BD International: Wellington CDI3*/CDI1*/CDIU25/CDIY/CDIJ/CDIP/CDICh-A

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 31 May 2023 09:05 GMT

The following horse and rider combinations have been selected to represent Great Britain next week at Wellington CDI3*/CDI1*/CDIU25/CDIY/CDIJ/CDIP/CDICh-A, hosted by Wellington Riding in Heckfield, Hampshire (08 – 11 June 2023).

H Letter Arena

CDI3* Big Tour
Lucy Amy based in Marshton, Wiltshire (from Jersey, Channel Islands) with her own Rudy (bay gelding, 2009, HOLST).

Louise Bell from Banbury, Oxfordshire with her own and Tonya Wood, John & Alison Walton and William Wood’s Into the Blue (bay roan gelding, 2006, Ublesco x Calvaro Z, SHBGB).

Fiona Bigwood from Haywards Heath, West Sussex with her own Daytona Platinum (brown gelding, 2011, Dante Weltino x Charon, OLDBG).

Lara Butler from Cirencester, Gloucestershire with Laura Tomlinson and Ursula Bechtolsheimer’s Kristjan (dark bay gelding, 2005, Polarion x Napoleon Quatre, OLDBG).

Charlotte Dujardin from Newent, Gloucestershire with Carl Hester and Coral Ingham’s Imhotep (chestnut gelding, 2013, Everdale x Vivaldi, KWPN).

Paul Friday from Warwick, Warwickshire with Sarah Overson's Hawtins Horatio (bay gelding, 2009, Hotline, BHHS).

Tom Goode from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire with Samantha Geddes’ Dior (chestnut stallion, 2008, Gribaldi x Goodtimes, KWPN).

Eilidh Grant from Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire with Lorraine Grant’s Eranda Retto (bay gelding, 2009, KWPN).

Alexander Harrison from Bristol, Avon with Mount St John Equestrian LLP’s MSJ Top Secret (dark bay mare, 2011, Totilas x Dacaprio, HANN).

Carl Hester based in Newent, Gloucestershire (from Sark, The Channel Islands) with his own and Sandra Biddlecombe, Charlotte Dujardin and Lady Anne Evans’ En Vogue (dark bay gelding, 2009, Jazz x Contango, KWPN) and Fiona Bigwood, Penny Bigwood, Mette Dahl and Anders Dahl’s Fame (bay stallion, 2010, Bordeaux 28 x Rhodium, KWPN).

Gareth Hughes from Southam, Warwickshire with his own and Julia Hornig, Rebecca Hughes and Ruby Hughes’ Classic Briolinca (bay mare, 2006, Trento B x Royal Dance, KWPN).

Ellie McCarthy from New Milton, Hampshire with her own and Spencer and Bridget McCarthy’s Brave Heart (bay gelding, 2014, Bordeaux x Tuschinski, OLDBG).

Sarah Millis from Horsham, West Sussex with her own Impressive VDC (chestnut gelding, 2013, Charmeur x Krack C, KWPN).

Becky Moody from Sheffield, South Yorkshire with her own Jagerbomb (bay gelding, 2014, Dante Weltino x Jazz, KWPN).

Alice Oppenheimer from Alton, Hampshire with Amanda Radford’s Headmore Dionysus (chestnut gelding, 2011, Dimaggio x Rubinstein, BHHS).

Annabella Pidgley from Windsor, Berkshire with Sarah Pidgley’s Vamos Amigos (bay gelding, 2012, Vitalis x Hotline, WESTF).

Kimberley Siddorn from Thatcham, Berkshire with Samantha Dyer’s Dutch Class (chestnut gelding, 2008, Jazz x Tin Rocco, KWPN).

Robyn Smith from Glasgow with her own Francesco 77 (black stallion, 2008, Florencio I x Sandro Hit, OLDBG).

Laura Tomlinson from Cirencester, Gloucestershire with her own and Ursula Bechtolsheimer’s Fallatijn (chestnut gelding, 2010, Vivaldi x Cabochon, KWPN) and her own and Ursula Bechtolsheimer’s DSP Rose of Bavaria (black mare, 2010, Bordeaux x Florestan I, DSP (BAVAR)).

Richard White from Horsham, West Sussex with his own and Lynda Cameron’s Herói do Seixo (bay stallion, 2012, Rubi AR x Jalisco PC, LUSIT).

CDI1* Small Tour
Ottilie Bardsley from Alderley Edge, Cheshire with Sharon Bardsley’s Hawtins Soave (bay mare, 2011, Sir Donnerhall x Belissimo M, BHHS).

Nikki Barker from Newmarket, Suffolk with her own and Rebecca Harrow’s Dan Icarus (bay gelding, 2013, Durable x Negro, WBS).

Tyler Bradshaw from Tiverton, Devon with her own Gijsbert (chestnut gelding, 2011, United, KWPN).

Fiona Brennan from Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire with Adele Rawlinson and Lucy Cliff’s Gestion (chestnut gelding, 2011, UB40, KWPN).

Ros Collins from Bracknell, Berkshire with Hassa Mohammed’s Filligran (bay gelding, 2013, Fürstenball OLD x Hoftanz, DWB).

Angus Corrie-Deane based in Riel, the Netherlands (from Salisbury, Wiltshire) with his own Don Darius (black gelding, 2014, Don Index x Stedinger, HANN).

Charlotte Dujardin from Newent, Gloucestershire with Carl Hester and Peter Belshaw’s Times Kismet (bay mare, 2015, Ampere x Lord Leatherdale, KWPN).

Rebecca Edwards from Reading, Berkshire with her own Dita Von Teese (brown mare, 2012, Dimaggio x Conteur, BHHS) and her own Laerke Stensvang (dark bay mare, 2012, Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Don Schufro, DWB).

Paul Friday from Warwick, Warwickshire with Sarah Brener’s Darwin (grey gelding, 2012, Dancier x His Highness 2, HANN).

Alexander Harrison from Bristol, Avon with his own Kickback (bay gelding, 2015, Galaxie x Florencio, AES).

Sarah Higgins from Knutsford, Cheshire with Sarah Rao’s Geniaal (bay gelding, 2011, Vivaldi x Biotop, KWPN)

Sara-Jane Lanning from Alton, Hampshire with Nicola Seale's Hawtins Lirica (chestnut mare, 2014, Lemony's Nicket x Dimaggio, BHHS).

Charlotte Lutener from Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire with her own AB Barroco (bay gelding, 2010, Belissimo M, WESTF).

Becky Moody from Sheffield, South Yorkshire with David Webster, Patricia Webster and Jo Cooper’s Jack Diamond (bay gelding, 2014, Electron x Diamond Hit, KWPN) and Jo Cooper’s James Bond (dark bay stallion, 2014, Desperado x Fidertanz).

Olivia Oakeley from Southampton, Hampshire with Caroline Bell’s Full House 11 (chestnut gelding, 2012, Florencio x Falkland, HANN) and her own Rock Diva (dark bay mare, 2013, Rock Forever, HANN).

Sarah Stewart from Stroud, Gloucestershire with her own Djoe Dimaggio (chestnut gelding, 2014, Dimaggio x Weltmeyer, OLDBG).

Sally Walker from Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire with her own Wilton (bay gelding, 2007, Jelmar).

Angus Corrie-Deane based in Riel, the Netherlands (from Salisbury, Wiltshire) with his own Jack Johnson 2 (bay gelding, 2013, Johnson x Scandic, HANN).

Mette Dahl from Haywards Heath, West Sussex with Fiona Bigwood’s Sir Donato (bay gelding, 2005, Sir Donnerhall, OLDBG).

Ruth Hole from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk with Rachel Murray’s Easy VZ (dark bay gelding, 2009, Maestro x Rhodium, KWPN).

Anna Jesty from Wimborne, Dorset with her own Commodore Platinum (chestnut gelding, 2014, BHHS).

CDIY Young Riders
Claudia Davis from Loughton, Essex with her own Fergus RT (black gelding, 2010, Uphill, KWPN).

India Durman-Mills from Leicester, Leicestershire with Verity Saul’s Escade (bay gelding, 2009, Jazz, KWPN).

Maddy Frewin from Malvern, Worcestershire with Mark Philpott's Blue Hors Dexter (black gelding, 2007, Don Schufro x Blue Hors Cavan, DWB).

Lilah Gibbs from London with her own Dude III (black gelding, 2011, Dancier x Rubinstein, HANN) and Anika Gibbs' Zenith (chestnut gelding, 2004, Painted Black x Saros XX, KWPN).

Jessica Hickey from Leicester, Leicestershire with her own Eagle Nouvelle (bay gelding, 2009, Singapore, WBS).

Ruby Hughes from Southam, Warwickshire with Kate Lister’s World Exclusive (chestnut gelding, 2006, World of Dreams x Rohdiamant, WBS).

Lily Laughton from Chippenham, Wiltshire with Alicia Laughton's Skovborgs Romadinov (chestnut gelding, 2006, DWB).

Jessica McConkey from Watlington, Oxfordshire with her own Lady Gaga (bay mare, 2009, Quaterback x Solos Landwind, DWB) and her own Wilson Stensvang (dark bay gelding, 2010, Wilkens x Blue Hors Don Schufro, DWB).

Annabella Pidgley from Windsor, Berkshire with Sarah Pidgley’s Espe (bay mare, 2014, Escolar x Dimaggio, WESTF).

CDIJ Juniors
Isabella Caldwell from Knutsford, Cheshire with Alex Hua Tian, Pip Higgins, Pam Dews and Sarah Higgins’ Don Geniro (chestnut gelding, 2007, Don Kennedy x Giorgione, BHHS).

Francesca Cawley from Cardiff, South Glamorgan with her own Bon Ton (chestnut gelding, 2010, Belissimo M, HANN).

Mette Dahl from Haywards Heath, West Sussex with Fiona Bigwood’s Caporal de Massa (grey stallion, 2012, Rieto x Xaquiro, LUSIT).

Megan Field from Shipston-on-Stour, Warwickshire with her own Bright Time (chestnut gelding, 2007, Breitling W, OLDBG).

Morgan Haerr from Conwy, Clwyd with her own Floran (bay gelding, 2006, Florestant).

Ruby Hughes with Gareth and Rebecca Hughes and Julia Hornig’s Goldstrike L.E (chestnut gelding, 2011, Tango x Krack C, KWPN).

Sophie Hunt from Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire with Jane Rymell’s Riesenstern (brown gelding, 2005, Rubin Star N).

Sophia Marston from Coventry, West Midlands with Kim Murray and Seonaidh O’Neill’s E-mail (bay gelding, 2009, Jazz, KWPN).

Gracie Morgan from Bedale, North Yorkshire with Anne-Marie Cowan’s First Pitch (bay gelding, 2011, First Selection).

Isla Sully from Glastonbury, Somerset with Cassandra Sully’s Vagabond de Massa (bay gelding, 2009, Rieto x Xaquiro, LUSIT).

Sophie Wallace from Stroud, Gloucestershire with Ursula Bechtolsheimer and Laura Tomlinson’s First Light (grey gelding, 2016, Fürstenball, OLDBG).

CDIP Ponies
Daisy Bullman from Ely, Cambridgeshire with her own and Eleanor Darling and Andrew Constable’s Godrics Dionysus (bay stallion, 2016, Danger 36 x Donnerwetter).

Sofia Games from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire with Janet Oliver and Katie Oliver-Games’ Steendieks Cadillac (chestnut gelding, 2011, FS Chambertin, HOLST) and Lauren Geraghty’s WS Jackson (chestnut gelding, 2011, Chiskin Jaguar x His Highness, AES).

Ella Glennon from Tavistock, Devon with Debbie Glennon’s Amden Supreme Golden Dancer (palomino gelding, 2016, Dating AT x Scampi, DRP).

Fi Grabham from East Grinstead, East Sussex with Shirley Rixon’s Hilkens Showgirl (palomino mare, 2013, Dreidimensional x Champion De Luxe, WESTF)

Abigail Gray from Banchory, Aberdeenshire with her own George Clooney B.S (grey gelding, 2011, Caesar 171 x Santano, KWPN). 

Evie Head from Whitchurch, Shropshire with her own Brouwershaven's Leonie (bay mare, 2010, Heidehof’s Don Diego x Vita Nova’s Hanassie).

Demi Howard-Cartwright from Ascot, Berkshire with her own Fin C WE (chestnut gelding, 2003, Famos x Eiger III).

Fleur Pocock from Whitchurch, Shropshire with her own Brouwershaven’s Jasper (bay gelding, 2012, Valerio x Vita Nova’s Hanassie).

Isla Sully from Glastonbury, Somerset with Cassandra Sully’s Reitland’s Don Totilas (dun gelding, 2007, Diamond x Nixen).

CDICh-A Children on Horses
Ella-Grace Dovey from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire with Hannah Dovey's Ode to Shannon (dark bay mare, 2008, Washington Postman).

Violet Hawkins from Brackley, Northamptonshire with Alex Hawkins’ DZL Royal Sunrise (chestnut gelding, 2011, Domingos Golden Surprise x Brockwell Prince Charming, WPCS).

Mimi Kempster from Oswestry, Shropshire with Rachael Sinden-Kempster’s Che Bello (bay gelding, 2010, FS Champion de Lux x Dressman I).

Darcey Blaze Marcus from Godalming, Surrey with Hiedi Marcus’s Tackmann’s Dark Deluxe (dun gelding, 2015, D-Day AT x Dornik B).

Izabel Worthington from Clwyd, Denbighshire with Clare Worthington’s Machno Gabrielle (black mare, 2010, WPCS).



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