BD Abroad: Keysoe 

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 05 Oct 2020 15:53 GMT

We're pleased to announce the combinations which have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CPEDI3*/CPEDI2*/CPEDI1* (6 – 8 October) and CDI3*/CDIU25/CDIY/J/P/ (9 – 11 October) in Bedfordshire.


Sara Bates from Warwickshire with her own, Parsley (bay mare, 19yrs, s. North Col).
Emily Skerrett from Cornwall with Carol Pearson’s, Zorra Verte (bay gelding, 16yrs, s. Clint Eastwood d. Ulin Verte, KWPN).
Isabel Slack from Cheshire with her own, Mallmore Ardrahan Lad (bay gelding, 19yrs, s. Rynn Richard, BCPS).


Sara Bates from Warwickshire with her own Tango (bay mare, 11yrs, s. Arkida).
Heather Bennett from Humberside with her own Venus Gemini DHI (black mare, 8yrs, s. Vitalis, WBS).
Alicia Griffiths from Bristol with her own Aegrus Ophelia (grey mare, 9yrs, s. Ars Vivendi, IHS).
Hope Hayward from Somerset with her own and Sean Reynolds' Et L’Amour (Bay mare, 11yrs, s. San Amour, KWPN).
Fiona Maynard from Kent with Tristan Hughes and Alex Wyatt’s Diesel (bay gelding, 8yrs, s. Don Aqui, BHHS).
Laura Scott from Somerset with Catherine Witt’s Koko Pop (bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Blackfriars, SHB).
Keeley Squires from South Yorkshire with her own Stanbeck by Request (bay gelding, 15yrs, s. Synod Replica, WPCS).
Emma Stevens from Hertfordshire with her own Just River (bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Special Addition, Weatherbys).
Jamie Winduss from Dorset with Jane Howard’s Day and Night (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Dimaggio).


Natasha Baker from Middlesex with her, Joanna Jensen, Christian Landolt and P Baker’s Keystone Dawn Chorus (bay mare, 9yrs, s. Dimaggio d. Estrada, BHHS).
Gabriella Blake from Nottinghamshire with her own Strong Beau (grey gelding, 11yrs, s. Spinway Blakethorn, BCPS).
Sophie Christiansen from Surrey with her own Die Furstin (chestnut mare, 8yrs, s. Dankeschon d. Adisson red, WESTF) and Innuendo III (dark bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Last Minute d. Glenmarie, SHBGB)
Rachel Collins from Kent with her own Finetime (Liver Chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Fifty Cent, RHEIN).
Charlotte Cundall from North Yorkshire with Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Simply Red, (liver chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Sixten Langholt d. Sobakkehus Kamilja, DWB) and The Veyron Partnership’s FJ Veyron (liver chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Vivaldi d. Donkey, OLDBG).
Mari Durward-Akhurst from Buckinghamshire with her own Lebensfreude (brown gelding, 11yrs, s. Laudabilis, OLDBG).
Laura Gulliver from Buckinghamshire with Woodcroft Stud’s Garuda K (chestnut stallion, 19yrs, s. Muenchhausen d. Gladness B, TRAK).
Jemima Green from Somerset with her own Elrite (Bay mare, 11yrs, s. San Remo, KWPN).
Nicola Naylor from London with her own Del Piero (bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Flemingh, KWPN).
Erin Orford from High Wycombe with Annabel Whittet’s Dior (liver chestnut mare, 17yrs, s. Dimaggio d. St Pr Hetta, BHHS) and the Lady Joseph Trust’s LJT Diamond Crusador (bay gelding, 7yrs, s. Diamond Hit d. St Pr Hauptstutbuch Liona, HANN).
Isobelle Palmer from Leeds with Jane McWilliam’s Showfox (bay mare, 11yrs, s. Quarterback d. Showtime).
Julie Payne from Oxforshire with Cornelia Cook’s Divinity (chestnut gelding, 7yrs, s. Don Frederico, BHHS).
Lee Pearson from Staffordshire with his own Breezer (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Bacardi d. Sedona L, BWB).
Katie Radzik from Kent with her own Showkia (bay stallion, 11yrs, s. Showmaker, WBS).
Amanda Shirtcliffe from Buckinghamshire with her own and Louise Robson’s Remi (black gelding, 11yrs, s. Desert Moon d. Sandrina, OLDBG) and her own New Princess (black mare, 13yrs, s. Newman d. World Princess, DWB).
Marcelle Ward from West Sussex with her own Dornoeschen (chestnut mare, 14yrs, s. De Niro, OLDBG).
Sophie Wells from Nottinghamshire with Roland Kinch’s Don Cara M (dark bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Don Jovi d. Caratina, NRPS).

CDI3* - Big Tour

Louise Bell from Oxfordshire with her own, Tonya Wood, John & Alison Walton and William Wood’s Into the Blue (bay roan gelding, 14yrs, s. Ublesco ds. Calvaro Z, SHBGB).
Nicola Buchanan from Dorset with her own and Diana Reynolds-Hales’ Half Moon Dark Magic (black gelding, 11yrs, s. Dimaggio, BHHS).
Lara Butler from Gloucestershire with Ursula Bechtolsheimer and Laura Tomlinson’s Rubin Al Asad (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Rubin Royal ds. Wanderbursch, HANN).
Liz Diegutis from Hampshire with her own Saskia Hit (bay mare, 15yrs, s. Sandro Hit ds. Akzent I, OLDBG)
Charlotte Dujardin from Gloucestershire with her own Gio (chestnut gelding, 9ys, s. Apache ds. Tango, KWPN) and Emma and Jill Blundell’s Mount St John Freestyle (bay mare, 11yrs, s. Fidermark ds. Donnerhall, HANN).
Emile Faurie from Oxfordshire with Theodora Livanos’s Dono Di Maggio (chestnut gelding, 13yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Santander H, OLDBG).
Tom Goode from Oxfordshire with Samantha Geddes’ Dior (chestnut stallion, 12yrs, s. Gribaldi ds. Goodtimes, KWPN).
Dan Greenwood from Gloucestershire with Juliet Leighton’s Chevalier-O (bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Lord Leatherdale ds. Negro, KWPN).
Carl Hester from Gloucestershire with Charlotte Dujardin’s En Vogue (brown gelding, 11yrs, s. Jazz, KWPN).
Gareth Hughes from Warwickshire with Rebecca Hughes’ Classic Briolinca (bay mare, 14yrs, s. Trento B ds. Royal Dance, KWPN) and Claudine Kroll’s KK Woodstock (brown gelding, 14yrs, s. Wolkentanz II ds. Landiosa, BAD-Wü).
Elder Klatzko from Somerset with her own Woodlander Little Richard (bay gelding, 19yrs, s. Longchamp ds. Davignon I, BHHS).
Sonnar Murray-Brown from Gloucestershire with his own Erlentanz (brown gelding, 13yrs, s. Latimer ds. Benz, TRAK).
Keith Robertson from Hertfordshire with his own Boheme AF Sulsted (chestnut gelding, 16yrs, s. Bernstein Las Marismas ds. Mar-Ki, DWB).  
Bronte Watson from Hertfordshire with her own Cleverboy (black gelding, 13yrs, s. Vivaldi, KWPN).

CDI3* - Small Tour

Claire Abel from Buckinghamshire with her own Rowan Magic (bay gelding, 16yrs, s. Roh Magic, ds. De Niro)
Jessica Bennett from Gloucestershire with her own JB Dukaat (bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Westenwind, KWPN).
Fiona Brennan from Yorkshire with her own De Angelis (black gelding, 9yrs, s. Decamerone ds. Regazzoni, BHHS).
Lara Butler from Gloucestershire with her own and Anne Hutton’s Amiek C (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Ampere, WESTF).
Kate Cowell from Worcestershire with her own Ray-Ban (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Royal Duruto, OLDBG)
Dylan Deutrom from Berkshire with Sarah Church and William Deans’ San Marco (black gelding, 10yrs, s. Status Quo ds. Gribaldi, OLDBG).
Lara Edwards from Humberside with her own and Laura Milner’s Jazzed Up (black gelding, 11yrs, s. Jazz, KWPN).
Andrew Gould from West Sussex with Terry and Joan Barnett-Knott’s Blue Hors Dexter (black gelding, 13yrs, s. Don Schufro ds. Blue Hors Cavan, DWB) and his own Genie (bay stallion, 9yrs, s. Zhivago, KWPN).
Eilidh Grant from Aberdeenshire with her own Doornroos (bay mare, 12yrs, s. Gribaldi ds. Rheingau, KWPN).
Lindsay Hancock from West Yorkshire and her own Barachiel (black gelding, 14yrs, s. Gribaldi).
Emily Harris from Dorset with Fay Thomas’s Freya FST (chestnut mare, 10yrs, s. Fidertanz, BHHS).
Sarah Higgins from Cheshire with Ellie Barlow’s Elixer (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Delatio ds. Gribaldi, KWPN) and Waldessarini (liver chestnut gelding, 16ys, s. Wolkentanz II, ds. Donnerhall).
Rebecca Hughes from Warwickshire with her own, Gareth Hughes and Julia Hornig’s Goldstrike (chestnut gelding, 9yrs, s. Tango ds. Krack C, KWPN).
Levi Hunt from Herefordshire with his own Frappucino (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Jazz).
Darcas Lever from Cheshire with Nicola Keenan’s Flying Dream II (brown gelding, 9yrs, s. Feedback, WESTF).
Ellie McCarthy from Hampshire with her own Beaulissimo (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Belissimo M, ds. Sandro Hit).
Ben McClumpha from Leicestershire and his own Urban V (grey gelding, 19yrs, s. OO Seven, ds. Havidoff).
Steph Taylor from Hampshire with Ellie McCarthy’s Donna Summer (chestnut gelding, 19yrs, s. Dimaggio ds. Don Primero).
Sarah Turner from Essex with Michele Wyatt’s Eduardo (bay gelding, 15yrs, s. Ehrenpreis ds. Burgfee, WESTF).
Amy Woodhead from Lincolnshire with Emma Blundell’s MSJ Top Secret (bay mare, 9yrs, s. Totilas ds. Dacaprio, HANN).

CDIU25 – Under 25s

Lucy Amy from Jersey with her own Extra Time (brown gelding, 11yrs, s. Goodtimes, AES).
Lewis Carrier from Norfolk with his own Diego V (bay gelding, 12yrs, s. Spielberg, KWPN).
Alexander Harrison from Somerset with his own Diamond Hill (chestnut gelding, 9yrs, s. Don Diamond).
Lucy Pincus from Herefordshire with David Pincus’s Sheepcote Fiesta (bay mare, 14yrs, s. Fürst Heinrich, AES).
Natasha Rumble from Dorset with Elizabeth Rawlingson’s Show Boy 2 (bay gelding, 17yrs, s. Sunnyboy, RHEIN).

CDIY – Young Riders

Caitlin Burgess from Devon with her own Chocotof (brown gelding, 13yrs, s. Lord Leatherdale, KWPN).
Lara Kuropatwa from Wiltshire with Sian Kuropatwa’s For Season (liver chestnut gelding, 10yrs, s. Fifty Cent 2 ds. Voltaire, WESTF).
Juliette Lindsay from Kent with Samantha Thurman-Pickett’s Highcliffe Apollo (bay gelding, 18yrs, s. Der Lenz ds. Laptop, HANN).
Charlotte Lutener from West Yorkshire with her own Full Fusion BS (bay mare, 10yrs, s. Blue Hors Zack, KWPN).
Rebecca Swain from Surrey with her own Bon Jovi (chestnut gelding, 14yrs, s. UB40 ds. Krack C, KWPN).

CDIJ – Juniors

Emily Collings from Berkshire with her own D’Artagnan III (liver chestnut gelding, 16yrs, s. Diamond Hit, OLDBG).
India Keates-Robinson from Leicestershire with Cubea N (light bay gelding, 13yrs, s. Argentius, KWPN).
Lily Laughton from Wiltshire with Alicia Laughton’s Armada Danubio (black gelding, 7yrs, s. Decurio, BRAND).
Isobel Lickley from Staffordshire with Gracia LH (black mare, 9yrs, s. Negro, ds. Don Gregory, KWPN)
Avery Maude from Kent with her own Double Agent (chestnut gelding, 13yrs, d. Donnersohn).
Gemma Owen from Flintshire with her own Sirius Black III (black gelding, 15yrs, s. Stedinger, ds. Rotspon, HANN).
Annabella Pidgley from Berkshire with Sarah Pidgley’s Belafonte (chestnut stallion, 16yrs, s. Belissimo M, ds. Wendekreis, HANN).
Ellie Roberts from Lincolnshire with Kate Williams’ Zante (brown gelding, 16yrs, s.Flemmingh).
Soraya Rogers from Surrey with Dr Deborah Kamal’s Evita I (black mare, 11yrs, s. Jazz, KWPN).
Abigail Taylor from Essex with her own Wind Dance (bay gelding, 19yrs, s. Wolkentanz, DWB).
Beau Williams from West Sussex with Electro SK (bay gelding, 11yrs, s. Johnson, KWPN).

CDIP – Ponies

Beatrice Butterworth from Gloucestershire Sharon Butterworth’s with Carlsson (chestnut gelding, 22yrs, s. Croupier).
Mette Dahl from West Sussex with Fiona Bigwood’s George Clooney BS (grey gelding, 9yrs,  s. Caesar 171).
Sofia Games form Gloucestershire with Katie Oliver Games and Janet Oliver’s Mister Snowman (liver chestnut gelding, 14yrs, s. The Brads My Mobility, ds. Llanarth Most Triton, OLDBG).
Myles Graham with Caron Roberts’ Dresscode Cocktail (dun gelding, 9yrs, s. Top Carlos Cassin) and Harnells Erasmus (dun mare, 10yrs).
Demi Howard-Cartwright from Berkshire with her own Fin C We (liver chestnut gelding, 17yrs, s. Famos, ds. Eiger III).
Gracie Morgan from North Yorkshire with Ella (grey mare, 11yrs, s. Caesar 171).

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