Area Festivals: Laura Rose

Starting Saracen Horse Feeds Quest as a freshly backed five year old to now dancing at the Petplan Equine Area Festivals!

"Our training consisted off 90% hacking and a few BD test ride sessions, we live right by the beach in North Yorkshire so wanted him to see the world we live in," Laura tells us all about how Borough’s Doorman, known as Barry started his life with her fifteen months ago. The then five year old Native Traditional coloured cob x Welsh pony was freshly backed and had yet to see the world Laura says, "I have taken his training slow - we've gone to the North Yorkshire moors solo and has helped create his confidence in new places and bond with me."

Laura, a qualified veterinary nurse who has been riding for over thirty years wanted to take on a new challenge, "people were very confused when I bought him as he wasn’t my normal type of horse but now they all see what I first saw in him and he has his own fan club on the local circuit as he’s just so lovable" Laura expresses about Barry. 

The pair didn't wait long until they were out and about between the white boards Lauren goes on to say, "we started with Saracen Horse Feeds Quest a month after buying him to gain his confidence up as he had never been to a show or seen dressage boards." It was a successful start to their journey as they went onto win the North East Quest Regional and came second at the Saracen Horse Feeds Quest National Championships.

Deciding to move on up they had a go at the Petplan Equine Winter Area Festivals last year. "We went on to qualify for Prelim at Northallerton Equestrian Centre gaining a place at the Petplan Equine Winter Area Festival Championship at Hartpury where he absolutely shone and came into his own" Laura delightfully tells us.

"He is the most fun and naturally talented horse I’ve ever owned and is so trainable he is a pleasure to train and compete who has a fabulous walk," proudly says Laura who goes on to say, "he does have a spicy side and let’s you know if he’s not fully happy or confident in a situation but a gentle pat on the neck with a soft and kind empathic rider helps him through his green moments. And I’m sure as he goes into his second year or competing will gain more and more confidence each time out."

Not stopping there they have just won their first Prelim Freestyle Area Festival class, "It was our first time out doing this test, which was super fun to ride and he absolutely lit up and gave a good show to the music!" says Laura. They have big plans this year as they have already started to compete at Novice in Saracen Horse Feeds Quest where they have won, twice! With plans to ride in the main arena at Hartpury and ride at Novice Freestyle Silver the duo are well on their way.

Laura offers her advice for anyone wanting to give it a go, "to anyone who’s thinking about giving affiliated dressage a go just do it! Sign up, join and ride down that centre line with a big happy smile on your face and have the best day out with your best friend."

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