International riders primed for Keysoe CDI

  • Written By: British Dressage
  • Published: Thu, 15 Mar 2018 22:15 GMT

The following riders have been selected to represent Great Britain this week at Keysoe CDI3*/CDIYJP in Bedfordshire (16 – 18 March 2018).

CDI3* - Big Tour
Henriette Andersen with her own Flavio.
Louise Bell with her own Into the Blue.
Fiona Bigwood with her own Pin Rock’s Foxfire Blitz.
Tom Goode with Samantha Ross Geddes’ Dior III.
Emma Hindle with her own Romy Del Sol.
Gareth Hughes with Rebecca Hughes’ Classic Briolinca.
Michael Eilberg with Alison Ramseir’s Fuerst Sinclair and Ferdi Eilberg’s Marakov.
Becky Moody with her own and Julie Lockey’s Carinsio.
Sonnar Murray-Brown with his own Erlentanz (pictured). 
Georgia Stokes with her own Talented Mr Ripley.
Vicky Thompson Winfield with Samantha Francis’s Mango Jacaro.

CDI3* - Small Tour
Claire Abel with her own Rowan Magic.
John Chubb with his own Wringler.
Michael Eilberg with his own and Ferdi Eilberg’s Daltrey.
Sara Gallop with Helen Gallop’s Darsey.
Charlotte Flinn with Kathryn Flinn’s Korenbloem Royal Rebel.
Jennifer Johnson-Harman with her own MFS Caliana.
Nicola Jourdain with her own and Diana Reynolds-Hale’s Half Moon Dark Magic.
Nathalie Kayal with her own Bravo.
Becky Moody with Joanne Cooper’s Eureko.
Tahley Reeve-Smith with her own Special.
Cara Shardlow with her own Detonator II.
Kate Smith with her own De La Veiga.
Vicky Thompson-Winfield with Nancy Raff’s Salome Di Fontabeti.
Amy Woodhead with Victoria Peace’s Branduardi.

CDIP – Ponies
Emily Archer with her own Top Star.
Lily Laughton with her own Ode to Shannon.
Izzy Lickley with Robert Lickley's Valido's Sunshine.
Ronni-Mae Morgan with her own BKS Brandini.
Charlotte Neal with her own Rober.
Gemma Owen with her own Der Kleine Lord.
Sophie Taylor with her own George Clooney BS.
Hermione Tottman with Nicola Tottman’s Brasil.
Maddy Whelan with her own Beaurepaire Frodo.
Olivia Whitelaw with her own Brouwershaven’s Viceroy.
Sophie Williams with Kate Williams’ Ella.
Olivia Wrennall with her own Donna Schuflo.

CDIJ – Juniors
Megan Assouline with Jane Manley’s Ramanda EG.
Holly Cristofoli with her own Watch Me V.
Clare Hole with Lynne Jackson’s Pro-Motion.
Rebecca Johnston-Harman with Jennifer Johnston-Harman’s Donnergott.
Jessica McConkey with her won Lady Gaga II.
Lara Kuropatwa with Sian Kuropatwa’s For Season.
Avery Maude with her own Double Agent.
Amelia Moncrieff with Clare Williams’ Billionaire.
Jessica Sanderson with Angela Shipley’s Wanour S.
Charlotte Snape with her own Camelot III.
Maddy Whelan with Monsieur Pomerol and Diamond Design.

CDIY – Young Riders
Lucy Jane Amy with her own Extra Time.
Amber Barton with her own Labiat.
Rebecca Bell with Caroline Bell’s Nibeley Union Hit.
Isobel Berrington with Aimee Witkin’s Bing.
Lewis Carrier with his own Diego V.
Angus Corrie-Deane with his own Tiny Tempur.
Dylan Deutrom with Tamsin Vaughan’s El Zorro.
Charlotte Dicker with her own Sabatini.
Alex Hellings with Sonia Baines’ Uvender V.
Ruth Hole with Caroline Bridge’s Rob Roy.
Anna Jesty with her own Aquiro.
Sarah Khairallah with Kate Smith’s Keystone Darling.

Start lists and results will be posted live on the Keysoe Facebook page.

Spectators are welcome at £10 per day throughout the show - tickets are available from the Keysoe office on a first come first served basis, or watch the action live via ClipMyHorse.TV.