Ideal Saddles Combined Training: Qualified Competitors

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 16:45

British Dressage is thrilled to announce the first group of qualified competitors and wild cards for the Ideal Saddles Combined Training Championships.

The Championship final is taking place on 17 March at Field House EC in Staffordshire.

Prelim 2 70cm 
Georgina Young with Minuet
Alice McKinnon with Holcombe Honeymoon
Sian Lovatt with Barron Top Ziggy
Amy Wray with Sara
Olivia Walker wih Qeg Lux
L Patterson with Dunguaire Fionn McKool 
Claire Pope with Kinclare Lady
Nicky Butters with Cor Blimey
Suzanne Ashwell with Rapunzel
Georgina Kester with Glenvar Star
Sophia Maston with Solitaire II
Leah Tolley with Chiquita
Kery Davidson with Daniki M2S
Moyra Cassi with Alphie
Joanna Maclean with Wingspan
Helen Bennett with Millie IV
Lilliana Clarke with Magic Marbles
Lilliana Clarke with Maggie Mae
Olivia Walker with Equitrek Atom
Rachel War with Out of the Blue
Danielle Rhodes with Edelstien of Westoak
Polly Tucker with Chaceley Bobby

Prelim 2 70cm WILDCARDS
Nicky Conway with Samara
Emma Brewer with Honduras
Kate Heap with San Francisco PR
Kim Turner with Blackie

Prelim 18 80cm 
Katie Davey with Tresorya Carwyn
George Forest with Ace
Sue Evans with Golden Manyana
Alex McNamara with Termon Captain
Olivia Walker with Qeq Lux
Olivia Walker with Equitrek Atom
Rebekah Reay with Saffron
Kay Armstrong with Topkick Sailormaid
Suzanne Ashwell with Rapunzel
Kate Heap with San Francisco PR
Caroline Saunders with Lenny
Amelia Day with Darna
Vicki Glasgow with Templebready Fearless
Dorothy Dury with Marley
Georgina Kidner with Royal Spectrum
Isabella Mathews-Cook with Kas Silvana
Gracie Catling with Chaseford Chatterbox
Gracie Catline with Dalyhill Rocker
Jorden Slack with Farah
Liz Mansbridge with Newcopse Tigger
Donna Boyd with Vagabond VD Withoeve Z

Prelim 18 80cm WILDCARDS
Davina Oatley with Maisie
Sophie Marston with Micklekims Secret
Rachel Sargeant with Dezina Double Dip
Lisa Dakin with Mr Harry Patch

Novice 25 90cm
Nicky Palmer with Penshanha
Kerry-Ann Dunstan with Hartlyns Connor
Katie Wray with Boney M
Rebecca Stead with Knight Light
C Halsall with Strinesdale Plum Pudding
B Paterson with Dunguaire Fionn McKool
Lucy Barker with Tic Tok Teddy
Rebekah Reay with Saffron
Myles West with Beltons Darco Deluxe
Caroline Exley with Copperfield Iris
Caroline Saunders with Lenny
Zoe Martin with Cloverview Eddie
Fiona Quennell with Apache Flash
Tessa Halsall with Tresaison Hallmark
Isabelle Mathews-Cook with Kas Silvana
Sophie Chatwin with Ready Jetset Go
Teghan Cantrell with Pasnewydd Artie
Olivia Walker with Equitrek Atom
Olivia Walker with QEG Lux
Janet Harrison with R Boycie
Zoe Symes with Shaw Smartie

Novice 25 90cm WILDCARDS
Lisa Dakin with Mr Harry Patch
Claire Echlin with traq Time
Georgina Kidner with Dark Diamond
Rosie Stevens with Van Neolux
Elise Howard with Just Dilly
Angela Fitch with Dolino

Novice 34 100cm
Katie Davey with Valentine 
Carolyne Richards with I Fly 
J Stewardson with Asblands George 
B Clegg with Libgatespirit
Lizzie Walker with Dollys Daughter 
Martin Schleicher with Peaceful Jackadandy 
Eleanor Watts with Branna 
Caroline Bell with Troy 
Catherine Rose with Boogie Shoes 
Lucy Anne-James with Zadat 
Lucy Miller-Todd with Nantymyndd Euros 
Tessa Halsall with Tresaison Hallmark 
Rosie Stevens with Van Neolux 
Louise Bradley with My Cordello T 
Lucie Stokes with Dolores 11 
Keri Bates with Airtime 
Janet Clarke with Bright Knight 
Alice James with Nagana Cool Calypso 
Emma Maisey with Bogelys Corporal

Novice 34 100cm WILDCARDS
Elise Howard with Just Dilly
Victoria Kerrison with Laughtons Silver Flash
Georgina Kidner with Dark Diamond
Michelle Lowe with Vivendi Noble Cavalier
Helen Fearn with Spes Addit Or
E Rarity with Finlows Rendezvous

Qualifying emails are currently being sent, if you have not received yours by Wednesday 21 February please get in touch with Fixtures Administrator Christina Stuart on 02476 698909 or email

Please note that a second batch of wildcards will be announced once ALL qualifying competitions are complete, these will be released on the website shortly alongside a full list of qualified combinations.