BD Abroad: Keysoe CDI3*/CDIU25/CDIYJP

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Thu, 12 Mar 2020 16:21 GMT

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CDI3*/CDIU25/CDIYJP in Bedfordshire (13 – 15 March 2020).

Spencer Wilton and Super Nova II Lier CDI 2020 c Digishots

CDI3* - Big Tour
Fiona Bigwood with her own Daytona Platinum
Nicola Buchanan with her own and Diana Reynolds-Hales' Half Moon Dark Magic
Lara Butler with Wilfried Bechtolsheimer's Rubin Al Asad
Maria Eilberg with her own and Hermione Black's Royal Concert
Emile Faurie with Niina Nilosaari's Quentano 2 and Julie Bradley's Shilo
Paul Friday with Christine Trendell's Winston Bond
Tom Goode with Samantha Geddes' Dior II
Emma Hindle with her own Romy Del Sol
Gareth Hughes with Claudine Kroll's KK Dominant and KK Woodstock
Rebecca Hughes with Lorraine Sattin's Rubini Royale
Willow Kemp with her own Dragon Heart
Sonnar Murray-Brown with his own Erlentanz
Keith Robertson with his own Boheme AF Sulstead
Daniel Watson with Barbara Marceau's Butterfly IV
Spencer Wilton with Jen Goodman's Super Nova II (pictured)

CDI3* - Small Tour
Jessica Bennett with her own JB Dukaat
Daisy Coakley with Judy Firmston-Williams' Cleopatra
Holly Colgate Cooke with Zoe Sopp's Dalvangs Lorenzo
Lara Edwards with her own and Laura Milner's Jazzed Up
Rebecca Edwards with her own Fantasia I
Paul Friday with Brian Hurst's Romanno Rafiel
Andrew Gould with Terry and Joan Barnett-Knott's Blue Hors Dexter
Lily Hewitt with Adam Hewitt's Sir Charlie Chaplin
Rebecca Hughes with Adele Rawlinson's Ibisco-O
Elder Klatzko with her own Little Richard
Kirsten Mayne with Davina Parker's Dahlia GW
Lucy Pye with her own and Reece Pye's Superstar III

Lucy Jane Amy with her own Extra Time
Lewis Carrier with his own Diego V
Alexander Harrison with his own Diamond Hill

CDIP – Ponies

Myles Graham with Caron Roberts' Harnells Erasmus
Isobel Lickley with Robert and Nicola Lickley's Mister Snowman
Gracie Morgan with Julie Morgan's Ella
Ronni-Mae Morgan with her own DST Carluccio
Annabella Pidgley with Sarah Pidgley's Cognac
Isabel Platts with her own Whalton Gladrags
Betsy Smetham with her own Amber V

CDIJ – Juniors

Tarka Abraham with Ellie McCarthy's Donna Summer
Maddy Frewin with Christine Kirk's Woodlander Rhythm n Blues
Holly Kerslake with Laura Summers' Extasia
Jessie Kirby with her own Belle Amie I
Jessica McConkey with her own Lady Gaga II
Chloe Naylor with her own Karisma
Gemma Owen with her own Sirius Black
Lily Payne with Rosemary Shewen's Z Flemmenco
Soraya Rogers with Deborah Kamal's Evita I
Olivia Wrennall with Tessa Thorne and Nicola Hand's Disneyland

CDIY – Young Riders

Rebecca Bell with Caroline Bell's Nibley Union Hit
Emily Bradshaw
with Susan Bradshaw's Enjoy Amaris V
Caitlin Burgess with her own Chocotof
Angus Corrie-Deane with his own Tiny Tempur
Alexandra Hellings with her own and Sonia Baines' Uvender V
Clare Hole
with Rachel Murray's Winnetou G.E.P. and her own Pro-Motion
Ruth Hole with Sarah Oppenheimer's Headmore Delegate
Rose Hugh-Smith with Ian McRobbie's Ulyssa
Anna Jesty with her own Flow Motion
Sarah Khairallah with Kate Smith's Keystone Darling
Lara Kuropatwa with Sian Kuropatwa's For Season
Juliette Lindsay with Samantha Thurman-Pickett's Highcliffe Apollo

Start lists and results will be posted live on the Keysoe Facebook page.
Spectators are welcome at £12 per day throughout the show, with hospitality options available from £20 per person. To book tickets follow this link or watch the action live via British Equestrian Sport TV.