BD Abroad: Keysoe CPEDI3*/2*/1*

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Sun, 13 Mar 2022 08:32 GMT

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain at Keysoe CPEDI3*/2*/1* in Bedfordshire (14 – 16 March 2022).

Arena letters

Grade I
Gabriella Blake from Newark, Lincolnshire with her own Strong Beau (grey gelding, 2009, Spinway Blakethorn, BCPS)
Mari Durward-Akhurst from Amersham, Buckinghamshire with her own Quaikin Guaranteed Good (dark bay gelding, 2011, Grafenstolz x Silent Hunter, Cleveland Bay).
Susanna Wade from Grantham, Lincolnshire with her own Zaire LH (bay gelding, 2004, Sir Sinclair x Flamingo, KWPN).
Jamie Winduss from Christchurch, Dorset with Jane Howard’s Day and Night (bay gelding, 2006, Dimaggio x Rohdiamant, OLDBG).

Grade II
Natasha Adkinson from Doncaster, Lincolnshire with her own Sweet Caledonia (black mare, 2008, San Remo x Fürst Heinrich, BHHS).
Lee Pearson from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire with Elizabeth Green’s Roughcote Jupiter (black gelding, 2014, Lockley Topsman x Hainton Brickell Frank, Shire Horse Society).
Georgia Wilson from Abergele, Conwy with her own Midnight (brown mare, 2009, Hilkens Black Delight x Cassander) and her own Sakura (chestnut mare, 2014, OLDBG).

Grade III
Emma Kent from Retford, Nottinghamshire with Sofie Butchart’s Royalty II (bay mare, 2008, Samba Hit II, OLDBG).
Amanda Shirtcliffe from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire with her own Hermione (black mare, 2012, Vitalis, AES).
Erin Orford from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire with Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Diamond Crusador (bay gelding, 2013, Diamond Hit, HANN).

Grade IV
Sara Bates from Alcester, Warwickshire with her own Tango VII (bay mare, 2009, Arkida x Diamond Rock, AES) and Patty Allen’s Solo Hit 2 (brown gelding, 2007, Sandro Hit x Donnerhall, HANN).
Heather Bennett from Goole, Humberside with her own and Jane Philo’s Rhonderful Dorrells (brown gelding, 2012, Rhondeo, OLDBG) and her own Venus Gemini DHI (black mare, 2012, Vitalis).
Rachel Collins from Sandwich, Kent with her own Fine-Time (liver chestnut gelding, 2009, Fifty Cent, RHEIN).
Laura Gulliver from Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire with Joanne Alderton’s Farok V. Singing (bay gelding, 2012).
Nicola Naylor from Ashford, Kent with her own Del Piero (bay gelding, 2008, Flemmingh, KWPN) and her own Humberto L (bay gelding, 2012, Cachet x Haarlem, KWPN).
Katie Radzik from Ashford, Kent with her own Showkia (bay gelding, 2009, Showmaker, WBS).

Grace V
Charlotte Cundall from Malton, North Yorkshire with The Veyron Partnership’s FJ Veyron (chestnut gelding, 2010, Vivaldi, OLDBG).
Hope Hayward from Glastonbury, Gloucestershire with Et L’Amour (dark bay mare, 2009, San Amour x Ferro, KWPN) and her own Cadeau K (bay gelding, 2007, Sir Donnerhall x Wolfgang, KWPN).
Sophie Wells from Newark, Nottinghamshire with Rowland Kinch’s Don Cara M (dark bay gelding, 2009, Don Jovi, NRPS) and her own Jillz Geuzenhof (bay gelding, 2014, Charmeur x Fruhling, KWPN).

Grade II
Sarah Cooper from Torpoint, Cornwall with Mark Cunliffe’s Seni-Lliso I (bay gelding, 2002, Deseado XXIX, ANCCE),
Jason Inchley from Chard, Somerset with his own Rubin Ryella (dark bay mare, 2010, Royal Edition, BHHS).
Jane Ogden from Nottingham with her own Fairview Romeo (bay gelding, 2000).

Grade III
Roseanne Knox from Gloucester, Gloucestershire with her own Eragon M (bay gelding, 2009, Singapore, KWPN).
Vicky Nurcombe from Loughborough, Leicestershire with her own Celano (brown gelding, 2007, Dayano x Jazz, KWPN).

Grade IV
Heather Bennett with her own Dolores van Cartier CF (black mare, 2014, Don Index, BHHS).
Alicia Griffiths from Bristol with her own Aegrus Ophelia (grey mare, 2011, ARS Vivendi x Coevers Diamond Boy, ISH).
Katie Radzik from Ashford, Kent with her own Accomplish (bay gelding, 2011, AES).

Grade III
Sharon Kelsall from Canterbury, Kent with her own GDH Summer Hit (bay mare, 2009, Showmaker, WESTF).