A new opportunity for Quest with Dressage Anywhere

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Fri, 12 Jun 2020 16:11 GMT

Dressage Anywhere, the popular online dressage website, has teamed up with British Dressage to offer BD Quest Online, an additional chance to compete under the Quest banner.

From June, BD Quest members can take part in either the BD Team Quest Online or BD My Quest Online monthly competitions. Earn points towards a final, scheduled to be held online in October 2020 for top scoring teams and individuals. We're hoping 'live' Quest can get underway in early July so this is a chance to get practising and you're able to compete in both for the rest of the season. The two are separate competitions so all your hard earned Quest results already gained still count on the leaderboards for the eight Regional Championships later this year and anything you do with Dressage Anywhere won't count towards the BD leaderboard.

With severe disruption to the equestrian events calendar due to COVID-19, competitors are looking to online providers for their competition and training fix. And what better way than to get a team of friends together and take part in some online dressage!

Nereide Goodman of Dressage Anywhere said, ‘We’re delighted to add this series to our monthly schedule – it’s a fun introduction to BD or if you’re already a BD Quest member, a great opportunity to continue competing as a Quest member’.

We know it’s not the same as going out to a ‘party’ but we will try to enhance the fun of a team effort sharing your stories and photos of your team colours!

To find out more about this exciting series, head over to Dressage Anywhere: