BEF update: Zilpaterol contamination in equine feedstuffs

  • Written By: British Equestrian
  • Published: Wed, 21 Oct 2020 16:15

British Equestrian has been made aware that several feed companies who distribute in the United Kingdom may have products contaminated with the banned substance Zilpaterol, which was in a shipment of molasses used in the manufacturing process.

A number of companies are in direct contact with their known clients to advise on the situation and provide any advice and instruction they can.

As a banned substance, Zilpaterol, may be detected in samples taken from horses competing under FEI discipline member body rules, where the FEI and/or BEF anti-doping rules will apply, and subsequent penalties could be imposed in the case of any positive samples.

Riders of horses who are liable to be tested, and have not been contacted by their feed manufacturer already, should contact them immediately for any update the manufacturer may be able to offer on the status of their products.

The BEF is in constant contact with the FEI for further guidance.