Breeds on show at Bury Farm

  • Written By: British Dressage | Ellie Mayner
  • Published: Mon, 30 Oct 2023 16:20 GMT

Bury Farm hosted the first of the 2023 Cavago Associated Championships between 13 –15 October. The variation of breeds and types featured Native Ponies, Arabs, Traditional Gypsy Cobs and Draughts, plus part-bred and side saddle contenders.

Native Pony Prelim Gold A Angela Collins And Thistledown.I.See.Fire

The buzzing atmosphere was one to be enjoyed, with all the competitors enthusiastic about competing against their fellow breeds and taking up the opportunity to demonstrate that all horses can take part in British Dressage.  

British Native Championships 

The busiest classes of the championships were the British Native breed classes, with the most popular being the Novice Championship, which Natasha Macdonald and Sauvey Golden Condor were crowned overall champions with an incredible score of 72.22%.

The highly contested Novice class of 49 participants also saw Sophie Lawson and Ilanarth Magestic win the Silver section with a score of 71.02% and Hollie-Ann Head and Farino Poppy win the Bronze section on a score of 67.04%. Hollie-Ann shared her experience at the championships on her Facebook page, “Poppy excelled all my expectations, and we won the British Native Novice Bronze on a cracking score of 67.04%! If that wasn’t enough, we finished 8th overall out of a huge class of lovely natives.” 

Hollie-Ann and the 18-year-old mare, Poppy, also placed third in the British Native Preliminary Bronze, “Poppy absolutely loved her go in the prize giving and this pony deserved it so much. She tried her absolute heart out for me, I couldn’t love her anymore if I tried.” Leaving Bury Farm with, “lots of lovely comments, some memories to last a lifetime and a very tired pony and rider.” 

The Preliminary class was split into two due to the popularity of the entries, the British Native Breeds provided a diverse showcase of British Dressage. Angela Collins and Thistledown I. See. Fire (pictured above), won the overall Preliminary Championship title in Arena A with the highest score of the entire championships, 73.28%. 

Everley Sinfield Day and Benmore’s Pot Luck (Blue Smoke x Benmore Betty x Glencarrig Prince), won the Preliminary Championship in Arena B with a really impressive score of 72.85%. Everley who competed in the Bronze section at only 10-years-old produced the highest score overall of 36 combinations, riding the striking dapped grey Connemara who impressed the judges at his first championship competition.  

Part Bred Native Pony Preliminary Silver Emily Cross And Moorfarm Lightning Mcqueen

Pictured: Part-Bred British Native Preliminary Silver winners, Emily Cross and Moorfarm Lighting McQueen

Part-Bred British Native Championship

The Part-Bred British Native classes showcased some incredibly talented and extremely flashy combinations over the course of the championships. Victoria Bradford and Kenniford Flash Dancer won their section and overall in the Elementary with a score of 66.62%. Victoria spoke to us about her journey to the Associated Championships, “we used our qualification scores from the Area Festivals in hope of coming to the Associated Championships, I have practiced parts of the test day in and day out. We have had a bit of a journey the last month, watching the result section come through, but he pulled it off!”

Overjoyed with collecting the title sash today Victoria says, “we never thought we would win overall, it's amazing.” Explaining her choice for competing in the Associated Championships she said, “it means he is not up against breeds that are not like him, that move very differently because he is true to type.”  

Bury Farm was buzzing with excitement, “everyone is so friendly, this is probably the best atmosphere we have had all summer, everyone is chatty and helpful.” The excitement and enthusiasm of being at the championships creates a great experience for those competing, “a lady let me borrow a wheelbarrow this morning, I gave another lady some hayledge.” Despite competing against one another there is always a sense of comradery. 

After their success at Elementary Victoria and Kenniford Flash Dancer (Casino Royale K x Dyffryntywi Elle AP Dafydd) are looking forwards to Medium, “I have to master the sitting trot and relaxation!” The 12-year-old Welsh part-bred really showed his potential and is ready to step up to the next level. 

Part Bred Native Pony Medium Bronze Katherine Morris And Gurrane Captain Sparrow

Katherine Morris and Gurrane Captain Sparrow (pictured above) won the Part-Bred British Native Medium Bronze and became overall champions with an incredible score of 68.45%. Jessica Thomas and Osian Peredur won the gold section and came third overall with a score of 64.84%, and repeated their success in the Advanced Medium Silver, winning their section and placing third overall with a score of 60.81%. The friendly faced 14.2hh Osian Peredur (Pedr Hardi x Winnie Pencarreg x Hywel DDA) showed just what the part-bred Native ponies are capable of at his first championship.

Jessica spoke to us about what it means to be able to have the opportunity to compete against horses and ponies that are similar to Osian Peredur, “it can be quite daunting sometimes when you go out and compete against the big fancy horses that are really flashy, it was so nice to see how he faired against others like him.” As well as the chance to compete against the same breeds the Associated Championships, “has made me feel so at home and at ease.”

Encouraging other riders to get involved Jessica reflects on her journey, “it’s been such a great experience, not scary at all and loads of fun for me and him. I would 100% do it again next year.”  The combination also won their section in the Part-Bred Draught Horse Medium Gold with an impressive score of 65.60%.  

GBPRE Medium Gold Charlotte Dicker And Ameranto D Centurion

Pictured: GBPRE Medium Gold winners, Charlotte Dicker and Ameranto D Centurion

GBPRE Championships 

Tania Grantham took to her social media to express her emotion post being crowned the GBPRE Prix St Georges Gold Champion; she rode the stunning Seni Ilustrisimo III to a score of 63.97% winning their section. Despite the challenging weather Seni Ilustrisimo III (Seni Indio x Ilustrisima) put in a performance that impressed the judges, “the test was by no means perfect but we went in there and Igloo really tired for me.”  

Tania was impressed with the behavior of the 17hh black 12-year-old, “I’m very proud of how he coped and adapted in the less than ideal circumstances” regarding the weather. Stepping up from the Medium and Advanced Medium classes that the combination competed in at last years Associated Championships, Igloo used all of his experience to tackle the tricky weather. “What a way to end our season!”

Rose Foley and Duque L, were crowned the overall GBPRE Prix St Georges Champion, winning the Silver section and gaining the highest overall score of 66.84%. Duque L (Sendero II x Duqueesa LXXX) owned by Harry Payne, showed his class and experience at 20-years-old, to be top of the leader board in the PSG Class. Competed by Rose Foley only since April of this year, the combination took centre stage at Bury Farm, also impressing the judges in the GBPRE Advanced Medium class winning the Silver section with a score of 68.97%. 

Rose wrote on her Facebook page of her experience at the Associated Championships, “thank you Duque L, giving me such a great feeling in both” and after achieving two new personal best scores Rose said it was “a day to remember.”

Tracey Nelson also shared on her Facebook page how “proud” she is of Zafiro J, who won the GBPRE Elementary Gold and became the overall champions with an amazing score of 70.15%. “He is such a beautiful boy inside and out” Tracey states. Zafiro J (Andarin Rosa x Luna CCIII x Sevillano XLI) and Tracey having had success at affiliated competition as a combination since May 2021, winning both their Prelim and Novice sections at the Associated Championships hosted by Vale View in 2022, now continuing that success at Elementary level and placing in impressive second place in the Medium Gold and finishing third overall.  

Part Bred GBPRE Medium Bronze Gwen Davies And Campeon

Pictured: Part-Bred GBPRE Medium Bronze winners, Gwen Davies and Campeon

Part-Bred GBPRE Championships

The Part-Bred GBPRE Elementary championships was a closely fought competition, Emma Thomas and Daenerys Guerrera took the top spot winning the Gold section and achieving the overall highest score of the class, 66.99%. Closely followed by Gillian Hasberry and St Flannans Aguila who won the Bronze section by receiving 65.15% from the judges. Winners of the Silver section were Claire Griffiths and Brookhouse Rioja, with a score of 64.34%.   

Emma spoke to us about how their test felt on the day, “my test was on the Friday during the rather gusty winds, Daenerys coped fantastically. She showed some lovely work and really tried for me, our rein back wasn’t the best we can do, and one of medium canters was a bit tame, but there’s always room for improvement isn’t there?”

The experience was one to remember, “the atomsphere was brilliant, we loved that everyone got to do a mounted prize giving with lots of music and pizzaz! The photographers were fabulous making sure everyone got their moment. I also really enjoyed seeing lots of different types of horses all together going well and showing the qualities of lots of different breeds that can do dressage, and do it well.”  

Emma shared with us her journey with Daenerys Guerrera (Tietse x Hierba Mora x Ebano XVII), “I have had the ride on Daenerys since March of 2022, she came to our yard for some schooling training as a five year old, for her own Sheila Kabkui, but she didn’t go home.” Starting their BD journey at the end of last year at Prelim level, “this year she has surpassed all my expectations, qualifying for Summer Regionals at Novice and winning her Associated Championship at Elementary.”  

The stunning black mare has already made her Medium debut, achieving some amazing 70% scores, as well as qualifying for Winter Regionals at that level, “I’m so over the moon with her and her attitude, I’m very grateful to her own Sheila for the ride.” Currently taking a competition break, over the winter Emma plans to start working on movements such as flying changes, looking forwards to a great future ahead, “so far she has been a dream to ride and rain, obviously it’s easy to get carried away, I would love to make it to PSG and beyond. But one step at a time, we will see where we go on our journey together and make sure we enjoy the ride.”

Lusitano Elementary Gold Ali Dane And Lidador

Lusitano Championships

The Lusitano horses are always eye catching between the white boards and those on display at Bury Farm didn't disappoint. Ali Dane riding Lidador (pictured above) won the Lusitano Elementary Gold and received the highest overall score with a great 71.48%. Describing her experience on her Facebook page, Ali shares she had, “two utterly wonderful days with my very own little unicorn at the British Dressage Associated Championships.” 

Lidador (Baluarte Da Broa x Esplendida x Iberico) took the title at his first championship event, “all the comments across the two days were consistent from all the judges, which is a testament to how good the judging was in my classes.” Ali gushes over her partnership with the grey gelding, “Roops is turning into such an incredible team mate. I always knew he had the talent, but whether or not he’d allow me to help him with his anxiety was something that only time and experience would tell. I’m so pleased he trusts me enough to try so hard, I’m honored to have such a wonderful little creature as my dancing partner.” 

Jamie Richardson and Olympus GB won the Lusitano Preliminary Bronze and received the overall highest score of 66.55%. Jamie spoke on their test highlights, “I was pleased with my test overall, there were lots of good bits and a few not so good bits, but we can learn from them.”

Olympus GB (Don Soberano MT x XAMA) is showing great potential at only 5-years-old, “Olly was backed last year and slowly brought on, we started competing in April.” Based with Justine Armitage, who bred the grey gelding and trains the combination, also owns Olly’s sire Don Soberano MT. 

After an 8-hour roundtrip to the championships Jamie didn’t come away disappointed, “it was a great atmosphere, all the staff and the other competitors were lovely, despite the awful weather everyone just got on with it.” The whole day wasn’t plain sailing, “the busy arena walk didn’t agree with him, but we survived! The prize giving was good fun, and we got our first sash!

There is plenty to look forward to in the future, Jamie and Olly were heading to France to compete in the young horse classes, “my aim this season was to get round a few intro tests and move up into Prelim and we have managed a bit more than that! He’s young and this is all new to me so I’m over the moon with our progress. I would like to move up to Novice next year, but I’m not quite finished with the Prelim just yet, I would like to get more consistent scores at this level.”  

Part Bred Lusitano Preliminary Gold Zoe Jones And KEH Grand Chaos

Part-Bred Lusitano Championship

The Part-Bred Lusitano Championships were also hosted at Bury Farm, with three new title winners crowned. Zoe Jones and KEH Grand Chaos (pictured above) won the Gold section and received the highest overall score in the Preliminary with an amazing 71.47%, and then went on to also win the Silver section and also get the highest overall score of 62.32% in the Novice. The young equine talent KEH Grand Chaos, or Tayo as he is known at home, is only 6-years-old and is already showcasing his talent in a electric championship atmosphere.

Zoe informed us the bay gelding, “is a homebred from my friends Lusitano mare, with a pony Warmblood stallion, Grand Design. I have his full sister who is 8-years old and my 10-year-old daughter does pony club and horseback archery on her.” Zoe believed that Tayo would benefit from a big show experience like the Associated Championships, “he is the softest boy and has taken a lot of time to learn and settle.”

The indoor arena was a little overwhelming, “he didn’t get an arena walk for the Novice test and it was all a little bit much with the people in the canteen and the judges at a table, so the score was really not true to how he can go.” The prize giving was another good experience for Tayo to see the indoor arena, “he loved the prize giving but I think I did even more.”

Following a first day of learning Tayo was on top form for his Prelim class, “the second day we had an arena walk and it was Prelim so we had to do a better job. He was cracking, producing a 71.47%, I felt we deserved to be in the prize giving that time and who doesn’t want a photo with all those beautiful rosettes and sashes.” 

“The whole show was a delight everyone was so friendly, I met lots of people with lots of stories. Over the winter I am going to work on his concentration, strengthening his canter and come out for a few more Novice tests, but definitely heading to Elementary for Spring. I would highly recommend this show and the venue to anyone, roll on next year.” 

Demi Davis and the wonderful gelding Easy Does It, won the Silver section in the Part-Bred Lusitano Elementary Championships with the overall highest score of the class, 67.94%. Demi spoke to us about how she felt her test went, “I felt that his test wasn’t entirely his best but I was just aiming for a safe clear round. He kept his cool and did everything I asked of him.” 

Even having an early class time Demi still felt the fizzing atmosphere of the championships, “it was incredible, everyone was extremely encouraging before and as well as after my test.” Easy Does It (Tudor x Wilshi-Won'tshi), or Teddy to his friends, learnt from the experience of last years Associated Championships, “sadly it didn’t quite go to plan with us being eliminated after he found some scary monsters in the indoor arena at Vale View Equestrian, hence why we wanted to just have a safe clear round this year.” 

The 14-year-old chestnut, “has been feeling extremely well leading up to the championships, with a good positive attitude, he is now currently enjoying a month off and then we will be cracking on with some training over the winter ready for next year.” Demi aims to move up the levels with him in the future and continue to grow their partnership together.  

Arab Horse Preliminary Bronze Amanda Miller And TM Gwendolyn

Pictured: Arab Horse Preliminary Bronze winners, Amanda Miller and TM Gwendolyn

Arab Horse Championships

Amanda Miller and TM Gwendolyn were crowned the overall champions of the Arab Horse Preliminary championship, winning the bronze section with a great score of 70.00%. This is the combinations first year competing BD Amanda told us, "I normally show Dolly in ridden Arab classes and have placed 3rd at HOYS." Amanda's trainer Ali Berman encouraged her to give BD a go, "I particularly wanted to do the to Arab associated class, because of my love for the breed and some of my friends were competing." Talking about her experience on the big day, "it was a great day, an extremely friendly atmosphere. Dolly was a little excited in the warm up when I first entered the indoor arena, but thank goodness then settled and was not phased by the spooky surroundings. She gave me a lovely test."

Looby Marsden continued her run of form following her recent success at the Petplan Equine Area Festival Championships, by winning the gold section, with a score of 68.28%. This time riding the talented Rainbow Dream, owned by Carol Legg. Only starting their BD journey together early this year, Rainbow Dream (Benamer x Dantes Dream x Dantist) coped well with the championship atmosphere, Looby took to social media to express what a “fantastic” weekend she had at Bury Farm. “Rainbow coped incredibly well in a spooky arena and thoroughly enjoyed showing off in her lap of honour.” 

Despite “arriving late Friday night in torrential rain” the weather turned around and “dried up into a lovely sunny weekend” perfect for rainbows as the partnership also placed second in the silver section and second overall for their Novice test, with a score of 68.80%. 

Jo Fenton and Kashan Maheer Ibn Montroze, grabbed double success with a highest overall score of 65.78% in the Arab Horse Medium and another overall highest score of 67.57% in the Elementary. Jo reflected on her winning tests, feeling they went “really well” and “he is becoming more and more consistent the more shows we do. He tries really hard and the work we are doing at home is definitely paying off.” 

The incredibly early start at 2.30am on Friday did not hamper the two of them at all, “it was defiantly worth it, as we won both our classes.” Jo’s enjoyment for dressage shows in the hard work put in to achieve these results, “I really enjoyed qualifying for the championships as I enjoy the local BD shows as well as the bigger shows.” Although the weather wasn’t on our side, “the show had a lovely atmosphere at the championships, all the stewards were really welcoming and helpful. Everything ran very smoothly from start to finish.” 

Kashan Maheer Ibn Montroze (Platignum Flame x Fehda Sadika) who is now 8-years old has been owned by Jo for 6 years, “I backed him myself with a very small amount of experience. He has taught me everything I know and now we are practicing PSG movements at home.” Next year the combination hope to move up to PSG level but most importantly the goal is to “have fun and enjoy the training process.”  

Part Bred Arab Preliminary Gold Kirstie Harris And Absolutely Dapper

Part-Bred Arab Horse Championships

There were some impressive scores in the Part-Bred Arab Preliminary classes, Gwen Howells and Esmak Zidan won the bronze section with a great score of 67.67%, while Mary Maud and Kemberton Lady Chamsin won the silver section with another amazing score of 68.79%. But the highest overall score of the class was awarded to Kirstie Harris and Absolutely Dapper (picture above), who competed in the gold section, receiving 70.86% from the judges. 

Kirstie and Absolutely Dapper continued to stand out in front of the judges in the Part-Bred Arab Novice class, winning the silver section and receiving the overall highest score of 69.77%. Kirstie spoke to us about what winning two championships titles means to her, “I think I’m still in a bit of shock! I knew that we rode a good test in both classes but to win both is just mind blowing I remember shouting to Mum across the lorry park we had won the Novice and everyone walking by congratulating us! Such an amazing feeling.”

Absolutely Dapper, who’s stable name is Alfie, isn’t known for being the bravest horse, “to be honest I was relived to make it around the Novice in one piece!” Not previously ever competing at Bury Farm, the indoor arena may have been very daunting for Alfie, nevertheless, “he listened and did a fluent test without too many mistakes.” The 10-year-old bay gelding continued to impress despite being a little tired in his Prelim test, “I felt we could have had a bit more of the wow factor but again he really listened to me and tried his absolute heart out.” 

Only starting their BD journey together this year, “I think our partnership really shone through. I’m so proud of him.” Kirstie previously competed on another horse in 2018 but the Associated Championships was a new experience for both of them, after seeing the series advertised online, “I thought it would be a great thing to aim for and I am so please we did. The atmosphere was fantastic, everyone was so friendly and genuinely pleased for each other during prize giving and presentations. The whole show had such a wonderful feel about it.”

The preparation leading up the championships really helped the combination succeed on the day, “I’ve had lots of training with Lorna Fraser, Ali Cookson and Andy Murphy and I just love it. The more training I have the more hooked I become and the more I want to learn.” The weekend before competition the pair spent at “dressage camp” with Ali and Andy and then continued the training with test riding at home with Lorna, which “proved invaluable because Alfie isn’t the most straightforward of horses, he can get anxious, so it’s helpful to have so many different tools when I need them and my trainers have such a wonderful, kind approach so our confidence and partnership has really grown.”

Kirstie brought Absolutely Dapper (Whiteleaze Dominio x Medici Princess) directly from his breeders John and Vicki Keen in 2020, “I showed him in 2021 and 2022 successfully as a large hack, qualifying for HOYS both years.” But this year they decided to turn a hoof to dressage, “I went to a Charles De Kunffy lecture last October and it completely changed how I thought about everything, I am just hooked on dressage now. Alfie has also loved it, it was definitely the right move for us both.” Alfie has shown he is willing to give everything a go, “he enjoys his hacking, doing poles and we started a bit of jumping this year too.” 

Draught Horse Preliminary Bronze Ruby Walker And Moylough Cruz

Draught Horse Championships

Georgina Steele and Samjen Charlie won the Draught Horse Preliminary Silver with a score of 68.79%, which further placed them overall runner up. Gorden as he is known at home “sprinkled his magic” at the Associated Championships and gave Georgina “the most incredible ride.” The towering 17hh gelding (Mountain Diamond x The Young Lady) improved on his eigth place at last year's Associated Championships event. 

Georgina stated on social media how “G was super in the warmup, soft and forward. I tried hard to practice keeping him up in the poll and his hind leg underneath him in the transitions and let him out for a few free walk diagonals too.” Some of the highlights of his test included, “he was nicely connected between my leg and hand and he trit-trotted down the centre line in his usual jolly manner.” 

Impressed with the young 7-year-olds performance, Georgina believes the judges must have noticed the hard work and preparation the pair had put in during the run up to the championships, “we finished on a whopping 68.79%. This got us 2nd overall and 1st in our section which bagged us a spot in the mounted prize-giving with a beautiful ribbon and sash! I was pleased as punch, what a super end to our dressage season!” Georgina also took the time to thank her support team, including her trainer Ali Berman, who has been an “utterly wonderful coach.”

Ruby Walker and Moylough Cruz (pictured above), took home the overall title in the Draught Horse Preliminary class, with a brilliant score of 71.81% at the combinations first Associated Championships. With previous experience competing in the My Quest series, Ruby and Moylough Cruz (Cappa Cassanova x Moylough Cindy) made a good impression on the judges, which saw receive the highest score of any Draught horse at the championships, across all levels. 

Part Bred Draught Preliminary Bronze Nicola Stapleton And Leherys Lad

Pictured: Part-Bred Draught Horse Preliminary Bronze winners, Nicola Stapleton and Leherys Lad

 Part-Bred Draught Horse Championships

There was impressive dressage on display in the Part-Bred Draught Horse classes, with Katie Branley and Buntino becoming the reserve overall champion in the Elementary with a score of 67.72%. The 14-year-old gelding showed his class in the Elementary Silver to finish second in their section and second overall as well as a great round in the Medium Silver to take the win in their section with 65.00%. Katie tells us why she chose to compete in the Associated Championships series, “he is a part-bred Irish Draught and it is a really friendly championships, perfect to get a championship feel at a nice venue.” 

Buntino (Caretino Glory x Paprika) left Bury Farm with two sashes and a championship title, ‘he’s been very good, he won the Part-Bred Draught Medium Silver, so I was really pleased with him, and we came second in the Elementary this morning, so it’s been a really good day.” Having collected their qualifying scores at Bury Farm itself the venue was very familiar to the pair. 

Katie describes her favourite parts of competing in the Associated Championships, “what's really fun is there are so many different breeds here. With him being a part-bred Draught it is easy to get lost in a sea of Warmbloods sometimes, so it is so lovely to have BD celebrate the diversity within the sport, and we get to see all the different breed types showcased.”

Mariana Broucher and Hagrid II snatched the overall title in the Elementary, winning their section and having the overall highest score of 67.87%. Hagrid II (Glenside master Tom) really stood out to the judges, the striking 9-year-old is part-bred Clydesdale and showcases the markings and personality traits of one of the most recognizable horse breeds in the world today. 

The combinations first time at the Associated Championships was a great success, Mariana tells us she loves competing the gelding “against his own” everyone has been ‘really nice and really friendly, everyone is smiling.” Highlighting the fact that Hagrid overcame his “stage fright” and did “a great job.” Mariana’s message for anyone who wants to give the championships a go to “just do it, it is so much fun.”  

Side Saddle Medium Bronze Danielle Whitlock And Gralyns Darcey

Side Saddle Championships

It is not only the amazing diversity of the breeds we celebrate at the Associated Championships, but also our side saddle competitors. Four new champions were crowned over the three days at Bury Farm. Katie Ockendon-Evans and Kingsleypark Peal won the Novice Bronze with a score of 67.22%, only 0.19% from the highest overall score of the class, which was a 67.41% achieved by Sarah-Jane Enston and Flash Victador who competed in the Novice Silver section. 

In the Elementary class Danielle Whitlock and Gralyns Darcey (pictured above) became the overall champions, winning on a superb score of 68.82%. The combination continued their success, dancing their way to the championship title in their Medium Bronze class, on an improved score of 69.40%. Danielle spoke to us about how much it means to her winning two championships titles, “I still can’t believe it, I only picked up my side saddle early this year after a 3-year break. I am so proud of Darcey for winning both classes.”

Gralyns Darcey (Amadeus Normar x Frederiksstens Vibe) is “one of a kind, I love the Knabbstrupper breed because they are so versatile. Darcey can turn her hoof to anything, from hacking to dressage to leading one of my children out on a pony, to babysitting the babies. She really is something special, she is such a loving horse with a wonderful attitude to her life and her work.”

After seeing the Associated Championships advertised Danielle thought it was time to take part, “it was such a lovely show, so much support from everyone and it was such a lovely friendly venue.” Reflecting on her two title winning tests, “my first test Darcey felt a little distracted, she hasn’t been to Bury Farm before, so we did have two miscommunications, for her second test she felt more comfortable in the arena and settled straight away. I loved how the test just flowed from start to finish.”

Although this has been a highlight of 2023 for Danielle, the journey to this point has not been easy, “I sadly lost my friend suddenly at the end of March and it’s really made my outlook on life change. It’s always been on my bucket list to go out BD in my side saddle, so this gave me a real kick up the bum to go out and tick those boxes this year.” Danielle and the 11-year-old mare shone Infront of the judges, not knowing what to expect competing side saddle, “the judges have been so lovely, I couldn’t believe the scores I have achieved, we were 5th at the regionals in Elementary, we then got a wild card to go to the LeMieux National Championships. I also went out to the Area Festivals at Medium and we were 3rd, all in my side saddle.”

The journey for this pairing is not over yet, “it has been such an amazing journey and I wouldn’t have wanted to of done it with anyone but Darcey, we are like an old married couple.” Looking towards the future, “our goal is to compete PSG side saddle, the next thing is I would love to have a go at an Advanced Medium.”  

TGCA Intro Bronze

Traditional Gypsy Cob (TGCA) Championships

The top scorer of all of our Traditional Gypsy Cobs competing across all levels was the lovely Miss Amelia Rose, ridden by Joanne Woodward (pictured above) to an incredible score of 73.70% in the Intro Bronze. Joanne spoke to us about how she felt about receiving the highest TGCA score of the championship, “we were so very proud of her, Millie (Miss Amelia Rose) loved going in the indoor Arena for the prize with all her amazing Sashes and Rosettes. The atmosphere was great, she was the smallest in there at 13hh, it was really emotional.” 

Reflecting back on her test, “on the day Millie went beautifully, we were so pleased with her, both judges gave her great scores.” The 13-year-old Piebald mare, strutted her stuff at Bromyard Equestrian to gain her qualification scores, “the support from them was great.”

Millie, owned by Mrs Sandra Allison, has found previous success in the show ring, “her previous owners brought her from a trekking centre in Wales, with Millie never having shown before they decided to have a try. Qualifying her 3 times for the Royal International and in 2019 gaining third place.” Now turning her hoof to both showing and dressage with Joanne this year, “Millie was 4th in the Horse of the Year Show qualifier at The Chaps Championships as well as qualifying for the Associated Championships.”  

Joanne explains her reason for choosing the Associated Championships, “we thought that it’s a fabulous idea that she would be competing against other Traditional Gypsy cobs like herself.” In the future they plan to continuing to work at Prelim level, which the pair also qualified and competed at the championships, finishing second in the Bronze section and 4th overall, "rounding off a fabulous championships for Millie.”  

The Traditional Gypsy Cob Elementary Championships was tight at the top of the leader board, with Natalie Brougham and Abbotswood Avatar winning the Bronze section and placing second overall with a score of 64.93%. Kathryn Oldfield and Lionheart xanthius of phthia won the Gold section and became the overall champions with a score of 65.88%, less than one percent between the two competitors.  

Part Bred TGCA Preliminary Silver Ishta Taylor And Koda

Part-Bred TGCA Championship

Catherine and Bradwell Dun Deal, 66.91% took the crown in the Part-Bred TGCA Elementary, winning the Silver section and becoming the overall champion with a great score of, 66.91%. Catherine emphasized how grateful she is for the TGCA Breed Association, "it’s societies like this one that have helped provide recognition for horses like Rolo and the opportunities to compete in these types of events.” Although Catherine shared to her Facebook page that Rolo is “not your usual dressage horse” the Associated Championships has shone a light on his talent, also placing second in the Part-Bred TGCA Medium Bronze.  

Alys Matravers and Tiger Mazati, won the Part-Bred TGCA Medium Bronze section and became overall champions with an impressive score of 68.53%. The 13-year-old homebred Tiger Mazati (Tiger Tim x Aragorns Finally), who is referred to as “Maz” at home, already had great success at Moreton Equestrian Area Festival this year, winning the Medium Bronze Freestyle, now adding another beautiful sash to the collection. 

Ishta Taylor and Koda (pictured above), took home two titles in both the Novice and the Preliminary. Scoring an impressive 70.09% in the Preliminary Silver and a 66.76% in the Novice Bronze. Ishta describes the skewbald gelding as her “horse of a lifetime” talking about their journey together, “he has gone from a gangly 5-year-old who couldn’t walk in a straight line, he’s risen to be a total dressage diva. We only joined BD last year after looking for something to do as the ground was too hard to jump, but we have instantly found a love for dressage.”

2023 has been a great year for the combination, “being guided and coached by some wonderful friends, we have achieved so much in our first year. Qualifying for the Winter Petplan Area Festivals and receiving a wild card to go to the Petplan Winter Championships, which was beyond our wildest dreams.” This was only the beginning, “summer led us to even more Area Festivals, competing in our first Regional show and proudly representing Norfolk in the Inter County Challenge, where our team came 4th. This year has been topped off by attending the BD Associated Championships.”

Koda excelled with the opportunity to compete against his own breed, “I had absolutely no expectations for our Novice class, we came here to have a chance to compete on a fairer playing field of our own types and we weren’t disappointed.” The weather worked in the 9-year-olds favour, “Koda struggled during the summer with the heat but the chill in the air at Bury Farm really fired him up and he gave his all to put us in the top position with a long time to wait until the class ended.” With success the day before Ishta put pressure on herself to do well in the Preliminary class, “Koda reveled in the atmosphere of the indoor arena having done his lap of honor in there the day before, this gave him the pep he needed to add that little bit more energy to our test.”  

Ishta’s experience at the championships will be remembered for a long time, “the whole day was so exciting, continually checking the scores with huge celebrations when we saw the result!” One of their many highlights was seeing the diversity of breeds on show, “there were so many coloured cob types everywhere, it was so lovely to see.” 

Taking the time to thank her support team, “all of this wouldn’t have been possible without my wonderful South and East BD coach, Teresa Edmonds, who was awarded BD coach of the year award. There is no I in team and team Koda has so many wonderful supporters for which I am truly grateful for.” 

Congratulations to all of this year's winners and competitors who once again have made the championships a great success The atmosphere created by everyone who is there always makes the Associated Championships one not to miss, as well as the organisation and friendly welcoming from Anne and everyone at Bury Farm. A special thank you to our judges, stewards and volunteers and of course to the generous sponsor Cavago.  

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Prix St Georges Silver Leonie Brown and Wishaw Lord Nelson, 64.63% (Champion)  
Advanced Medium Bronze Michaela Collins and Brachie Bronnie Doodles, 66.69%  
Advanced Medium Silver Gracie Catling and Dalyhill Rocker, 69.78% (Champion)  
Advanced Medium Gold Melanie Phillips and Iouar Elizabeth, 64,93%  
Medium Bronze Eleri Cadreman and Bryndolfor Aderyn Du, 63.97%  
Medium Silver Susan Bullock and Glasson Lad, 69.40% (Champion)  
Medium Gold Melanie Phillips and Iouar Elizabeth, 65.43%  
Elementary Bronze Hannah Wyatt and Menai Sparking Delight, 68.31%  
Elementary Silver Margaret Jones and Deufor Spellbound, 70.88% (Champion)  
Elementary Gold Emily Watts and Peasedown Loxley, 68.90%   
Novice Bronze Hollie-Ann Head and Farino Poppy, 67.04%   
Novice Silver Sophie Lawson and Ilanarth Magestic, 71.02%  
Novice Gold Natasha Macdonald and Sauvey Golden Condor, 72.22% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze A Charlotte Babb and Northcottage Champ, 71.90%  
Preliminary Silver A Ben Grose and Crocadon Desert Star, 70.52%  
Preliminary Gold A Angela Collins and Thistledown I. See. Fire, 73.28% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze B Everley Sinfield Day and Benmore’s Pot Luck, 72,85% (Champion)  
Preliminary Silver B Georgie Hadaway and Roo Tower, 69.57%  
Preliminary Gold B Gemma Haworth and Cynheidrefawr Kirby, 70.17%  
Intro Bronze Edward Collis and Eglwysfach Blodwen, 70.22% (Champion)  
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Prix St Georges Silver Susan Bullock and Lynwood Crofter, 60.00% (Champion) 
Advanced Medium Bronze Kate Oppenheimer and SOSO Sealpoint, 67.28% (Champion)
Advanced Medium Silver Jessica Thomas and Osian Peredur, 60.81%  
Medium Bronze Katherine Morris and Gurrane Captain Sparrow, 68.45% (Champion)  
Medium Silver Helen Taylor and Boogie Knight, 68.02%  
Medium Gold Jessica Thomas and Osian Peredur, 64.84%  
Elementary Bronze Vicotria Bradford and Kenniford Flash Dancer, 66.62% (Champion)   
Elementary Silver Amy Cox and Pretty Picture, 65.47%  
Novice Bronze Louise Clark and Boo Diddley, 68.33% (Champion)  
Novice Silver Naomi Shotbolt and Blackbourn Boudica, 67.13%  
Preliminary Bronze Sharon Moksfield and Waterbank Valkyrie, 62.50%  
Preliminary Silver Emily Cross and Moorfarm Lighting McQueen, 68.45% (Champion)  
Preliminary Gold Lesley Mcnaughton-Wells and Roandale Saxon, 67.76%  
Intro Bronze Sapphire Sloan and Glynebourne Eleri, 61.52% (Champion)  
sponsored by Cavago
Prix St Georges Silver Rose Foley and Duque L, 66.84% (Champion)  
Prix St Georges Gold Tania Grantham and Seni Ilustrisimo III, 63.97%  
Advanced Medium Silver Rose Foley and Duque L, 68.97%  
Advanced Medium Gold Charlotte Dicker and Ameranto D Centurion, 70.81% (Champion)
Medium Bronze Zade Shakeshaft and Entendido LIX, 62.41%  
Medium Silver Chyna Savage and Marismeno, 67.50%  
Medium Gold Charlotte Dicker and Ameranto D Centurion, 71.55% (Champion)  
Elementary Bronze Roshan Karkhairan and Naco JMG, 63.53%  
Elementary Silver Zade Shakeshaft and Entendido LIX, 66.40%  
Elementary Gold Tracey Nelson and Zafiro J, 70.15% (Champion)  
Novice Bronze Claire Osbourne and Ariel ZAR, 65.00%  
Novice Silver Elizabeth King and Peluso XVII, 66.76%  
Novice Gold Kirsten Mayne and Habano GR, 70.09% (Champion)   
Preliminary Bronze Tracy Potter and Faradn CCCLXXXIII, 65.60%  
Preliminary Silver Rozzy Prior and Jotero XVII La Yedra, 66.98%  
Preliminary Gold Kirsty Farren and Zorzal DN, 71.03% (Champion)  
sponsored by Cavago  
Advanced Medium Bronze Poppy Field and Grovewood Tiara, 63.75% (Champion)  
Advanced Medium Silver Lucy Hanby and Lomond Jepito, 59.78%  
Medium Bronze Gwen Davies and Campeon, 67.41% (Champion)  
Medium Silver Poppy Field and Grovewood Tiara, 65.00%  
Elementary Bronze Gillian Hasberry and St Flannans Aguila, 65.15%  
Elementary Silver Claire Griffiths and Brookhouse Rioja, 64.34%  
Elementary Gold Emma Thomas and Daenerys Guerrera, 66.99% (Champion)

sponsored by Cavago  
Prix St Georges Bronze Emma Hayes and Feitor Do Penedo, 62.87% (Champion)  
Prix St Georges Silver Lynne Macleod and Lexus QQ, 59.41%  
Prix St Georges Gold Justine Armitage and Invasor, 58.09%  
Advanced Medium Bronze Emma Hayes and Feitor Do Penedo, 62.94% (Champion)  
Medium Silver Okke Krol and Nirvana A, 68.45% (Champion)  
Medium Gold Justine Armitage and Luar Tramagueira, 66.38%  
Elementary Bronze Ann Coller and Zircao Songhurst, 65.59%  
Elementary Silver Okke Krol and Nirvana A, 69.49%  
Elementary Gold Ali Dane and Lidador, 71.69% (Champion)  
Novice Silver Anne Jones and Niquel Del Drac, 68.43%  
Novice Gold Ali Dane and Lidador, 71.48% (Champion)   
Preliminary Bronze Jamie Richardson and Olympus GB, 66.55% (Champion)  
Preliminary Gold Debbie Bond and Mito, 55.69% 

sponsored by Cavago  
Elementary Silver Demi Davis and Easy Does It, 67.94% (Champion)  
Novice Silver Zoe Jones and KEH Grand Chaos, 62.32% (Champion)  
Preliminary Gold Zoe Jones and KEH Grand Chaos, 71.47% (Champion) 

sponsored by Cavago  
Medium Bronze Jo Fenton and Kashan Maheer Ibn Montroze, 65.78% (Champion)  
Medium Silver Natalie Tindall and PS Aurora Silk, 53.45%  
Elementary Bronze Adam Montebello and Obsession II, 67.57%   
Elementary Silver Jo Fenton and Kashan Maheer Ibn Montroze, 67.57% (Champion)  
Novice Bronze Sarah Jane Hannaford, Izzy’s Star, 67.59%  
Novice Silver Adam Montebello and CS Lelisha, 69.07% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze Amanda Miller and TM Gwendolyn, 70.00% (Champion)  
Preliminary Silver Claire Conway and LVA Winters Rascal, 65.26%  
Preliminary Gold Looby Marsden and Rainbow Dream, 68.28% 

sponsored by Cavago  
Medium Bronze Rachel Smith and Elmdale Eduardo, 67.16% (Champion)   
Medium Silver Victoria Ayling and Lawbrook Mia Fantazy, 64.57%  
Elementary Bronze Pauline Taylor and Trixie Belden, 61.91%  
Elementary Silver Rachel Onions and Bathley Hills Mystery Man, 66.91% (Champion)  
Novice Bronze Laura Browne and Romanno Spotless, 66.20%  
Novice Silver Kirstie Harris and Absolutely Dapper, 69.44% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze Gwen Howells and Esmak Zidan, 67.67%  
Preliminary Silver Mary Maud and Kemberton Lady Chamsin, 68.79%  
Preliminary Gold Kirstie Harris and Absolutely Dapper, 70.86% (Champion) 

sponsored by Cavago  
Medium Bronze Nicola Shuttleworth and Snowman, 68.10%  
Medium Silver James Mister and Graigueaverno Forester, 70.35%  
Medium Gold Chris Hammond and Pembroke Foxtrot, 71.64% (Champion)  
Elementary Bronze Kirsty Withnall and Knockaderry Hero, 66.32%  
Elementary Silver James Mister and Graigueaverne Forester, 69.56% (Champion)  
Novice Bronze Kimberley Ainsworth and Diamonds in the rough XVI, 66.76%  
Novice Silver Tom Fray and Ballystorm Bouncer, 68.98% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze Ruby Walker and Moylough Cruz, 71.81% (Champion) 
Preliminary Silver Georgina Steele and Samjen Charlie, 68.79% 
Preliminary Gold Sandra Joyes and June’s Delight, 66.90% 
Intro Bronze Angela Symonds and Simmons, 68.15% (Champion) 

sponsored by Cavago  
Medium Bronze Patricia Smith and Helios, 67.07% (Champion)  
Medium Silver Katie Branley and Buntino, 65.00%  
Medium Gold Jessica Thomas and Osian Peredur, 65.60%  
Elementary Bronze Anna Hickling and Kaspier Lad, 66.91%  
Elementary Silver Mariana Broucher and Hagrid II, 67.87% (Champion)  
Novice Bronze Nicola Stapleton and Leherys Lad, 68.98%  
Novice Silver Mariana Broucher and Hagrid II, 69.63% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze Nicola Stapleton and Leherys Lad, 70.86% (Champion) 
Preliminary Silver Jane Salmon and Cwmdovey MWG, 68.10% 
Preliminary Gold Nadine Murray and Mister T, 68.19% 
Intro Bronze Poppy Read and Royal Macalla, 64.13% (Champion) 

sponsored by Cavago  
Medium Bronze Danielle Whitlock and Gralyns Darcey, 69.40% (Champion)  
Elementary Silver Danielle Whitlock and Gralyns Darcey, 68.82% (Champion)  
Novice Bronze Katie Ockendon-Evans and Kingsleypark Pearl, 67.22%  
Novice Silver Sarah-Jane Enston and Flash Victador, 67.41% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze Xanthe Banks and Bizzie B, 67.59% (Champion) 
Preliminary Silver Katie Ockendon-Evans and Kingsleypark Pearl, 63.79%

sponsored by Cavago  
Medium Silver Emma Owen and Sir Percy, 65.86% (Champion)  
Elementary Bronze Natalie Brougham and Abbotswood Avatar, 64.93%  
Elementary Silver Kathryn Oldfield and Lionheart xanthius of phthia, 65.88% (Champion) Novice Bronze Sarah Edmunds and I Should Coco IV, 65.93%  
Novice Silver Katie Carass and Kentchurch Twinkle, 69.63% (Champion)  
Preliminary Bronze Caroline Benham and Sun Dancer II, 68.36%  
Preliminary Silver Sarah Edminds and I Should Coco IV, 68.79% (Champion)  
Preliminary Gold Rebecca Wishart and Cairnsviewstud Benny Boy, 67.50%  
Intro Bronze Joanne Woodward and Miss Amelia Rose, 73.70% (Champion)  

sponsored by Cavago 
Medium Bronze Alys Matravers and Tiger Mazati, 68.53% (Champion)  
Medium Silver Helen Rutherford and Toby’s Kid, 64.05%   
Elementary Silver Catherine Chalkly and Bradwell Dun Deal, 66.91% (Champion)  
Elementary Bronze Mia Cooper and Loughrea Prince, 65.59%  
Novice Bronze Ishta Taylor and Koda, 66.76% (Champion)  
Novice Silver Lesley Mcnaughton-Wells and Roandale Saxon, 64.35%  
Preliminary Bronze Kirsty Scott and Noel’s Last Indian, 69.31%  
Preliminary Silver Ishta Taylor and Koda, 70.09% (Champion)  
Preliminary Gold Lesley Mcnaughton-Wells and Roandale Saxon, 68.36%   
Intro Bronze Amy Mayho and Trinty Lass Evie, 70.00% 

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