BD Abroad: Keysoe CDI3*/CDIU25/Y/J/P

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  • Published: Fri, 04 Oct 2019 12:28 GMT

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CDI in Bedfordshire (4 – 6 October 2019).

Maria Eilberg And Royal Concert


CDI3* Big Tour
Nicola Buchanan from Dorset with her own and Diana Reynolds-Hale’s Half Moon Dark Magic (black gelding, 10yrs, s. Dimaggio).
Maria Eilberg from Worcestershire with her own and Hermione Black’s Royal Concert (grey gelding, 16yrs, s. Royal Diamond ds. Continue) - pictured above
Emma Hindle from Greater Manchester with her own Romy Del Sol (brown mare, 13yrs, s. Romanov Blue Hors ds. Danny De Vito).
Gareth Hughes from Warwickshire with Claudine Kroll’s KK Woodstock (dark brown gelding, 13yrs, s. Wolkentanz II ds Landiosa).
Rebecca Hughes from Warwickshire with Lorraine Sattin’s Rubini Royale (dark brown gelding, 17yrs, s. Rubin Royal).
Keith Robertson from Hertfordshire with his own Boheme AF Sulstead (chestnut gelding, 15yrs, s. Bernstein).
Sadie Smith from Gloucestershire with her own Keystone Dynamite (liver chestnut gelding, 12yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Escudo).
Vicky Thompson Winfield from West Sussex with Samantha Francis’s Artist (palomino gelding, 11yrs, s. Abanos).

CDI3* Small Tour
Jess Bennett from Gloucestershire with her own JB Dukaat (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Westernwind).
John Chubb from Devon with his own Wringler (grey gelding, 16yrs, s. Rhodium).
Tor Fenwick from Hampshire with Shaun Measures’ Renoir (OLD) (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Rimskij Korsakov).
Lindsay Hancock from West Yorkshire with Barachiel (black gelding, 13yrs, s. Gribaldi).
Sarah Higgins from Cheshire with Sarah Rao’s Davidoff (black stallion, 11yrs, s. Westpoint), and Penny Lindop and Claire Gilchrist-Dick’s Easter Bunny (chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Valdez).
Gareth Hughes with his own and Judy Firmston-Williams’ Sintano Van Hof Olympia (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Sandro Hit ds. Silvano).
Rebecca Hughes with Adele Rawlinson's Ibisco O (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Spielberg ds. Goodwill).
Elder Klatzko from Wiltshire with her own Little Richard (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Longchamp).
Victoria Maw from Lincolnshire with her own Bon Rouge CH (chestnut gelding, 14yrs, s. Belissimo M).
Sameera Rahmatalla from Wiltshire with her own Hawtins Falerno (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Fürst Romancier).
Georgina Roden from Lancashire with Kathryn Roden’s Incroyable Van’T Heike (brown gelding, 11yrs, s. Jazz).
Jessica Wade from Oxfordshire with Diana Wade’s Empire H (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Santano).
Sarah Williams from Kent with Georgina Howard’s Bohigas W (bay mare, 18yrs, s. Breitling W ds. Fabriano).

CDIY Young Riders
Emma Bond from North Yorkshire with her own Lime Walk (chestnut gelding, 17yrs, s. Limes).
Clare Hole from Suffolk with Rachel Murray’s Winnetou GEP (black gelding, 16yrs, s. Gribaldi ds. Donnerhall).
Millie Gover from West Sussex with Philip Gover’s Kamil T (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Thunder Van De Zuuthoveve).
Sarah Khairallah from Hampshire with Kate Smith’s Keystone Darling (chestnut mare, 19yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Weltmeyer).

CDIJ Juniors
Emily Coller from Norfolk with Ann Coller’s Flabbergasted (black mare, 9yrs, s. Gribaldi ds.Jazz).
Maddy Frewin from Oxfordshire with Christine Kirk’s Woodlander Rhythm n Blues (dark bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Woodlander Rockstar).
Jessie Kirby from Oxfordshire with her own Belle Amie (black mare, 13yrs, s. Ronaldo).
Chloe Naylor from Derbyshire with her own Karisma (chestnut gelding, 12yrs, s. Holme Grove Prokofiev).
Gemma Owen from Flintshire with her own Sirius Black (black gelding, 14yrs, s. Stedinger ds. Rotspon).
Charlotte Snape from East Yorkshire with Camelot (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. Carabas).
Olivia Wrennall from Buckinghamshire with Nicola Hand and Tessa Thorne’s Disneyland (liver chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Diamond Hit).

CDIP Ponies
Caitlin Clancy from Somerset with her own Browbank Jacob Black (black gelding, 9yrs, s. Foryd Dafydd Ddu ds. Sydenham Dragon).
Claudia Davis from Essex with her own Rubinia 37 (bay mare, 13yrs, s. Constantin).
Myles Graham from Wiltshire with Caron Roberts’ Harnells Erasmus (dun mare, 9yrs).
Scarlett John from Devon with her own BKS Grand Design (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. FS Golden Moonlight).
Olivia Langley from Leicester with Bathleyhills Sea Wurzel (grey gelding, 12yrs, s. Caesar 171 ds. Gigman Jacana).
Gracie Morgan from North Yorkshire with Ella (grey mare, 10yrs, s. Caesar 171).
Emilia Nelson from Berkshire with Sarah Steggall’s WFS Top Red (chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Top Yellow ds Pilgrims Red).
Betsy Smetham from Kent with her own Amber V (palomino gelding, 9yrs, s. Orchard Limb-Lopper).
Mollie Whitham from South Yorkshire with DZL Royal Sunrise (chestnut gelding, 8yrs, s. Domingos Golden Surprise ds. Brockwell Prince Charming).

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