BD Combined Training Championships: Dressage scores make the difference

  • Written By: Helen Triggs
  • Published: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 16:14 GMT

Competitors were on top jumping form at the BD Combined Training Championships (15 - 16 April 2023) at Onley Equestrian Complex in Warwickshire, with dressage scores instrumental in deciding the winners.

Gary Foggon and My Wife

BHS coach Gary Foggon is taking a step away from high-level eventing but his competitive edge isn’t at all diminished. He won a Combined Training Championship title in 2005 and repeated and improved on this success 23 years later.

He and his homebred mare, My Wife, won both the Prelim 80cm Championship and the Novice 90cm Championship. In the Novice, Natalie Woodward and General Custard were relegated to Reserve position by just one mark.

Seven-year-old My Wife (pictured above) is by Sir Shutterfly out of Gary’s 4* event mare Bunnybank JJ and she was second last year in the Prelim 80. “She went the best she’s ever gone,” commented Gary who took her for a tune-up lesson with Carl Hester a few weeks before the show. “She’s quite a nervous mare and slow to get her confidence but she’s a little trooper. It took me 12 months to get on her back but once I got on she was like a little lion. This was only her second-ever novice test.”

“She’s going to be my fun horse and I can pick and choose what I want to do with her. We’ll do a bit of BE 90 eventing this year and hopefully aim at the grassroots championships next year. She’s qualified for the BD regionals at Prelim and I’ll keep training her up the levels.”

Talitha Jordan and Crippsy Bilbo Baggins

Prelim 70cm Champion Talitha Jordan (aged 14) was at her first combined training championship. She has had her over-height Welsh section C Crippsy Bilbo Baggins (pictured above) for a year. The pair are very active with the West Midlands Dressage Group and Ludlow Pony Club.

“This was the biggest class he’s been in,” said Talitha who has had a lot of help from Carole Simpson. “He coped very well with the pressure and he loved the jumping. I really enjoyed the competition so would like to come back next year and do the 80cm.”

Caroline Saunders and TGI AB Indio

Caroline Saunders is ‘clueless’ about the breeding of her Novice 1m Champion, TGI AB Indio (pictured above) who she bought nine years ago as a four-year-old from Ireland. “Lenny has fitted in very well to family life, including round me having babies. He’s done a bit of everything – unaffiliated evening, dressage and showjumping. He’s very sweet – the world’s best friend and is very gentle with my little girl.

“He tried his socks off for me and did as good a test as he’s ever done. I was second to go and it was hard to gauge how well we’d do. We did the 90cm class as well and the jumping courses flowed very well and rode nicely.”

Caroline trains ‘Lenny’ herself with help from her mum and her husband, keeping him on a DIY livery yard with her daughter’s pony. She works part-time as a teaching assistant and also teaches riding at Pony Club and to children.

Karen Richardson and Riversdale Geronimo

Elementary 90cm Champion Karen Richardson took the Championship at her fourth attempt and was a clear winner from Reserve Champion Sarah Holmes (Doona Veeragh Duluxe). She bought Connemara Riversdale Geronimo (by Village Canal Beau) - pictured above - as an unbroken five-year-old and has backed and produced him herself.

Karen originally focused on eventing but after a bad fall from another horse decided to concentrate more on dressage and showjumping. In 2021 the pair were sixth in the Medium Bronze at the Winter Area Festival Championships.

“I was so determined!” said Karen who works full-time as an industrial chemist and is Chair of the Worcester and District Riding Club. “He’s older now and a bit more settled. This year everything just fell into place. Alina Ingham has helped us a lot over the years.”

Victoria Gregg and Langson Governor

The last champion of the show was Elementary 1m winner, Victoria Gregg and her 18hh giant Langson Governor (Caduc x Hamilton III) - pictured above. “He was bred by my best friend and I bought him when he was four,” explained Victoria who has had a lot of success in the Area Festival competitions with him. Recently she has been more focused on eventing and uses the combined training classes over the winter to keep him tuned up. “In my opinion it’s the best winter series.” Victoria was a winner of this class in 2019 with another horse.

“He’s such a gentle giant. I’m 5’ 4” and size 6 – I don’t think he knows I’m there!” commented Victoria who is a BHS accredited coach. “These bigger horses take so long to mature and consistency has been a struggle. In the last nine months something has clicked.”

Victoria will aim Governor at the Corinthian Cup at Gatcombe this year and hopes to do a couple of 2* runs. “He’s my horse of a lifetime. We’ll grow old and wrinkly together!”

The titles were fiercely contested and there were some very close results where every dressage mark or second in the showjumping counted. Congratulations to all the competitors and to the judges, stewards, course builders, volunteers and organisers who made it such a great event.

Results - top ten
Preliminary 2 and 70 cm (dressage, showjumping, total%)
1. Talitha Jordan and Crippsy Bilbo Baggins, 78.7%, 0, 78.70%
2. Alison Jones and Maesmynch Velvet, 76.72%, 0, 76.72%
3. Grace Smith and Mochaccino, 75.17%, 0, 75.17%
4. Zanna Saville and All Look At Me, 74.13%, 0, 74.13%
5. Debbie Martin and Ladykillers Little John, 73.44%, 0, 73.44%
6. Hayley Dolbey and Pendancer Mickey Bricks, 73.96%, 5, 72.24%
7. Chloe Davis and Ballinaguilkey Joey Go, 72.06%, 0, 72.06%
8. Helen White and PS I’m Jack, 71.72%, 0, 71.72%
9. Stella Bunn and Evron, 71.72%, 0, 71.72%
10. Sally-Anne Hicks and Kyron Hill, 72.93%, 4, 71.55%

Preliminary 18 and 80cm (dressage, showjumping, total%)
1. Gary Foggon and My Wife, 74.61%, 0, 74.61%
2. Kirsty Davies and Easter Sparrow, 73.65%, 0, 73.65%
3. Tanya Viol and Kennystown Master, 71.92%, 0, 71.92%
4. Looby Marsden and Essentially Small Change, 71.53%, 0, 71.53%
5. Christine Parry and Galway Breeze, 71.34%, 0, 71.34%
6. Shona Leckie and What’s the Craic, 70.00%, 0, 70.00%
7. Lydia Holmes and Murray, 69.61%, 0, 69.61%
8. Laura Fowler and Cherokee, 69.03%, 0, 69.03%
9. Sarah Wall and Deio, 68.46%, 0, 68.46%
10. Bethan May Greaves and Libris Prince Hall, 68.26%, 0, 68.26%

Novice 24 and 90cm (dressage, showjumping, total%)
1. Gary Foggon and My Wife, 73.04%, 0, 73.04%
2. Natalie Woodward and General Custard, 72.6%, 0, 72.6%
3. Ruth Widdowson and Autopilot, 72.38%, 0, 72.38%
4. Susan Bill and Flamenco Princess, 72.39%. 0, 72.39%
5. Sarah Holmes and Billy The Kid, 71.95%, 0, 71.95%
6. Chloe Dunn and Towerhill Shamie, 71.73%, 0, 71.73%
7. Sonya Fitch-Peyton and King Bunowen Castle Ali, 70.43%, 0, 70.43%
8. Jill Holt and Tiger Roll, 70.00%, 0, 70.00%
9. Sally Billing and CCL Dignified Dolly, 69.34%, 0, 69.34%
10. Charlotte Bailey and Bruckey Boy, 70.86%, 4, 69.13%

Novice 34 and 1m (dressage, showjumping, total%)
1. Caroline Saunders and TGI AB Indio, 73.57%, 0, 73.57%
2. Chloe Dunn and Towerhill Shamie, 72.14% 0, 72.14%
3. Poppy Burner and Uncle Desmond, 71.90%, 0, 71.90%
4. Eleanor Crosbie and Golden Quantum, 69.76%, 0, 69.76%
5. Lucy Mills and Chaconda Blue, 71.19%, 4, 69.28%
6. Sarah Holmes and Lily Marlenie, 69.05%, 0, 69.05%
7. Laura Askew and Balouboy, 68.57%, 0, 68.57%
8. Melanie Nagele and I Know It, 67.85%, 0, 67.85%
9. Trudy Johnson and Kohinor, 67.61%, 0, 67.61%
10. Charlotte Hordle and JKS Top Gun, 66.90%, 0, 66.90%

Elementary 42 x 90cm (dressage, showjumping, total%)
1. Karen Richardson and Riversdale Geronimo, 72.50%, 0, 72.50%
2. Sarah Holmes and Doona Veeragh Duluxe, 70.00%, 0, 70.00%
3. Victoria Gregg and Langson Governor, 70.00%, 0, 70.00%
4. Georgie Rockingham and September Song, 69.84%, 0, 69.84%
5. Caroline Toman and Pandora, 69.06%, 0, 69.06%
6. Bethan May Greaves and Attyrory Roadrunner, 68.59%, 0, 68.59%
7. Caroline Saunders and TGI AB Indio, 68.13%, 0, 68.13%
8. Heather Urquart and Crafty Wizard, 68.12%. 0. 68.12%
9. Ingrid Dziedzic and Mister Bee Brown, 67.34%, 0, 67.34%
10. Sarah Holmes and Billy The Kid, 67.18%, 0, 67.18%

Elementary 50 and 1m (dressage, showjumping, total%)
1. Victoria Gregg and Langson Governor, 71.98%, 0, 71.98%
2. Harriet Ford and According To Archie, 71.79%, 0, 71.79%
3. Lindsey Cheffing and Colby, 71.25%, 0, 71.25%
4. Georgie Rockingham and September Song, 70.89%, 0, 70.89%
5. Trudy Johnson and Catch Me If Ucan, 68.09%, 0, 68.09%
6. Amelia Fogden and Descara MW, 68.03%, 0, 68.03%
7. Poppy Burner and Uncle Desmond, 67.68%, 0, 67.68%
8. Sarah Holmes and PJV Fleur, 66.96%, 0, 66.96%
9. Eleanor Crosbie and Golden Quantum, 66.79%, 0, 66.79%
10. Karen Richardson and Riverdales Geronimo, 66.61%, 0, 66.61%


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