Find here the complete timetable of sessions for the National Convention 2021.

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Day one | Making Medallists: Tests for tens

FEI 5* and Olympic judge Katrina Wuest is joined by rider and coach Philipp Hess and Tom Hunt, the man behind many Freestyle to Music medals for Team GB, to help you find improve your test riding in standard and freestyle competition.

  Session Level What to expect
10.00 Welcome to the National Convention 
10.02 Test riding Elementary We look at one of the key BD Elementary tests, before taking the judge comments on board to make training improvements.
10.50 Test riding Prix St Georges Test riding and training, working on making improvements on the FEI PSG test.
11.37 Test riding Intermediate I Katrina and Philipp look at the FEI Inter I test, critiquing the test and offering coaching to improve quality and marks.
12.25 Making Medallists panel discussion: Equestrian Team GBR Chef d'Equipe Caroline Griffiths, Alex Van Tuyll and dressage team vet Andre Buthe. 
13.00 Lunch break
13.35 Freestyle Novice Tom Hunt joins our presenters to discuss creating the perfect Novice Freestyle to Music test. Katrina offers her comments as a judge, and Philipp will present his rider view.
14.30 Freestyle Advanced Medium We're joined by a new combination to demonstrate Advanced Medium freestyle work. Considering strengths in floorplan and music choices.
15.25 Freestyle Grand Prix Be inspired by the Grand Prix Freestyle, responsible for capturing the hearts and minds of many during Tokyo 2020. Our three hosts discuss what makes a winning Grand Prix Freestyle.
16.10 Closing comments and finish


Day two | Making Medallists: Back to basics

Training is at the core of success; building on the learnings and judge feedback from Saturday's session, we take our work back to the training arena to address common issues from Novice level and beyond. Christoph and Philipp Hess bring it back to basics, showing the process between competition and training.  

  Session Level What to expect
10.00 Welcome to day two at the National Convention
10.02 Riding for better rhythm Novice/Young Horse Christoph Hess and Philipp work with a young horse to demonstrate how rhythm affects way of going.
10.49 Exercises for suppleness Elementary Our two hosts work with an Elementary combination to improve suppleness within work at this level.
11.37 Seeking straightness Medium/Adv. Medium Philipp and Christoph work on improving straightness with various techniques and tips.
12.20 Making Medallists panel discussion: Paralympic medallists Sir Lee Pearson and Sophie Wells MBE alongside Ferdi Eilberg.
13.00 Lunch break
13.46 Improving impulsion Prix St Georges We look at how impulsion affects the small tour work, with Philipp and Christoph coaching.
14.33 The ideal connection Intermediate I Connection is vital to good marks and way of going, our hosts look at the second small tour level to investigate.
15.20 Achieving Collection Grand Prix Our hosts complete the weekend looking at the most advanced scale of training, in line with the ultimate achievement in dressage, Grand Prix.
16.00 Closing comments

 Please note that timings are subject to change, any updates will be communicated on this schedule and on British Dressage social media ahead of the event.