Dazzling young dressage talent on display at BD Youth Home International

  • Written By: Kim Forster
  • Published: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 16:16

30 teams fought it out for the podium places at the BD Youth Home International over two action packed days at Arena UK in Lincolnshire, (6-7 August).  It was down to the wire as to which team would win with all eyes on the final combination on day two to see which team would gain the honours.

The teams represented regions from across the UK, including North & East, North & West, South & East, South & West, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.  Every single rider gave their all and the competition was fierce.  To gain a spot on these teams is a coveted position and each place is hard fought for.

The competition is open to Bronze, Silver and Gold combinations with teams fielding four riders at different levels from Novice to Medium with only two riders in the same team allowed at the same level, the lowest score is dropped on each day.  Individual Championships are also awarded from Novice to Medium, plus FEI Pony, Children on Horses, Junior and Young Riders.

The South & East Arundel team led overnight and spent the entire last day on tenterhooks when it was the last test which decided the winning team.  With literally one point splitting the top two teams it really could have gone either way.  The North & West took that tight second place with North & East completing the podium places.

Daisy Hills with her Irish Sport Horse Taurmore Buster and Chloe Mason on Glowon Dewi completed Novice tests and both performed very well ridden rounds. 

 Flora Hayes and Machno Excalibur (Rossgold Sunstar x Machno Eureca) rode two impressive tests to take the Individual Elementary Championships as well, scoring over 70% on both days to make a huge contribution to that final team total. Flora has been riding Scally as he’s known to his friends since September 2021, “He is a very easy-going person at home,” she explained.  Always very cuddly in the stable and expects his favourite treat – a Special K Red Berry bar – when he’s been out competing.  We had a very busy week last week having qualified for the LeMieux National Championships at Keysoe International and then coming to Arena UK.  The Home International was great fun, the team was really supportive and we all helped each other.  I was so excited to win the Individual Elementary class as well. Scally’s new party piece is his medium trot, he loves doing it and it showed.” We expect Scally has had plenty of those Red Berry bars in the last few days!

The final team member Isabella (Issy) Downs and her own Enchanted Hit also turned in great score and were just pipped to the top spot in the Individual Medium Championship by .16%, illustrating just how close the competition was.  Issy told us about the weekend, “Everything went according to plan, except on Sunday he was a bit naughty and changed twice in the canter work – this cost us really valuable marks – which meant we came second in the Individual class.   I really enjoyed being part of the team and making new friends.”

In addition to Flora’s Elementary Individual title and Issy’s second in the individual Medium class, the South & East region dominated the other prize giving’s.   Charlotte Spicer and Drimnagh Samuel won the Novice section, the Pony FEI class was won by Fi Grabham and Zothens Dance Lady, the Junior FEI section was topped by Eliza Ireson and Calva La Cornillier and finally Chloe Hill and Fort Knoxx won the FEI Young Rider section, quite a haul of trophies to take home from Arena UK.

The North & West Sapphire team took a very close second place on the podium along with North & East team London in third.  Sapphire team member Sophia Marston and E-mail who were fresh from qualifying for the LeMieux National Championship at Keysoe International in the Medium Silver class earlier in the week also won the Individual Medium title at the Home International, making for a very successful week all round for their partnership.

Sharon Walker, BD South & East Development Officer commented, “A place in a team to compete at the Home International is a much sought-after position.  The horse and rider combinations do have to work very hard to achieve it and are rightfully proud of their achievements.  So, to win at this level is quite something.  The Youth system run by British Dressage which focuses on the rider just as much as the horse sets up the young people for a lifetime of competition.  They all rode beautifully and fully deserve their win – we are very proud of them all - this experience really bonds the teams often making them friends for life.”

Congratulations to all the competitors and thanks to the organisers at Arena UK and their team for their hard work in making the Home International run so smoothly.


1 South & East Arundel 413.21

Daisy Hills and Taurmore Buster

Chloe Mason and Glowon Dewi

Flora Hayes and Machno Excalibur

Isabella Downs and Enchanted Hit

2 North & West Sapphire 412.21

Sophia Marston and E-mail

Hannah Bailey and Santino Royale

Emily Entwistle and Elarieta

Olivia Rimmer and Oscar

3 North & East London 408.46

Alanna Clarke and Golden Girl III

Lily Crisp and Le Chiffre

Eliza Yeardley and Dysart Dun

Jessica Wood and Udo S.Z

Individual Results


1 Charlotte Spicer and Drimnagh Samuel (South & East) 69.38, 70.90 = 140.28

2 Manon Roberts and Siglan Hector (Wales) 69.82, 70.00 = 139.82

3 Emily Sutherland and Iolsh Gold Illusion (Scotland) 69.02 68.85 = 137.87 3


1 Flora Hayes and Machno Excalibur (South & East) 70.60, 71.56 = 142.16

2 Lennon Healey and Destination II (South & East) 69.30, 70.05 = 139.35

3 Florence Human and Dimitri NE (South & West) 69.57, 69.74 = 139.31


1 Sophia Marston E-mail (North & West) 70.05, 68.78 = 138.83

2 Isabella Downs and Enchanted Hit (South & Eas)t 70.88, 67.79 = 138.67

3 Anna Bates and Gitina (North & Eas)t 67.40, 69.96 = 137.36


1 Fi Grabham Zothens and Dance Lady (South & East) 69.10, 69.55 = 138.65

2 Isabella Caldwell and Thornyside Kestral (North & West) 67.29, 69.55 = 136.84

3 Ella Glennon and Amden Supreme Golden Delicious (South & West) 68.76, 68.02 = 136.78

Children on Horses

1 Violet Hawkins and DZL Royal Sunrise (North & East) 76.45, 68.98 = 145.43

2 Evie Head and Brouwershaven's Leonie (North & Wes)t 72.20, 70.33 = 142.53

3 Natasha Macdonald and Sauvey Golden Condor (South & East) 71.95, 67.92 = 139.87


1 Eliza Ireson Calva La Cornilliere (South & East) 67.57, 67.50 = 135.07

2 Megan Field and Bright Time FST (North & West) 66.26, 68.04 = 134.30

3 Amy Richardsand  Happy Pleasure (South & West) 65.61 68.53 = 134.14

 Young Rider

Chloe Hill and Fort Knoxx (South & Eas)t 66.62, 69.22 = 135.84