Equissage Pulse backs British Para dressage

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Wed, 31 Jan 2018 13:29 GMT

Internationally renowned equine therapy company Niagara Equissage has kick started their year by joining forces with British Dressage as official sponsor of the BD National Equissage Pulse Para Programme and Equissage Pulse Para Dressage Championships.

Four Championship events will showcase Equissage Pulse throughout the year; with the Winter Championships taking place next month at Myerscough, followed by the Home International at Vale View at the end of April, the Festival of Para Dressage at Solihull in August and finally the Para Gold Championships, to be held at Stoneleigh in September.

"We are excited to be associated with British Dressage as headline sponsor of the Para Programme and Para Dressage Championships" said Equissage Pulse UK National Manager Victoria Archer, "Equissage Pulse is world class therapy that is trusted by many leading professionals across a variety of equestrian disciplines. Supporting wellbeing for the horse and rider to achieve a world class performance is a fundamental part of top level success, and we are looking forward to being an active part of that support".

Jason Brautigam, British Dressage CEO, added, “I am delighted to welcome Equissage Pulse on board as the official sponsor of our para programmes and Championship events. This is a fantastic opportunity for both Equissage and British Dressage and we’re very grateful for their three year commitment.

“We’re exceptionally proud of our para programmes and the ever-growing group of talented riders that it has produced over the years, many of whom have contributed to the unprecedented success and popularity of the sport on the world stage. With Team GBR remaining unbeaten in international competition and more investment being made in our development pathways at national level, this is the perfect time for an umbrella sponsor to get closely involved with para equestrian dressage.

"Equissage Pulse represents an area that’s vital to improving performance and promoting wellbeing and therefore makes a perfect partner for our para programmes. We are thoroughly looking forward to working with them to promote our Championship events this year and beyond.”