Our apprenticeships

We offer six apprenticeships covering a range of equestrian and business areas, from equine groom to business administration and digital marketing.

Groom Plaiting

Level 2 Equine Groom
General horse care and management

Duration: 13 months

The Level 2 Equine Groom apprenticeship is a practical, hands-on programme where apprentices will work under supervision, individually or as part of a team. This would be a suitable route for those wishing to develop and learn new skills.


Level 3 Senior Equine Groom
Advanced horse management and knowledge

Duration: 18 months

A practical, hands-on programme where you will provide and coordinate the day-to-day care of the horses in the workplace. This would be a suitable route for those wishing to develop existing skills in these areas.


Level 3 Business Administrator
Business administration, communication & IT

Duration: 13-15 months

This apprenticeship provides the opportunity to gain the skills and experience needed to work in any business administration role and builds a solid foundation for future employment within the sector. It helps to develop skills in planning and organisation, communication and understanding the role of a project manager.


Level 3 Multi-Channel Marketer

Social media, marketing & digital technology for business

Duration: 16 months

This apprenticeship gives individuals the tools required to support customer-focused marketing activities that drive the demand for a product or service through awareness raising and/or perception building to generate results to the bottom line.


Level 3 Team Leader/ Supervisor
Developing future leaders

Duration: 13-16 months

Equipping emerging leaders and managers with the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to effectively manage teams and projects. This apprenticeship will provide training in project management with leadership training embedded to ensure individuals are qualified for future roles. This would be a suitable route for those supervising yard teams, or for those who have oversight of day-to-day management of some business functions.


Level 5 Operations/ Departmental Manager
Training for the top

Duration: 18-22 months

This apprenticeship will equip leaders and senior managers with the key competencies required to successfully manage teams and projects in line with an organisation’s operational or departmental strategy. Communication skills, decision making skills and organisational skills are a few of the skills you will develop throughout this apprenticeship to help you exceed in future management roles.