A festival of fantastic dressage at Hartpury Premier League

  • Written By: British Dressage/Kim Forster
  • Published: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 14:38 GMT

The NAF Five Star Hartpury Festival of Dressage presented five days of Premier League competition alongside the annual CDI3*/CPEID3* (6 – 10 July 2022).

Andrew Gould Indigro 2

Andrew Gould stepped into new territory with the nine-year-old stallion Indigro (Negro x Jazz) - pictured above, owned by Tatiana Skillman who bought him in March this year.  Following a second place in only his third Inter II since taking up the ride Andrew felt ready for the step up to the Grand Prix sponsored by LeMieux, “It was a bit of an unknown really, we didn’t even do a run through at home,” said Andrew after taking the winning spot with 73.45%, “The Inter II which is more familiar gave me a great feeling and I knew I needed more control in the Grand Prix which is such a busy test so, we worked on that and it really helped with our balance. His piaffe and passage were super, the highlight of the test and the judges all seemed to agree too.  He is such a genuine horse and Tatiana his owner is a fantastic supporter and involved owner – it was a massive show for all of us.”

The lovely grey mare Habouche owned by Anna Ross with Linda Verbell came a respectable second with 71.61% in the same class followed by Kathleen Kroencke and Uniteds Maerchen on 70.50%.

Charlotte Dujardin Alive And Kicking pat

Charlotte Dujardin competed two of her string of horses, Hawtins San Floriana and the stunning Alive and Kicking (pictured above) who achieved three wins. Wednesday’s FEI Prix St Georges section A sponsored by Fairfax Saddles saw the Charlotte and Carl Hester owned, brown mare, by San Amour, Hawtins San Floriana in first place with a top score of 73.23%. Completing the placings were second, Lisa Hopkins on Liss La Belle with 73.18% and Michael Eilberg third with MSJ Distinction on 72.05%.

Charlotte’s second win was with Hawtins San Floriana taking first place in the Advanced Medium 98 sponsored by Andrews Bowen with a huge 78.64%.  David Harvey with Diamond Blue and Robert Barker on Herbstrot.

On Saturday night Alive and Kicking certainly turned heads with a brilliant 79.16% in the Young Horse Prix St Georges Championship Final sponsored by Elite Stallions for Horses aged seven to nine. Owned by Charlotte the eight-year-old bay mare by All at Once was on top form with 9s for shoulder-in trot and half-pass canter, completing Charlotte’s hat-trick of wins. Becky Moody and Jack Diamond on 76.27% took second place and Katherine Bailey was third with Izonic on 73.08%.

Ruby Hughes

Ruby Hughes and Lucy Amy’s Extra Time P (pictured above) had cause to celebrate on Wednesday with her first Premier League Prix St Georges win in section B of the class sponsored by Fairfax Saddles.  “I was absolutely buzzing when we won, we did a really lovely test and it was amazing to warm up with the big guns – then to win was just so brilliant!” Ruby has been concentrating on Juniors but wanted to try Premier League and the NAF Five Star Hartpury Festival of Dressage came at just the right time. “Hughie (Extra Time) is such a gentleman and I am so grateful for the incredible opportunity his owner Lucy Amy has given me over the last year – I’ve certainly made the most of it!  He is now up for sale and I’m keeping my fingers crossed I may be able to keep the ride on him,” added Ruby.

Alice Oppenheimer

On Sunday Alice Oppenheimer won the FEI Intermediate II sponsored by Cavalor, with Sarah Oppenheimer and Amanda Radford’s Chestnut gelding, Headmore Dionysus (pictured above) by Dimaggio, with 69.75%. "I really never expected to win” commented Alice.  “It was a very strong class with lots of much more experienced horse and rider combinations so it was a great surprise!  It was only his third time at Inter II, we stepped him up when he started doing his own thing at Inter I – just to give him more to think about.  To be honest he was a little cross at the early warm up as we were on at 7.36 and he isn’t used to such early starts but as soon as he was between those boards, he did a fantastic job.  He is a small horse with a very big character – definitely the yard favourite!”

Jess Bennett and JB Dukaat on 68.92% and Michael Eilberg with Figlio completed the places.

Top-three results

Wednesday 6 July

NAF Advanced Medium 92 
1. Becky Edwards and Laerke Stensvang, 73.37%
2. Mark Forrest and Fidel V Singing, 71.62%
3. Robert Barker and Herbstrot, 70.81%

Baileys Horse Feeds Advanced Medium 96  
1. Robert Barker and Herbstrot, 74.07%
2. Michael Eilberg and MSJ Encore, 74.07%
3. Lucy Pincus and Sheepcote Just Daisy, 71.84%

Stübben Intermediate II
1. Kathleen Kroencke and Uniteds Maerchen, 73.48%
2. Andrew Gould and Indigro 73.38%
3. Michael Eilberg and Figlio, 72.74%

Fairfax Saddles FEI Prix St Georges
1. Charlotte Dujardin and Hawtins San Floriana, 72.23%
2. Lisa Anne Hopkins and Liss La Belle, 73.18%
3. Michael Eilberg and MSJ Distinction, 72.05%

Fairfax Saddles FEI Prix St Georges
1. Ruby Hughes and Extra Time, 69.90%
2. Jennifer Martell and Integro, 69.75%
3. Dannie Morgan and Loxley’s Optimism, 69.51%

Thursday 7 July

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I
1. Lucinda Elliot and Hawtins Duchessa, 70.73%
2. Caitlin Burgess and Chocotof, 69.90%
3. Lisa Anne Hopkins and Liss La Belle, 69.21%

Saracen Horse Feeds Intermediate I
1. Fiona Brennan and De Angelis II, 71.17%
2. Alice Oppenheimer and Headmore Dionysus, 70.29%
3. Lucinda Elliot and Hawtins Bellegra, 69.80%

Preliminary competition test Young Riders (Advanced 105) sponsored by NAF
1. Mark Forrest and Fidel V Singing, 69.02%
2. Deborah Childs and PK Vangraf, 67.15%
3. Stephanie Rebecca Eardley and ASA Sirenka, 67.08%

LeMieux Grand Prix 
1. Andrew Gould and Indigro, 73.45%
2. Anna Ross and Habouche, 71.76%
3. Kathleen Kroencke and Uniteds Maerchen, 70.50%

Friday 8 July

Preliminary Dressage Test for 5-Year-Old Horses
1. Jayden Brown and Willinga Park Maina,76.60%
2. Jane Howard and Fior di Grano,75.60%
3. Levi Hunt and Sir Lucien, 70.80%

Preliminary Dressage Test for 6-Year-Old Horses
1. Sarah Rogers and First Light, 79.00%
2. Fiona Brennan and Leroy, 78.60%
3. Jayden Brown and Terry Snow, 75.40%

British Dressage Young Horse 7-Year-Old
1. Jayden Brown and Willinga Park Fangio, 76.23%
2. Kate Cowell and Final Reign 106, 73.62%
3. Martin Ott and September Song, 73.01%

Andrews Bowen Advance Medium 98
1. Charlotte Dujardin and Hawtins San Floriana, 78.64%
2. Davy Harvey and Diamond Blue, 71.88%
3. Robert Barker and Herbstrot, 71.53%

Saturday 9 July

Elite Stallions Young Horse Prix St Georges Championship Final
1. Charlotte Dujardin and Alive and Kicking, 79.16%
2. Becky Moody and Jack Diamond, 76.27%
3. Katherine Bailey and Izonik, 73.08%

FEI Pony Team sponsored by JS Teamwear
1. Sofia Games and Steendieks Cadillac, 71.19%
2. Beatrice Butterworth and Non Plus Ultra, 68.42%
3. Elizabeth Hart and Don De Luxe, 68.23%

FEI Children Team sponsored by JS Teamwear
1. Violet Hawkins and Royal Sunrise, 67.62%
2. Ella-Grace Dovey and ODE To Shannon, 65.27%

FEI Junior TeamsSponsored by JS Teamwear
1. Sophia Marston and E-mail, 66.78%
2. India Hamilton-Burnet and Geronimo VIII, 65.52%
3. Zoe Cole and Caspari VC, 64.84%

FEI Young Rider Team sponsored by JS Teamwear
1. Charlotte McDowall and M Obarma, 68.92%
2. Jessica Hickey and Ziezo I, 64.95%
3. Alice Knight and SJL Dom Perignon, 63.57%


Photo © Kevin Sparrow