BD Abroad: Le Mans CDI3*, CDI2*, CDIU25, CDIY, CDIJ, CDIP

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 16 Oct 2019 14:31 GMT

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Le Mans CDI3*, CDI2*, CDIU25, CDIY, CDIJ, CDIP in France (17 – 20 October 2019).

CDI3* - Big Tour
Gareth Hughes from Warwickshire with Claudine Kroll’s KK Dominant (dark bay stallion, 10yrs, s. Diamond Hit ds. Rubin Royal, OLDBG).
Louise Bell from Oxfordshire with her own and Tonya Wood’s Into the Blue (bay roan gelding, 13yrs, s. Ublesco ds. Calvaro Z, SHBGB) - pictured.
Emma Hindle from Greater Manchester with her own Diesel 8 (chestnut gelding, 11yrs, s. Vivaldi ds. Havidoff, KWPN).
Willow Kemp from London with her own Dragon Heart (chestnut gelding, 16yrs, s. Dresemann).

CDI2* - Medium Tour
Lisa Marriott from Lancashire with her own Valucio DH Z (bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Va-Vite, ZANG).
Lara Edwards from Humberside with her own Bodyguard Moorland (black stallion, 13ys, s. Gribaldi ds. Negro, KWPN).

CDI2* - Small Tour
Dean Skeates from Wiltshire with Judy Peploe’s Super Blue (bay gelding, 15yrs, s. Show Star ds. Florestan I, WESTF).
Gareth Hughes from Warwickshire with his own and Judy Firmston-Williams’ Sintano Van Hof Olympia (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Sandro Hit ds. Silvano, OLDBG).
Katie Bailey from Gloucestershire with Hannah Dovey’s Eagle Nouvelle (dark bay gelding, 10yrs, s. Singapore, WBS).
Jayne Turney from Buckinghamshire with Shirley Rixon’s Penhaligon’s Jupiter (bay gelding, 9yrs, s. Starnberg, WESTF).
Lara Edwards from Humberside with her own and Laura Milner’s Jazzed Up (black gelding, 10yrs, s. Jazz).

CDIU25 - Under 25s
Ellie McCarthy from Hampshire with Bridget McCarthy’s Belefonte (chestnut gelding, 15yrs, s. Belissimo M ds. Wendekreis, HANN).

CDIY – Young Riders
Angus Corrie-Deane from Wiltshire with his own Tiny Tempur (bay gelding, 14yrs, s. Raikano ds. Leonardo 2, HANN).

CDIJ – Juniors
Jessica McConkey from Oxfordshire with her own Lady Gaga (bay mare, 10yrs, s. Quaterback, ds. Solos Landwind, DWB).

CDIP – Ponies
Annabella Pidgley from Berkshire with Sarah Pidgley’s Cognac IX (palomino gelding, 11yrs, s. FS Chambertin ds. Waldemar).
Betsy Smetham from Kent with her own Amber V (palomino gelding, 9yrs, s. Orchard Limb-Lopper, NWPCS).

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Photo © Adam Fanthorpe