End of year success in the Quest Winter League

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 10:06

Winter Quest League winners named after successful new series sees almost 2500 combinations go down the centre line, all aiming for a place on the national leaderboards.

Launched in September 2023, the Quest Winter League ran until the end of December and aimed to give current Quest riders the ability to compete in the winter months, as well as providing new members with the chance to try British Dressage competition for the first time. Competitors were able to go out and compete in the four-month series, gaining points at their local Quest venues and being added to national leaderboards where they could track their progress and aim for one of the top three spots. With both My Quest and and Team Quest available, the inaugural Quest Winter League has proven extremely popular; with 363 individual My Quest competitors and 94 Quest teams competing across 218 competitions around the country.

British Dressage Sport Operations Manager Lou Jones said, "we were really excited to provide current and new members additional opportunities to compete in Quest competitions outside of the existing Quest qualification window. We have seen over 2400 combinations take to the arena during the four month window, including riders and horses who are completely new to BD, and we are delighted that it has proved so popular. I want to congratulate all of the riders who finished in the top three on the leaderboards and won a range of prizes, as well as every rider and horse who went out and competed and have contributed to making the Quest Winter League a success."

As well as providing unaffiliated riders with the chance to try BD competitions for the first time, the Quest Winter League also gave existing competitors the opportunity to have a go at the level above without affecting future qualifications or eligibility for other BD competitions, which made it the ideal opportunity to hone skills inside the white boards throughout the winter season.

Quest Winter League rider Philippa said, “we've really enjoyed taking part. It's been a good incentive to keep going over the winter."

We’d like to congratulate everyone who took part and to those who topped the national leaderboards. We’d also like to thank our venues for running the events throughout the winter season to give Quest riders a year-round pathway.


My Quest

U21 Intro

1. Scarlett Demello & Amy lX, 27

2. Lillian Davies & Holyoake Galaxy, 26

3. Katie Gregg & Dylan Xl, 21


U21 Prelim

1. Lillian Davies & Holyoake Galaxy, 21

2. Holly Walton & BBS Colour Scheme, 20

3. Sydney Holt & Iona, 20


U21 Novice

1. Zahra Proud & Black Hill Moonshine, 24

2. Rose Martha Violet Cassapi Paskins & Westfirle Golden Oriole, 24

3. Sophie Hutton & Hanmere Knutkin, 16


Open Intro

1. Anna Wakefield-Chugg & Flashy Spark, 29

2. Natasha Taylor & Aghacashel Smokey, 27

3. Melba Chambers & Prophet II, 25


Open Prelim

1. Natasha Taylor & Aghacashel Smokey, 29

2. Emily Whitbread & Northwick Georgina, 28

3. Anna Wakefield-Chugg & Flashy Spark, 25


Open Novice

1. Sophie Stead & Sir Oakleigh, 27

2. Isabel Burrows & Mc Cloud Van Vrijhern, 26

3. Zoe Chadwick & Etinosa, 23


Team Quest


1. Braeside Mane Attraction Unders, 989.18%

2. Mum's Money Pits, 813.70%

3. YRC Cicero, 797.63%



1. Team Spice, 1023.96%

2. Team Coversure, 1003.57%

3. Warbrick Warriors, 1001.54%