and ideas.

Key Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Website presence – we offer an opportunity for brand placement and a hyperlink to your own website on our regional pages.
  • Sponsor logo - become a “sponsor of” and gain access to our regional logo for use on any relevant marketing materials you produce.
  • Emails - we produce regular e-newsletters for members, within which you can advertise and run editorial content where relevant – tell the story of your partnership with us.
  • Social media - we have an active social media audience, as part of a sponsorship package we can create a competition or campaign with you that brings your sponsorship to life!
  • Events - we operate an average of 500 events per annum with around 3,100 riders and horses taking part! We offer an opportunity to get involved through trade stands, prize giving, branded rosettes, commentary announcements and arena branding.
  • Photography - you would have access to photography from events and sponsored activities.
    We have a number of specific sponsorship packages available to suit your individual business needs, such as teams sponsorship, BD Youth, Para etc.

Find out more

If you are interested and would like to discuss further then please contact the North and West Development Officer Alexandra Phillips.