From Area Festival first timers, Questers taking up dressage after 40 years in the saddle, young riders following in their idols footsteps, your stories inspire us to make British Dressage a sport for all. 

Starting out

Meet Lauren and Pandora

Lauren, who recently joined British Dressage, tell us all about her first show and advice to those wanting to give it a go.


Meet Charlie and Lord Percy The Pig

Percy the Pig is flying his way to the NAF Five Star Winter Championships - with a 15 year year riding gap Charlie will be piloting their way around the arena.

Meet Jen and Stevie

After putting their plans on hold due to Jen's ill health, Stevie the 18hh gelding is now dancing around the arena.

Petplan Equine Area Festival Stories

Meet Cheryl and Henry

With Henry renewing her passion for Dressage, the pair have taken to the dance floor at the Petplan Equine Area Festivals. 

Meet Felicity and Leo

The £300 rescue pony that made the Petplan Equine Winter Area Festival Championships his fourth ever BD show. Find out how Felicity got the ride on Leo...

Meet Cheryl and Remy

Cheryl was determined to get back to Hartpury after competing at Prelim, Novice and Elementary there a few years ago. With Remy by her side and three attempts at qualifying did they make it back? 

Meet Laura and Barry

Starting Saracen Horse Feeds Quest as a freshly backed five year old to now dancing at the Petplan Equine Area Festivals!


Meet Patricia and Z

A fluke field accident, they were told they would never compete again, Z proved them wrong to come 6th at the Petplan Equine Summer Advanced Medium Championships!

Meet Hannah and Kansas NS

From twisting off a shoe the night before a competition to coming second in the Summer Area Festival Championship Prelim Bronze.


Meet TGCA DeeDee


Hope and DeeDee share their success.

Quest Stories

Where are they now?

After winning the Saracen Horse Feeds Quest National Championship last year, we caught up with some of the riders to see what they are up to now.


Meet Freya & Oliver

Freya and Oliver's journey to the Quest National Championships and how being a deaf rider doesn't stop you from achieving your dreams!

Meet Michele & Peaches

From the ice rink to the dressage arena, Michele tells us how she made the switch and all about her piebald named Peaches!

Meet Elise and Skyla

Sisters Elsie and Skyla both share the same passion for riding and compete together on the same Quest team!


Meet Susanne & Lois Seymour

Mother and Daughter share, Dylan and how he came back from surgery to get a wild card to the Quest National Championships!

Meet Lorrie and Prada

How Lorrie and Prada went from jumping to dancing around the dressage arena together and winning their first red rosette!

Meet Gwen and Snow

We spoke to Gwen about her first pony Snow and their Saracen Horse Feeds Quest National Championship journey!

BD Youth Stories

Meet Millie and Beau

How Millie found Beau...a new partnership with a lot of character. How the pair got started within dressage.

Meet Kassia and Kari

From winning the RDA Nationals, to My Quest and beyond meet Kassia who dreams of riding Grand Prix!

Meet Dakota and Lucas

Dakota and Lucas have had a very busy year together and have big plans in the arena!