BD Abroad: Wellington CDI3*/CDI1*/CDIU25/CDIY/J/P/Ch-A

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  • Published: Wed, 08 Jun 2022 15:10 GMT

The following horse and rider combinations have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Wellington CDI in Heckfield, Hampshire (09 – 12 June 2022).

Arena letters

CDI3* - Big Tour
Jess Bennett from Bristol, Avon with her own JB Dukaat (bay gelding, 2008, Westenwind, KWPN).

Fiona Bigwood from Haywards Heath, West Sussex with her own and Penny Bigwood’s Hawtins Delicato (dark bay gelding, 2008, Diamond Hit x Regazzoni, BHHS) and Anders Dahl’s Fame (bay stallion, 2010, Bordeaux 28 x Rhodium, KWPN).

Katrina Cantrell from Ascot, Berkshire with Christine Cantrell’s Woodlander Donna Summer (bay mare, 2005, Woodlander Del Amitri, WBS).

Lewis Carrier from Downham Market, Norfolk with his own Diego V (bay gelding, 2008, Spielberg, KWPN).

Richard Davison from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire with his own and Gwendolyn Meyer’s Bubblingh (bay gelding, 2006, Lingh x Picandt, KWPN).

Charlotte Dujardin from Newent, Gloucestershire with Carl Hester and Coral Ingham’s Imhotep (chestnut gelding, 2013, Everdale x Vivaldi, KWPN).

Paul Friday from Warwick, Warwickshire with Sarah Overson's Hawtins Horatio (bay gelding, 2009, Hotline, BHHS).

Andrew Gould from Pulborough, West Sussex with Tatiana Milne-Skillman’s Genie (bay, stallion, 2011, Zhivago x Sandro Hit, KWPN).

Daniel Greenwood from Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire with Juliet Leighton’s Chevalier O (bay gelding, 2007, Lord Leatherdale x Negro, KWPN).

Gareth Hughes from Southam, Warwickshire with Julia Hornig, Rebecca Hughes, Ruby Hughes and his own Classic Briolinca (bay mare, 2006, Trento B x Royal Dance, KWPN) and his own and Judy Firmston-Williams' Sintano Van Hof Olympia (bay gelding, 2010, Sandro Hit x Silvano, OLDBG).

Lisa Marriott from Ormskirk, Lancashire with her own Valucio DH Z (bay gelding 2009, Va-Vite x Bollvorm’s Libero H, ZANG).

Ellie McCarthy from New Milton, Hampshire with her own GB Londero Von Worrenberg (black gelding, 2009, Londontime x Calypso II, CH).

Dannie Morgan from Southampton, Hampshire with his own Southern Cross Braemar (chestnut gelding, 2010, Breitling W, HANN).

Alice Oppenheimer from Alton, Hampshire with Caroline Dibden’s Headmore Difinnity (dun gelding, 2010, Don Primero x World Cup I, BHHS).

Keith Robertson from Radlett, Hertfordshire with his own Boheme Af Sulstead (chestnut gelding, 2004, Bernstein Las Marismas x Mar-Ki, DWB).

Daniel Watson from Ashford, Kent with Barbara Marceau’s Butterfly IV (chestnut mare, 2008, Breitling W x Dimaggio, BHHS).

CDI1* - Small Tour
Elizabeth Allen from Bristol, Somerset with her own Heraldik (bay gelding, 2012, Uphill x Silvano N, KWPN).

Henriette Andersen from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire with her own Zackery (bay gelding, 2011, Blue Hors Zack, AES).

Katherine Bailey from Newent, Gloucestershire with her own Hillgrounds Wolkenhall (brown gelding, 2011, Wolkenderry, AES).

Emma Blundell from Thirsk, North Yorkshire with her own Mount St John VIP (bay mare, 2011, Vivaldi x Donnerhall, OLDBG).

Tyler Bradshaw from Tiverton, Devon with her own Gijsbert (chestnut gelding, 2011, United, KWPN).

Kate Cowell from Malvern, Worcestershire with her own Ray Ban 13 (bay gelding, 2009, Royal Doruto, OLDBG).

Jane Critchley from Uttoxeter, Staffordshire with Allison Croft’s Tantoni Dallaglio (dark bay gelding, 2011, Danone II, OLDBG).

Charlotte Dujardin from Newent, Gloucestershire with Sarah Pidgley’s Hilus MHB (bay gelding, 2012, Johnson x Don Primero, SWB).

Andrew Gould from Pulborough, West Sussex with Amanda Towle-Shaw’s Virtue (chestnut gelding, 2012, Vitalis, WESTF).

David Harvey from Wallingford, Oxfordshire with Judy Peploe’s Rossanna (chestnut mare, 2008, Rubin Royal x Werther, BHHS).

Sarah Higgins from Knutsford, Cheshire with Sarah Rao’s Geniaal (bay stallion, 2011, Vivaldi x Biotop, KWPN).

Gareth Hughes from Southam, Warwickshire with Georgina Wilkinson’s Happiness (bay gelding, 2012, Chippendale, KWPN).

Elder Klatzko from Bath, Avon with her own Dior V (black gelding, 2012, SHBGB).

Sara-Jane Lanning from Alton, Hampshire with Nicola Seale's Hawtins Lirica (chestnut mare, 2014, Lemony's Nicket x Dimaggio, BHHS).

Alice Oppenheimer from Alton, Hampshire with Amanda Radford’s Headmore Dionysus (chestnut gelding, 2011, Dimaggio x Rubinstein, BHHS).

Karen Shepherd from Stockbridge, Hampshire with her own Szibadano (bay gelding, 2009, Sir Donnerhall x Rubinstein, OLDBG).

Dylan Deutrom from Reading, Berkshire with Sarah Church and Willian Deans’ San Marco (black gelding, 2010, Status Quo x Gribaldi, OLDBG).

Chloe Vell from Sandbach, Cheshire with Tracey Vell’s Gredstedgards Stuntman (dark bay gelding, 2009, Stedinger x Lorentin II, DWB).

CDIY - Young Riders
Caitlin Burgess from Berkeley, Gloucestershire with her own Chocotof (brown gelding, 2007, Lord Leatherdale, KWPN).

Maddy Frewin from Bristol with Mark Philpott's Blue Hors Dexter (black gelding, 2007, Don Schufro x Blue Hors Cavan, DWB) and Eagle Nouvelle

Lilah Gibbs from London with her own Dude III (black gelding, 2011, Dancier x Rubinstein, HANN).

Jessica Hickey from Leicester, Leicestershire with her own Ziezo I (chestnut mare, 2004, Tango x Gervantus, KWPN).

Chloe Hill from Chobham, Surrey with Jennifer Bain’s Fort Knoxx (black gelding, 2006, Florencio I x Brentano II, OLDBG).

Scarlett John with Samantha Thurman-Pickett’s Highcliffe Apollo (bay gelding, 2002, Der Lenz x Laptop, HANN).

Jessica McConkey from Watlington, Oxfordhire with her own Wilson Stensvang (black gelding, 2010, Wilkens x Blue Hors Don Schufro, DWB).

Charlotte McDowall from Newent, Gloucestershire with Charlotte Dujardin’s Alive and Kicking (dark bay mare, 2014, All at Once x Fürst Piccolo, WESTF).

Ellie Roberts from Market Rasen, Lincolnshire with her own Zante (bay gelding, 2004, Flemmingh x Jazz, KWPN).

Sophie Taylor from Rugby, Warwickshire with her own Jerrydale (bay gelding, 2014, Everdale, KWPN).

CDIJ - Juniors
India Durman-Mills from Leicester, Leicestershire with Verity Saul’s Escade (bay gelding, 2009, Jazz, KWPN).

Rose Foley from Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway with Lady Mary Hope and Joanna Barry's Corchapin (chestnut gelding, 2007, Negro, KWPN).

Myles Graham from Swindon, Wiltshire with Caroline Bell’s Nibeley Union Hit (dark bay mare, 2007, Nibeley Union Jack x Sandro Hit, AES).

Ruby Hughes from Southam, Warwickshire with Lucy Amy’s Extra Time P (dark bay gelding, 2009, Goodtimes, AES) and Nancy Scott's Bee Gee 8 (bay gelding, 2006, KWPN).

Isobel Lickley from Wolverhampton, Staffordshire with Emma Blundell’s Mount St John Furstin Fugger (dark bay gelding, 2011, Fürst Heinrich x Weltmeyer, WESTF).

Sophie Wallace from Stroud, Gloucestershire with Laura Tomlinson and Ursula Bechtolsheimer’s Rosalie B (black mare, 2006, Rubin Royal x Newcastle, WESTF).

CDIP – Ponies
Beatrice Butterworth from Bristol with Sharon Butterworth’s Non Plus Ultra (black gelding, 2008, Noir de Luxe x Nico the Champ) and Sharon Butterworth’s Carlsson (chestnut gelding, 1998, Croupier).

Sofia Games from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire with Katie Oliver-Games’ Next Black Magic (black gelding, 2008, Nabucco R x FS Pour l’Amour, WESTF) and Janet Oliver and Katie Oliver-Games’ Mister Snowman (liver chestnut gelding, 2006, The Braes My Mobility x Llanarth Most Triton, OLDBG).

Lauren Geraghty from Derby, Derbyshire with her own WS Jackson (chestnut gelding, 2011, Chiskin Jaguar x His Highness, AES).

Fi Grabham from East Grinstead, East Sussex with her own Zothen’s Dance Lady (bay mare, 2011, Nemax x Coelenhage’s Let’s Be The Best).

Myles Graham from Swindon, Wiltshire with Caron Roberts’ Dresscode Cocktail (dun gelding, Top Carlos Cassini, WESTF).

Demi Howard-Cartwright from Ascot, Berkshire with her own Fin C WE (chestnut gelding, 2003, Famos x Eiger III).

Ruby Hughes from Southam, Warwickshire Shirley Rixon’ Hilkens Showgirl (palomino mare, 2013, Dreidimensional x Champion de Luxe, WESTF).

Isla Sully from Glastonbury, Somerset with Cassandra Sully’s Reitland’s Don Totilas (dun gelding, 2007, Diamond x Nixen).

CDICh-A - Children on Horses
Millie Caldecott from Bristol, Gloucestershire with her own Beaurepaire Frodo (bay gelding, 2010, Littledale Bright Star).

Evie Head from Whitchurch, Shropshire with her own Brouwershaven's Leonie (bay mare, 2010, Heidehof’s Don Diego x Vita Nova’s Hanassie).

Natasha MacDonald from Billingshurst, West Sussex with her own Sauvey Golden Condor (chestnut gelding, 2006, Triad Ricochet, WPCS).

Crystal Robinson-Long from Westerham, Kent with her own Evita Ronia (dark bay mare, 2009, Westpoint x Oscar, KWPN).

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