Becoming a steward is great opportunity to travel, meet like minded people and, most importantly, be more involved in the sport we all love.

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Stewards play an important role in ensuring fair play for all during competition and are in place to support riders, as well as look after the welfare of the horse.  You can volunteer locally to help at shows or there are BD stewards who undergo training and regular CPD to officiate at a number of fixtures.

Becoming a BD steward

Getting started on the steward development pathway couldn't be easier! You simply need to be a minimum of 18 years old, and a British Dressage Premier Club Member or Full Member.

The first step is to attend an Introduction to Stewarding seminar, once you've done this you can continue your training through a series of training days and by gaining stewarding experience.

Book your steward training

We have a number of training dates available, visit our BookWhen booking system:


If you have any queries regarding becoming a steward please contact the British Dressage office on