BD International: British Young Riders triumph in Le Mans

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Sun, 16 Apr 2023 09:53

The Young Riders, Juniors and Pony riders representing Great Britain enjoyed a fantastic two days of competition in the CDIO Youth Nations Cup at Le Mans CDIOY/J/P in France (13 – 16 April 2023). The Young Rider team secured a win, the Juniors took the silver medal position, and our Pony riders delivered promising results to finish just outside of the podium.

The Young Rider team of Annabella Pidgley with Sarah Pidgley’s Espe, Jessica McConkey with her own Lady Gaga, Ruby Hughes with Kate Lister’s World Exclusive, and India Durman-Mills with Verity Saul’s Escade secured a decisive British win at the popular French venue.

Fending off an impressive challenge from Denmark, the quartet (pictured with Chef d'Equipe Nina Boex) kept the Le Mans CDIOY title, won by Great Britain in 2022, safely in British hands. Annabella, Jessie, Ruby and India all performed brilliantly in first, third, seventh and twelfth place respectively to seal a resounding victory.

The British Junior team also went great guns to take second place in the CDIOJ competition. Francesca Cawley with her own Bon Ton, Emma Howson with her own Junky XL, Sophia Marston with Kim Murray and Seonaidh O’Neill’s E-mail and Isla Sully with Cassandra Sully’s Vagabond de Massa each showed much promise for the rest of the season.

This close-fought Junior Nations Cup proved to be a tight tussle, with the Belgian team stepping ahead of the British total by less than half of a percent, and the host nation hot on the Brits’ heels in third. Isla Sully finished inside the top three individuals, with Sophia Marston fourth, Emma Howson ninth and Francesca Cawley twelfth.

Competing on Thursday, the British Pony team of Sofia Games with Katie Oliver-Games’ Steendieks Cadillac, Ella Glennon with Debbie Glennon’s Amden Supreme Golden Dancer, Abigail Gray with George Clooney B.S, and Isla Sully with Cassandra Sully’s Reitland’s Don Totilas performed skilfully to finish just out of reach of the podium.

Judy Harvey, International Director for British Dressage, commented; “We are absolutely thrilled and delighted with our U21s this weekend in Le Mans. There was a mixture of experienced ‘old hands’ and ‘rookies’ attending, a fantastic opportunity to share ringcraft and experience in an international atmosphere.

“Congratulations to Performance Manager Caroline Bell, Chef d’Equipe Nina Boex, Trainers Clive Halsall and Peter Storr and all the support staff. Keep up the good work riders, parents and your wonderful equine partners - this is a great start to the 2023 season.”

1. Great Britain - 215.236
Ruby Hughes and World Exclusive, 69.118%
India Durman-Mills and Escade, 67.088%
Jessica McConkey and Lady Gaga, 71.971%
Annabella Pidgley and Espe, 74.147%

2. Denmark – 212.617
Margeretha Rosenkilde and Tiger G, 69.294%
Johanne Amby Ubbesen and Moegelvang Ferrari, 67.118%
Pernille Korsgaard Madsen and Napoli TH, 73.882%
Lea Andreassen Torabi and Jivago de Massa, 69.441%

3. Belgium – 204.471
Louise Brauwers and Jervaux de Baian, 65.147%
Athaline Van Roey and Fugranda C, 68.530%
Michiel Nevelsteen and Lars van het Kristoffelhof, 67.029%
Jette De Jong and Indini, 68.912%

1. Belgium – 207.546
Ine Blommaert and Joy Forever, 68.303%
Aude Verheecke and Frapant, 68.152%
Anna Peeters and Harlekin, 71.091%
Clara Collard and Escape, 67.485%

2. Great Britain – 207.151
Francesca Cawley and Bon Ton, 65.758%
Sophia Marston and E-mail, 68.848%
Emma Howson and Junky XL, 67.424%
Isla Sully and Vagabond de Massa, 70.879%

3. France – 206.576
Anna Dupuy Pelardy and Jarina des Vallees, 71.394%
Maud Hebras and Senorita Rosa, 65.818%
Lou Eden Commenge and Legend Dancarino, 66.485%
Innes De Koninck and Feuerdorn VB, 68.697%

1. Denmark – 213.543
Rikke Maria Schoubye Johansen and Lykkesholms Cyperb, 71.200%
Andrea Hamann Sand and Golden Spring GH, 70.600%
Emilie Hansen and Bossa Nova Bitsch, 71.743%
Sofia Rosenkilde and DSP Cosmo Royale, 70.172%

2. Sweden – 211.000
Ellen Jakobsson and Jacobs Very Bright, 63.571%
Wilma Bornhager and Tackmann’s Hochgenuss, 69.400%
Wilma Holmgren and Casino Royale K WE, 71.657%
Ronja Kardos and Nice One, 69.943%

3. Belgium – 210.457
Helena Theeuwes and Caspar W, 68.743%
Elisabeth Leduc and Campsterhoven’s Baldato, 68.400%
Anna Peeters and Balotelli, 68.200%
Liezel Everars and FS Capelli de Niro, 73.314%

4. Great Britain – 207.657
Ella Glennon and Amden Supreme Golden Dancer, 67.114%
Abigail Gray and George Clooney B.S, 70.200%
Isla Sully and Reitland’s Don Totilas, 66.914%
Sofia Games and Steendieks Cadillac, 70.343%


Pictured left to right: Jessica McConkey, India Durman-Mills, Ruby Hughes and Annabella Pidgley.

Photo © Les Garennes

CDIO (individual results) and CDI report to follow.