BD abroad: Hartpury CPEDI/CDI

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Tue, 03 Jul 2018 21:49 GMT

The following horse and rider combinations have been selected to represent Britain at the Hartpury CPEDI3*/CDI3* (4 - 8 July):


Grade I
Sophie Christiansen with her own Amazing Romance
Susanna Wade with her own Dartagnan III
Diane Green with her own Gunstones Pride
Marie Durward Akhurst with Glesni Owen’s Sky O Hara

Grade II
Suzanna Hext with the Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Engaards Solitaire
Georgia Wilson with her own Midnight Z and Chico III
Lee Pearson with his own Zion and Styletta
Julie Payne with her own Pandora
Natasha Adkinson with her own Sweet Caledonia and Highlander
Anna-Mae Cole and her own Ukoon

Grade III
Erin Orford with Annabel Whittet’s Dior
Natasha Baker with Mount St John Stud’s Mount St John Diva Dannebrog 
Amanda Shirtcliffe with John McFarland’s New-Princess and her own Michelangelo

Grade IV
Isobelle Palmer with Sophie Wells’s Touchdown M
Nicola Greenhill with Gary Greenhill’s King Edward and her own and Gary Greenhill’s Betty Boo
Heather Bennett with her own Zavailantika
Marcelle Ward with her own Dornroeschen 
Nicola Naylor with her own Ferrari (pictured)
Julia Horton with her own Premier Joyful Moon

Grade V
Charlotte Cundall with the Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Simply Red and Brenda Reddy’s Bam Bam
Sophie Wells and Charlotte Hogg’s C Fatal Attraction and Jackie Walker and her own Gladstone

CDI3* Big Tour
Henriette Andersen with her own FLAVIO
Louise Bell with her own INTO THE BLUE
Fiona Bigwood with Penny Bigwood and Anders Dahl’s KJAERHOLM'S ABUTSIAQ
Richard Davison Gwendolyn Meyer and his own BUBBLINGH
Liz Diegutis and her own SASKIA HIT
Charlotte Dujardin and Mount St John Stud’s MOUNT ST JOHN FREESTYLE
Rebecca Jane Edwards with Sarah Oppenheimer’s HEADMORE DELEGATE
Maria Eilberg with Hermoine Black, Penny Pollard and her own ROYAL CONCERT
Lucy Fallen with the Danewood Syndicate’s CRUISE
Paul Friday with Christine Trendell’s WINSTON BOND
Matt Frost with his own and Dedi Leech’s AMD DON ROSSO II
Sara Gallop with her own SUMMERHOUSE ZELHAM and BANDREO
Bobby Hayler with Paul Hayler’s ALDBOROUGH RUBINHALL
Carl Hester with Lady Anne Evans, Ann Cory and his own HAWTINS DELICATO and Josefin Gyllenswärd’s DON ANGELO
Matthew Hicks with Anny Bachrach and his own EXCALIBUR and Alison Hill’s SHEEPCOTE WALNUT
Emma Hindle with her own ROMY DEL SOL and DIESEL VIII
Gareth Hughes with Steve and Anne Keen’s DON CARISSIMO
Sonnar Murray Brown with his own ERLENTANZ
Georgia Stokes with her own TALENTED MR RIPLEY
Vicky Thompson Winfield with Sam Francis’s MANGO JACARO
Spencer Wilton with Jen Goodman’s SUPER NOVA II

CDI3* Small Tour
Claire Abel with her own ROWAN MAGIC
Luke Baber Davies with his own DISARONNO
Nikki Barker with Viv Gleave and her own DURABLE
Hannah Biggs with Angela Biggs and Tim Bisson’s DON CALEDONIA
Nicola Buchanan with Diana Reynolds Hale and her own HALF MOON DARK MAGIC
Sue Carson with her own BONSAI
Owen Cooper with Christobel Mckay’s DON DANTE
Louise Davison with her own DE GALLES
Jessica Dunn with Jennifer Whittaker’s ALICANTE VALLEY
Helen Dutton with her own VALDORAMA D
Hannah Esberger-Hancock with Jo Byrne’s LEONIDAS
Tor Fenwick with Shaun Measures’ RUSSKI
Paul Fridaywith Christine Trendell and his own ROMAN NOIR HIMSELF
Daniel Greenwood with Jo Handiman’s LUKIEN VON TESPE
Victoria Hayler with Victoria Hamer’s ZXEN
Lindsay Hancock with her own BARACHIEL
Charles Hutton with Keith Taylor’s SEAGRY SANAY
Becky Moody with Jo Cooper’s EUREKO
Tahley Reeve Smith with her own SPECIAL
Vicky Thompson Winfield with her own EXQUISITE and Samantha Francis’s ARTIST

Visit the Hartpury Festival of Dressage website for full details including timetable, times, livestream and results.