Anna Ross and Habouche impress with triple win at Crozet CDI3*

  • Written By: British Dressage | Joanna Bowns
  • Published: Thu, 08 Sep 2022 12:34 GMT

Anna Ross was unbeaten at the recent Crozet CDI3* in France (25 – 28 August 2022), where she swept the board in the Middle Tour with Marcelo Tosi’s exciting grey mare, Habouche.

Anna Ross & Habouche

Held at the Jiva Hill Stables in the foothills of Jura mountains, facing Mont Blanc, the surroundings provide a stunning backdrop for the popular Crozet CDI, where the British duo of Anna and “Holly” posted three convincing wins out of three starts.

Anna and the 10-year-old Ampere x Ustinov mare (pictured in July), who is owned by Brazilian Olympic event rider Marcelo Tosi, topped the leader board in the Intermediate A, Intermediate B and Intermediate II with scores of 70.059%, 68.811% and 70.765% respectively to raise the British flag on three occasions.

“I was really really happy - I was thrilled,” commented Anna about her performances with the expressive KWPN mare. “She has always shown a lot of potential, and although she’s been competing Grand Prix at Premier Leagues shows, I wanted to compete her at Middle Tour to build up her confidence.

“Holly really thinks she is the queen of the arena. She’s a big-moving, bold horse and is lovely to ride in the arena - she just needs time to be able to ‘close up’, so it’s good for her to do some Middle Tour.

“She’s an absolute bomb with so much power, so she has to learn to balance and contain it all,” continued Anna. “She was given 9s for the trot extensions and 8.5s for the pirouettes, which are becoming a highlight. I was delighted with her.”

Habouche, who has recently been awarded the British Hanoverian Horse Society’s prestigious Performance Mare Award, already has eight embryo transfer foals on the ground, with two due next year by Blue Hors Zackorado who is currently in Ermelo competing in the six-year-old division at the FEI WBFSH Dressage World Breeding Championships.

Also competing for Great Britain was Anna Jesty (23) with her talented eight-year-old gelding Commodore Platinum. Anna and the stunning chestnut BHHS gelding, known as Olly, posted a solid score of 67.265% in the Prix St Georges, along with 66.794% in the Inter I and 66.855% in the Inter I Freestyle on the horse’s international debut.

Anna, who enjoyed a win on her CDIU25 debut earlier this year with Flow Motion, took to social media to say, “Olly was super and learnt so much from his time here and every day came out better and more confident. We got +66% in both our Inter I tests, but with some miscommunications where he wanted to go extended canter on every line, because obviously he knows the test best! Can’t wait for him to have another go at showing the world how amazing he is.”

Results: top three and British placings
CDI3* MT Intermediate A
1. Anna Ross and Habouche, 70.059% (GBR)
2. Annabel Delsert and Jackpot P, 67.706% (FRA)
3. Carolina Carnevali and Drew Doughty, 66.794% (ITA)

CDI3* MT Intermediate B
1. Anna Ross and Habouche, 68.811% (GBR)
2. Ineke den Drijver and Hugo, 66.514% (NED)
3. Jelena Moncilli and Sir Piko, 66.189% (SUI)

CDI3* MT Intermediate II
1. Anna Ross and Habouche, 70.765% (GBR)
2. Caroline Carnevali and Drew Doughty, 67.059% (ITA)
3. Annabel Delsert and Jackpot-P, 66.618% (FRA)

CDI3* ST Prix St Georges
1. Marie Blockx and GB Lagonegro, 71.824% (SUI)
2. Evelyn Eger and Darjeeling 14, 70.912% (GER)
3. Matthieu Menelot and Dashka de Wandeling, 69.382% (FRA)
11. Anna Jesty and Commodore Platinum, 67.265% (GBR)

CDI3* ST Intermediate I
1. Alisa Glinka and Jewel Star, 72.706% (MDA)
2. Evelyn Eger and Darjeeling 14, 71.059% (GER)
3. Liselott Marie Linsenhoff and West Side Story OLD, 70.471% (GER)
9. Anna Jesty and Commodore Platinum, 66.794% (GBR)

CDI3* ST Intermediate I Freestyle
1. Sascha Schulz and Fantastic Silva, 73.085% (LUX)
2. Alisa Glinka and Jewel Star, 71.065% (MDA)
3. Coco Soffers and Formidable, 70.395% (NED)
7. Anna Jesty and Commodore Platinum, 66.855% (GBR)


Photo © Kevin Sparrow