Area Festivals: Cheryl Tuff

Cheryl was determined to get back to Hartpury after competing at Prelim, Novice and Elementary there a few years ago. With Remy by her side and three attempts at qualifying did they make it back? 

Riding for over 40 years, Cheryl Tuff gave up office life to work at the yard at Writtle University College in Essex last year. "I have been riding since I was seven years old, I just love it but it was time for a change. So after 32 years in an office I went to work on the yard," Cheryl told us. Having a partnership with her fifteen year old Hanoverian gelding, Ritter Sport (Ritter Remus X Rubinstein), known as Remy, for over ten years the pair are well established at Medium level, "I purchased him from Katy Holder-Vale, Witcham House Farm Stud in October 2012, as a very green 5 year old, it's been an enjoyable learning curve for us both."

Having competed at the Petplan Equine Winter Championships at Prelim, Novice and Elementary over consecutive years, it was their goal to get back to Hartpury at Medium Cheryl says, "we went to Keysoe, Parwood & Speedgate to try and get our scores for Hartpury and at each outing we improved our score but we just missed out on direct qualification at Speedgate. So to receive the last minute wildcard was a heart stopping moment."

The pair finally made it back to Hartpury proudly says Cheryl, "He travelled impeccably despite having to do the eight hour round trip to Hartpury in a day and then scoring a respectable 65.88%, his personal best at the Petplan Equine Area Festivals this season. He was an angel and I was so chuffed with his performance."

"I absolutely loved the whole experience of competing at the Petplan Championships and being there amongst the elite with their beautiful horses. It's not often that I go to a show and park next to Michael Eilberg's horsebox."

Training with Claire Knowles, freelance dressage instructor and Jane Hart, lecturer in Equine Performance at Writtle University College, they are working hard to move up the levels, "we are currently working on improving Remy’s collection and lateral work especially half passes and pirouettes. Aiming to establish our flying changes, so we can move up the levels and compete at Advanced Medium."

"Coincidentally, Claire was also at the Petplan Equine Winter Championships riding her Prix St Georges test on Singing Skyjacker in the arena next to me at the exact same time, so we were photo bombing each other’s photos."

Cheryl has found a once in a lifetime partner in Remy and her husband John, "he's my No.1 groom, chauffeur, sat nav and cameraman. I don't know what I'd do without him." Taking about the love of her life, "Remy is adorable and has an incredibly kind and loving nature. Loves his chest being rubbed and draws everyone in for a cuddle or two, even if he then tries to put everything in his mouth. He loves a warm cup of tea on show days."

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