BD Abroad: Hagen CDIOP and Stockholm CDIU25 results

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:46 GMT

Results of the British riders who competed last week at Hagen CDIOYJPCh/CDIYJPCh in Germany (11 – 16 June), and Stockholm CDI3*/CDIU25 in Sweden (13 – 16 June 2019).

CDIOP – Pony Team Test
1st Nathalie Thomassen with Lykkehoejs Dream of Dornik, 74.714% (DEN)
10th Hermione Tottman with Brasil, 70.524% (GBR)
15th Steffi Tomlinson with Vivassa, 69.00% (GBR)
21st Lily Laughton with Steendieks Cadillac, 66.381% (GBR)

CDIOP – Team Standings
1st Denmark, 149.190
2nd Germany, 146.572
3rd The Netherlands, 142.524
4th Sweden, 141.143
5th Team NAF for Great Britain, 139.524 -pictured
6th Poland, 137.477
7th Belgium, 136.952
8th Russia, 135.190
9th Switzerland, 132.143
10th France, 131.143
11th Ireland 129.048

CDIOP – Pony Individual Test
1st Rose Oatley with Daddy Moon, 75.766% (GER)
14th Steffi Tomlinson with Vivassa, 68.108% (GBR)
21st Hermione Tottman with Brasil, 66.622% (GBR)
25th Lily Laughton with Steendieks Cadillac, 65.450% (GBR)

CDIOP – Pony Freestyle
1st Antonia Busch-Kuffner with Daily Pleasure WE, 79.334% (GER)
11th Steffi Tomlinson with Vivassa, 71.459% (GBR)

CDIOP – Consolation Pony Freestyle
1st Tatiana Bierieznow with Gluckspilz, 71.292% (POL)
3rd Hermione Tottman with Brasil, 70.750% (GBR)
9th Lily Laughton with Steendieks Cadillac, 67.667% (GBR)

Stockholm CDI3*/CDIU25
CDIU25 - Grand Prix 16 – 25
1st Emma Jönsson with Donizetti, 66.949% (SWE)
4th Ellen McCarthy with Belafonte, 66.154% (GBR)

CDIU25 – Grand Prix Freestyle
1st Marina Mattsson with Quartermain, 74.900% (SWE)
5th Ellen McCarthy with Belafonte, 70.325% (GBR)