British Dressage launches videos of new tests

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 22 Jan 2024 16:01 GMT

Following last months’ announcement of the revised test structure, which will be live from 1 July 2024, British Dressage is pleased to announce that videos of each test are now available to members.


As an exclusive benefit, all BD members with a paid subscription will be able to view videos of the BD tests from Introductory to Advanced level for free; this is in addition to unlimited access to the PDF test sheets until 31 May 2024. The videos present the tests from a viewing position of the judge at C, with additional commentary of each movement description to combine audio and visual learning.

It’s our goal to make the transition to the new tests as smooth as possible and all members will be able to benefit from seeing the tests in action, displayed by a variety of horse and rider combinations. The videos will also provide a great tool for judges and officials, to help develop a better understanding of the revised directives and patterns.

There’s ample time to learn and practice the new tests which come into operation later this year, from 1 July 2024, in readiness for qualification at the start of the new winter season. The first championships that will see the new tests in use will be the Winter Regionals and Winter Area Festivals in January and February 2025, followed by the NAF Five Star Winter Championships in April 2025.

In preparation for those key dates, we’re also providing plenty of other opportunities for members to get expert advice on the new tests.  From next month, test riding clinics will be hosted in all six regions, which will provide an ideal opportunity to get expert, professional advice on riding the new tests, in a relaxed, no-pressure environment, before taking to the competition arena.  Regional test riding is available to book via BD online, with the first clinics taking place from 10 February.  Visit your regional page on the BD website to find out more.

The Principles of Dressage Seminar, taking place at Moulton College on 23 – 24 March, will present a fascinating programme, which will also focus on the new test structure and changes. FEI 5* judges Peter Storr and Andrew Gardner will host the event, joined by rider and coach Michael Eilberg, to capture an all-round perspective on what is required to create harmonious and successful test riding and training. 

Key dates – countdown to launch

1 December 2023 – New tests available on-line for members

19 January 2024 – Video versions of the test available, including commentary

10 February 2024 – First test riding clinics hosted in each of the six BD regions

23 & 24 March 2024 – Principles of Dressage Seminar at Moulton College

1 April 2024 – Diagrammatic versions of the new tests available to purchase

31 May 2024 – last date for free member access to new tests

1 June 2024 – new test structure goes live for the winter qualification season

How to access the tests and videos

To view the test videos and PDFs, please log in as usual to the BD website using your BD online details. This is the email address and password that you normally use to access the BD member portal – simply click on the button below where you will be taken to the login page. 


The full range of tests are also available on the BD Test Pro app, in partnership with LionDog, which provides a digital platform for members to learn tests in a variety of formats using their mobile device.

If you’re looking for further support in understanding the test changes, we’ve produced a Member FAQ document to cover key areas and queries you may have. Please take the time to read this document, along with the Annexes from page 242 in the 2024 BD Members’ Handbook, which cover the complete rule changes on tests, uses, qualifications and judge dispensation.