BEF Statement on Regumate

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 10:01 GMT

In September 2018, the British Horseracing Authority issued a notice advising trainers to be cautious when using products containing altrenogest, which is the active ingredient in Regumate. This advice was issued as a result of reports from an Australian laboratory detailing that trace levels of an anabolic steroid had been detected in products containing altrenogest.

The use of Regumate in mares has been permitted under FEI regulations for a number of years and altrenogest is not on the Equine Prohibited Substances List. The use of Regumate in mares is, therefore, not currently prohibited.

The BEF has sought clarification from the FEI and the advice received is that it remains permissible to use oral Regumate in mares in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions, until such time as the FEI confirms that this policy should change.

However, please note that any injectable altrenogest products should not be used.